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Eternal Thief – Chapter 331: Let the sacred battle beg… (1) Bahasa Indonesia

At dawn, the sun was rising, illuminating the golden sky. The sky was clear of any clouds, a perfect day indeed.

However, for Iron Demon Tribe, it was the day of war!

On the towering city wall right above the closed city gates, Elian was donned in golden armor, giving off the aura of a dignified general. On his left was Uriah in silver armor, while on his left was Tray in bronze armor.

Everyone’s expressions were solemn and grave. They all knew that on this day the battle to death will start and their entire tribe’s survival solely depended on their prowess. If they lose, they’ll become history and forgotten, just like many other tribes!

“Tribe Chief, to our north-east!” an elder quickly report.

Everyone’s eyes moved toward the pointed direction, and they saw a large dusk cloud rising from that direction.

“They’re coming!” Elian solemnly declared.

“Ready the archers. We’ll shoot those bastards down before they come close to the city wall!” Tray coldly commanded. He was an expert in archery, so the command of archers naturally fell under him.

“Wait until Lord Left Ocean Spear’s official declaration.” Elian coolly stated.

The Noble Tribe Title War Challenge had few rules. As long as one tribe emerged victoriously, they’ll get the official noble tribe’s title.

The most important rules were,

First, the war challenge has to be monitored and evaluated by a neutral party of an equal or higher noble status than the defender and attacker parties. The war can be evaluated by a single evaluator, or there can be a maximum of three evaluators.

Second, external help was not allowed. The offender will be declared a loser if caught violating this rule.

Third, once the war starts, any other who interfered or tried to stop it will be deemed an offender and punished by capital punishment.

Fourth, external treasures, like formations, arrays, traps, and so on, were not prohibited!

Fifth, if a tribe surrendered in the middle of a war, the winner tribe will become their masters, and they can do anything with them!

Sixth, if a challenge was also a death challenge, then it will not stop at anything and the fifth rule doesn’t apply here.

There were also many other rules, but they were for officials to handle the aftermath of the war and also some rules to make this war challenge as fair as possible. But everyone knows there was no fairness in this world!

The cloud of dust which was dashing toward the Iron Demon City paused one thousand meters away.

The dust quickly settled down, revealing an army of hundreds of thousands which was neatly arranged in block formation!

In the very front of this enormous army was a small cluster of vicious demonic beasts which look like gigantic bears!

However, these bears had black golden fur covered by thick armor, and they just look a war bears when one looked at their vicious faces covered in war helmets.

In the very front of this group, on top of this war bear, sat a tall demon who was giving off a feeling of an unshakable mountain. His strong, hook-shaped hands were strongly clenched around the reins and his arms were long for a normal demon, they were outsized. His skin was black, and he had abnormal gray hair growing all over his body, just like fur. Only his eyes, nose, and lips were visible in a ‘T’ shape while his entire body was covered in this gray fur. He had a pair of small green goat horns growing out of his scalp.

He was clad in green heavy armor. This demon was the Chief of Dark Gibbon Demon Tribe, Dustin Gibbon, a peak Qi golden river core cultivator.

Dustin solemnly looked at the top of the city wall with his dark gray eyeballs, with a solemn expression. He could clearly see Elian, who was also looking straight into his cold eyes.

Dustin’s lip suddenly rose in a scornful smile and said, “Our enemy seemed quite powerful, I must say. What do you think, Gianni?”

Another Dark Gibbon Demon, who was also mounted on a war bear, pulled a disdainful smile, “Father, just give me the order and I split that city wall!”

This dark gibbon demon had silver-gray fur and silver-grey eyeballs and just called Dustin father. He was the genius of the dark gibbon demon tribe and the next in line to inheriting the position of his father as tribe chief, Gianni, a Qi silver river core cultivator who was the only one who had awakened the ‘Earthquake’ element!

“Now, now, my son, that city is going to be our stronghold in the future, so don’t create too much damage, or we’ll have to put quiet resources to rebuild it!” Dustin merely chuckled as if he was chided his son, but anyone could tell from his tone that he was merely joking.

Gianni’s disdainful smile widened as he said loudly while imbuing his voice with Qi, “This is also good, Father, I don’t think our tribe needed those trash walls, anyway. Only cowards hide, and we, the great gibbons, are not cowards!”

Every other Dark Gibbon Demon’s blood boil when they hear their young Lord’s arrogant words, and their eyes shone with a cold sheen as they looked at those city walls. They were ready to trample on them as soon as their tribe chief gave the order!

As for those Iron Demon Tribe’s demons, after they heard Gianni’s scornful voice and their expression turned icy.

“Tribe Chief, give me command, and I’ll rip that arrogant brat’s tongue!” An old iron demon coldly said.

Demons were inherently wild and arrogant; even though they were civilized, they were still ruthless and blood-hungry to the core and extremely prideful.

Dustin suddenly laughs out loud at this moment and clamors, “Hahaha, you’re right, my son, we don’t need a turtle shell-like ‘some’ inferior tribes!”

Tray’s bronze forehead was filled with thick vines as he was seething in fury, even his killing intent was leaking from his dark bronze eyeballs,

Not just him, but every iron demon was provoked by Dustin’s last statement.

Elian merely shook his head and calm everyone down. “They’re just provoking you guys to make a wrong move and use it to their advantage.”

Elian coldly look at the vast army behind Dustin and sneered in a disdainful voice, “I didn’t know the Gibbon Chief was such a glib person. Well, I also understand, since they won’t teach manners in mountains.”

Dustin’s elated expression changed upon hearing Elian’s words. He was indirectly calling his tribe barbarians, which was quite shameful since it directly put his tribe and those mindless demons into the same category!

Those other gibbon demons’ joyous expressions also turned ugly, as they wanted to rush out and rip Elian into pieces.

“Oh, it seemed everyone is getting along, huh!” a powerful voice rang at this moment.

No one dared to speak at this moment. Even those dark gibbons’ demons silently swallow back whatever curses they were about to throw at Iron Demon Tribe.

Everyone looked in this voice’s direction and saw an imposing carriage pulled by two crimson fire lions moving between two enemies. It was none other than the Left Ocean Spear, Henrik carriage!

Elian and Dustin quickly pay their respects, follow by thousands.

Little Purple had a prideful expression while clenching the reins when he saw thousands of demons bowing their head toward him.

The carriage door finally opened and a tall burly ocean demon with many small scars on his face, wearing white robes disembark the carriage. He was straight like a spear and giving off a deadly sharp feeling. This was Henrik!

“No need for formalities.” Henrik coolly nodded in acknowledgment.

Everyone finally has a sigh of relief, seeing they didn’t tick off Henrik.

Henrik coolly scan through the newly arrived army and then looked at the city wall. He nodded in satisfaction and said, “I don’t enjoy beating around the bush, so let’s end these formalities as soon as possible.”

Henrik’s lazy expression suddenly turned to a dignified one as he stated solemnly,

“I, Henrik Ocean, titled Demon Marquis, hereby acknowledged this Noble Tribe Title War Challenge, and I will be the first evaluator of this war challenge. I hereby pledge in the name of Demon God Baphomet that I will judge this sacred battle impartially and lawfully. If I broke this pledge, I’ll suffer a thousand deaths!”

This was a sacred oath that any evaluator had to take before the start of any kind of challenge, or the challenge can’t be started.

“Let the sacred battle beg…”


Before Henrik could say, ‘Begin’, an imposing voice reverberate from the west!

Everyone was shocked when they heard someone dare to stop the Left Ocean Spear in his speech. This person simply courting death!

Henrik’s scared face also become nasty, and he suddenly pulled an icy smile as he looked back. He wanted to know just who had the audacity to stop him!


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