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Eternal Thief – Chapter 337: Thief Farewell Note! Bahasa Indonesia

If Ace wanted, he could’ve escaped before and there was a huge chance that Henrik would not chase after him because of his duty as an evaluator. He might even think the other party had escaped after they were found out since he won’t be able to sense Ace’s cultivation, so he won’t take such a risk to confront an unknown enemy.

But Ace didn’t escape and decided to confront Henrik like Pablo, so he could get close to him. He knew this was his only chance if he wanted to succeed in the system’s mission without being caught.

That’s why he acted like a coward, so he could make Henrik drop his guard and Henrik just played in his hand when Henrik saw he was just an insignificant iron demon and his cultivation was akin to an ant.

Now, all he had to do was to make sure Henrik would let him go, and he got the chance to pickpocket his storage ring. All he had to do was to escape afterward, but he can’t be too obvious about it.

Ace quickly react because he knew he can’t give Henrik a chance to attack him, or he’ll be done for!

“M-my lord, please spare me. I know I was wrong!” Pablo quickly shivered and beg.

Henrik looked impassively at Pablo’s disgraceful behavior and said coldly, “Hmph, killing you will only let you off too lightly. Now, you have only two choices, become food for my two mounts or get your ass on that battlefield. So, what will it be?”


Before Pablo could say another word, Henrik cut him sort as his deadly aura increased. “Do you want me to choose for you?”

“I-I… I’ll go and fight for my tribe!” Pablo’s voice was filled with bitterness and reluctance like he didn’t have a choice.

Henrik coolly said, “A wise choice. A demon should never run from a fight!”

On the other side, New Moon clearly saw all the drama unfold when his surveillance formation picked up Pablo.

But he quickly lost interest and disdainfully berated the cowardly Pablo. He also hated these kinds of demons the most. After seeing Henrik beautifully handle this coward, he nodded in satisfaction and stop paying attention to them anymore and turn his focus toward the raging war again.

Ace felt the pressure on him vanish after this, and he knew Henrik was signaling him to move. He inhaled sharply and move toward the battlefield which was a thousand meters away from this spot.

He saw Henrik has completely ignored him after he gave his command as if Pablo won’t dare to run.

Ace very much appreciate this gesture of Henrik, but he knew if he made any strange movement Henrik will instantly react. The good news was Henrik wasn’t using his martial sense anymore, while New Moon also didn’t react in any way after he entered that mysterious formation range.

When Ace was just two hundred meters away from Henrik’s carriage, he sneakily formed a soul thread and start controlling it, and drifted toward Henrik!

He knew he can’t be oblivious or Henrik might notice something, nor can he be so slow; he had to show he was not deliberately moving slowly. That’s why he was running at the speed of an empty river cultivator.

Ace quickly reached the hundred-meter mark and his soul thread was sliding on the carriage, slouching toward the rooftop where Henrik was sitting.

After the soul thread was just one meter away from Henrik, Ace stopped because he was very close to Henrik right now, and he might watch him closely.

Finally, Ace crossed Henrik’s carriage while running toward the battlefield, and he was now finally in Henrik’s view.

‘So, he didn’t escape or try anything funny, well it’s also good since I don’t have to make a move on a coward anymore,’ Henrik momentarily thought before stopping paying any more attention to Pablo.

However, he failed to notice a hair-like soul thread had wrapped around his storage ring on his left hand’s ring finger!

Just as Ace thought, Henrik never consider Pablo a threat, nor did he use his martial sense even after Pablo appeared from that dense forest. If he just scanned deep inside the forest, he could see many cut trees and find it extremely strange.

Even now, if he could just activate his martial sense for a moment, he’ll be able to easily sense Ace’s soul thread on his storage ring. But alas, he never thought something like this could even be possible, and he was going to learn it a very hard way!

Ace was now two hundred meters away from Henrik, but he still didn’t active his pickpocket because he knew Henrik would notice it instantly. After all, he wasn’t completely focused on one place.

But he had to do it between fifty meters, or he knew his soul thread would become extremely unstable at that time. That was also the reason he didn’t use a soul thread from four hundred meters away because he knew he’ll fail and even alert Henrik.

At this moment, a huge eruption sound reverberated in the area and everyone focused instantly drawn by it, well, except for Ace, who was waiting for his exact change.

‘Pick Pocket!’ without any hesitancy, he activated the pick-pocket and felt a fresh addition to his thief space.

He had succeeded!

Without hesitation, while taking advantage of this situation, he speeds up at a lightning-fast pace and he even activated his stealth as he was very close to the gibbon army he was going to mix within their ranks before quickly entering the Iron Demon City toward his hideout.

He knew as long as he was in the open; he wasn’t safe, and he had to enter his hideout before Henrik would notice his missing storage ring.

No one seemed to notice a newcomer entering the ranks of the Dark Gibbon Demon army, as everyone was looking toward the city wall.

Gianni was currently pridefully looking at the huge twenty-meter cleft he just made in the city wall. He knew he had completed his mission and also raise the morale of his fellow tribesmen.

At this moment, Dustin roared at the top of his lungs, “First, third, and Eighth armies storm the city!”

While Dustin and his tribe were making a move,

Ace was naturally among them, but his focus was drawn by the system’s notification, which he can’t just ignore.


[Pick Pocket Succeed]

[Host steal]

[Space Treasure(s)]

-Low-Grade-2 Storage Space Treasures: 1

[Alchemy Treasure(s)]

-Low-Grade-1 Pills: 1,933

– Intermediate-Grade-1 Pills: 672

-Medicinal Alcohol: 500 Barrels High-Grade-1

[Smith Crafting Treasures]

-Middle-Grade-2 Weapon: 1

[Rune Crafting Treasure(s)]

-Nine-Star Arrays: 3

-Low-Grade-2 Formation: 1 (Damaged)

-High-Grade-1 Slave Contract: 10

[Qi Stones]

Peak-Level: 8.31 Billion

Low-Grade-1: 81 Million

Middle-Grade-1: 14 Million

High-Grade-1: 844,000

Peak Grade-1: 155,000

Low-Grade-2: 550


– Rewards: 100,150 Thief Points

[Thieveries Rank(s)]

-High-Level Thievery(s): 1

[First High-level thievery reward: 50,000TP & One Heavenly Talisman]

[Thief Point(s): 5,512,000]

[Side Mission (2)]

[Mission: Steal from the rich!]

[Status: Complete]

[Reward: Item Upgrade Token has been delivered to the thief’s space!]


‘What, I can get heavenly talismans this way as well?’ Ace was shocked when he saw he got a heavenly talisman after scoring his first high-level thievery.

This was completely out of his expectation that Henrik would give him high-level thievery and even help him get the first high-level thievery reward!

Furthermore, this was this first time scoring high-level thievery from the pickpocket as well.

Before Ace could see what kind of heavenly talisman he got, the system’s voice rang again.


[Thief Farewell Note has been unlocked!]

-Please write a Thief Farewell Note containing 100 or fewer Words, which will appear on the High-level Thievery’s location.

-System detect this high-level thievery was performed on a living being. Please select any part of this living being’s body where the host wants this Thief Farewell Note to appear!

[Time: 00: 01: 00]

[Note: The host has only one minute to write and choose a location for the Thief Farewell Note or in case of times run out, the system will choose on behalf of the host.]


“I can do that?” Ace was stunned when he saw this new function of high-level thievery. He never thought something like that was even doable.

The low-level thieveries made a simple thief symbol imprint, while the middle-level thieveries will imprint a thief symbol and his thief name in it. Now, this high-level thievery was giving him the privilege to leave a ‘Thief Farewell Note’ which can’t be removed.

This was blunt humiliation for anyone who got this kind of thief symbol, especially since Ace had full control over its position. What if Ace imprinted it on their faces? They can never show their faces in public ever again!

Ace suddenly felt this ‘Thief Farewell Note’ was quite to his liking and quickly wrote the ‘Thief Farewell Note’ that will make anyone laugh at Ocean Demon Tribe.

Ace didn’t hold back at all; a hundred words were more than enough for him to make Duke Livy puke blood from anger!

“Imprint it on his face!”


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