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Eternal Thief – Chapter 325: Loot! Bahasa Indonesia

Ace was shocked after hearing this and sweated because if the system was telling the truth, then he could’ve endangered Eva in the thief’s space because of his own ignorance!

He suddenly felt relief that he asked the system that question, or he didn’t know what would’ve happened.

Since there was more danger, he become relaxed again and asked sternly, “What do you mean by this thing loath the heavenly Qi? And if this thing had a conscious, then it can’t be stored in normal Storage Space…?

“Wait a minute, didn’t I find this thing in a treasury? Could it be what draw the demon king’s attention was its indestructibility as well as it can’t be stored in a normal storage ring? Since I store it inside my thief’s space, I didn’t notice it before!”

Ace suddenly felt this conjuncture was probably very close to the truth, in comparison with his previous one. The system made it even clearer when it replied to his question,

“[The Heavenly Fate Live Compass was destroyed by Heavenly’s Will, which also used the Heavenly Qi. That’s why it loathed the Heavenly Will.]

“[As for the host’s second question, yes, it can’t be stored in an ordinary storage space treasure. This treasure is one of a kind soul type treasure which will enter its owner’s True Soul after recognizing its master.]”

“Destroyed by heaven’s will, huh? Now, I understand why it would’ve attacked me and why you wanted me to subdue it. Aren’t I’m also the enemy of a heaven’s will in a sense and the enemy of an enemy is my friend, especially when the enemy is high heaven itself?

“But you also didn’t want it to negotiate with me on equivalent terms if it were to find out about my true origin, and it’s probably beneath you to share your host with some mere treasure spirit. Am I right, my dear system?”

Ace’s voice was filled with derision and an amused smile. He thought he had got the system there for the first time, but he didn’t know how wrong he was!

The system didn’t reply in affirmation, nor did it try to correct him as if it didn’t care.

Ace also shrug his shoulder and didn’t pursue this matter any further, since the system had just saved him in a sense from an enraged entity.

‘A soul-type treasure that can enter true soul after recognizing its master just like my system, but it’s probably far cry from my system, which is like an omniscient entity. Well, not that’s its matter anymore, since this treasure will be mine as long as I complete this side mission.’ Ace’s smile was filled with confidence and anticipation for this heaven-defying treasure.

‘A million soul points and ten million thief points. Well, I collect them eventually. I just have to look for soul points now,’ Ace mused.

Since this matter was now dealt with, he focused on another matter. “System, if the list of treasures is done, show me! Let’s see my first thievery spree result in mighty demon continent!”

A panel flash opened in front of Ace’s eager eyes at this moment.

[Stolen Treasure(s) List]

[Host steal]

[Space Treasure(s)]

-Intermediate-Grade-1 Storage Space Treasures: 2

-Low-Grade-1 Storage Space Treasures: 22

-Nine-Star Storage Space Treasure: 912

-Eight-Star Storage Space Treasure: 1,554

-Seven-Star Storage Space Treasure: 3.2 Million

-Six-Star Storage Space Treasure: 23 Million

-Five-Star Storage Space Treasure: 32 Million

[Alchemy Treasure(s)]

-Five-Star Martial Pills: 5.1 Million

-Six-Star Martial Pills: 5.3 Million

-Seven-Star Martial Pills: 4.5 Million

-Eight-Star Martial Pills: 2.9 Million

-Nine-Star Marital Pills: 1.2 Million

-Low-Grade-1 Pills: 20,230

– Intermediate-Grade-1 Pills: 1,292

-Medicinal Alcohol: 50,000 Barrels (From 5-Star to 9-Star)

-Medicinal Alcohol: 10,000 Barrels Low-Grade-1

-Raw Materials: 29.5 Million (From 5-Star to 9-Star)

-Raw Materials: 16.2 Million (From Low-Grade-1 to High-Grade-1)

[Smith Crafting Treasures]

-Five-Star Weapons: 272,290

-Six-Star Weapons: 190,211

-Seven-Star Weapons: 121,978

-Eight-Star Weapons: 72,943

-Nine-Star Weapons: 20,92

-Low-Grade-1 Weapons: 2,590

-Intermediate-Grade-1 Weapons: 328

-High-Grade-1 Weapons: 1

-Middle-Grade-2 Weapons: 1

-Raw Materials: 19.5 Million (From 5-Star to 9-Star)

-Raw Materials: 7.2 Million (From Low-Grade-1 to High-Grade-1)

[Rune Crafting Treasure(s)]

-Seven-Star Arrays: 2,122

-Eight-Star Arrays: 290

-Nine-Star Arrays: 97

-Five-Star Formations: 172

-Six-Star Formations: 32

-Seven-Star Formations: 52

-Eight-Star Formations: 8

-Five-Star Slave Contract: 43 Million

-Six-Star Slave Contract: 42 Million

-Seven-Star Slave Contract: 37 Million

-Eight-Star Slave Contract: 19 Million

-Nine-Star Slave Contract: 7 Million

-Low-Grade-1 Slave Contract: 2.3 Million

-Intermediate-Grade-1 Slave Contract: 980,033

-High-Grade-1 Slave Contract: 78,331

-Raw Materials: 5.1 Million (From 5-Star to 9-Star)

[Qi Stones]

High-Level: 478 Billion

Peak-Level: 89 Billion

Low-Grade-1: 50 Million

Middle-Grade-1: 3 Million

High-Grade-1: 50,000

Peak Grade-1: 1,000

[Thieveries Rank(s)]

-Low-level Thievery(s): 2,810 (62 New)

-Middle-Level Thievery(s): 35 (34 New)


-Total Rewards: 4 Million Thief Points

[Thief Point(s): 5,361,850]

Ace drew a sharp cold breath seeing all those numbers and over five million thief points in the end. This was his haul of just one night, and he currently has the wealth of an entire market could offer in a marquis-level city like Iron Demon City.

‘System still didn’t count all those treasures below five stars yet, or these numbers would’ve skyrocketed. Well, it doesn’t matter since I got four million thief points and ample resources to practice dismantler principles!’ Ace mused with an elated expression.

However, he frowned ever so slightly the next moment, ‘But all those millions of slave contracts, I don’t know just why these demons needed them and there wasn’t any slave market here nor did I see many slaves here, then why did these things in so much demand?’

Ace couldn’t help but think of this point. ‘Forget it, I’ll find out soon enough, and these slave contracts are excellent resources to increase my rune dismantler principles without wasting those precious arrays and formations!’

Ace was quite happy with his haul, especially all those barrels of alcohol, which was his prime focus last night. He didn’t target specific shops which only sell weapons though since he was left with little time, and he was quite satisfied after stealing from all those big shops.

All those weapons he stole were from the hidden treasures he found in those big shops, and those two high-Grade-1 and middle-grade-2 weapons belong to those two Nāga brothers.

Furthermore, he was somewhat exhausted after doing all that ‘labor’ the entire night and because of the commotion he caused after his fight with the Nāga, he mused it’ll be good to return sooner.

‘Now that I have five million points, all I need is five million more thief points and find soul-type materials to collect soul points. It’s just too damn hard to find soul-type treasures even here. Even after looting over a hundred shops, I didn’t even get one soul-type material! I should probably find more in Ocean Demon City since that Duke Livy dares to hang a name board made of soul material, then there’s a chance I’ll get more.’

Ace smiled coldly when he thought about the ocean demon city and Duke Livy. He was also looking forward to when he goes back to that city, his starting point. He also despised Duke Livy after seeing Noa’s appearance and hearing about her past.

He vowed he would get justice for his thief house member!

‘Hmm?’ Ace suddenly felt a large movement right above him with his soul sense.

He felt hundreds of silver-iron demons dubiously moving toward the main estate of the silver-iron demon clan. What truly draw his attention were their turbulent emotions, filled with despair and hopelessness for their life.

‘What happened?’ Ace thought doubtfully. He could guess it was probably because of last night’s events and his over a hundred thieveries.

But their emotions were completely different and much more rampant.

‘I should make another trip outside.’ Ace decided to go out again at night to see what kind of storm he just caused.

Whatever it was, he felt this was an opportunity for someone like him!

Far away from Iron Demon City, which was on the verge of an inevitable war.

Inside a bright, spacious hall, an ice-like beauty, just like a divine sculpture, was looking at the starry sky deeply in a trance as she looked at the bright full moon.

At this moment, the door of the hall got knocked, pulling the divine beauty from her trance-like state. She gracefully wore a veil on her deadly gorgeous face and expressed in her mellifluous voice,


Another enthralled beauty entered the hall with a respectful expression on her face. She bowed before saying, “Your Highness, our men report that we just received a commission to investigate a person’s identity from two different high-level clients!”

“Aliya, is this why you disturb me at this hour?” The vile beauty coldly uttered in her enthralling voice.

Aliya’s bowed head instantly quivered before she blurted, “N-no, but out of those two clients, one is a Golden VIP, a Demon Duke, while the other is a Diamond VVIP a… Demon King!”


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