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Eternal Thief – Chapter 322: The End of Iron Demon City! (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Elian’s face turned aghast and the next moment he banged his head on the solid road and plead, “My Lord, please show mercy, please show mercy!”

The other elders also kowtowed like Elian and plead for mercy!

“Hmph!” A cold harrumph rang at this moment and mountain-like pressure ascend around the area that make everyone suffocate!

The imposing voice of Left Ocean Spear was full of ferocious intent and momentum that everyone within a radius of Five-hundred-meter felt their minds tremble!

This was the momentum of a soul realm expert!

But the little purple on the helm clearly knew his lord hadn’t even revealed ten percent of his true might just yet, and his eyes glowed with zeal. He was the retainer of Left Ocean Spear for many years. He was probably the only one who wasn’t affected by this invisible pressure or voice since Left Ocean Spear deliberately controlled his prowess!

But everyone else fell on their knees since they can’t take this suffocating pressure. Even those vicious beasts fell into a submissive stance with terror-stricken eyes.

Elian and the other golden iron clan elders naturally face the ghastly pressure from up close and far more influential than anyone else, since it was clearly focused on them, to begin with.

‘This is the end…’ Elian lost all hope of survival at this moment and just wait for death.

However, at this moment, the pressure suddenly vanished, making everyone bewildered and relieved.

Those golden iron clan’s elders also find themselves alive and become elated and confused, and looked toward the carriage with grateful yet doubtful eyes.

The Left Ocean Spear’s impish voice sounded again, “I forgive you.”

Elian and others had a massive sigh of relief as if they were given a new lease on life, literally. But everyone was confused in their heart because two Ocean Spears were rumored to be ruthless and uncharitable.

The impish yet imposing voice rang again, snapping everyone out of their stupor.

“If I eradicate your clan, then how can I enjoy myself? Won’t I journey all the way here for nothing? Little Purple, read the decree of my lord!”

Elian and other golden iron clans’ elders’ faces contrasted as they held their breath. They could sense something was amiss just by those words full of hidden meaning. Now all they can do was pray for the best, nothing else.

Little Purple become extremely solemn, and a beautiful scroll appeared in his hand as he carefully opened it. He read in a solemn tone,

“The Marquis rank tribe of Ocean Demon Dukedom, Iron Demon Tribe, has been challenged by rankless, Dark Gibbon Demon Tribe for a ‘Noble Tribe Title War’.

“According to the rules of Almighty Demon Empire, anyone or any tribe can freely challenge as long as they complete the conditions set by Almighty Demon Empire.

“As per se, Dark Gibbon Demon Tribe has met all the conditions according to the Noble Tribe Title War Challenge rules. According to rules, The Ocean Demon Tribe, the overseer of this territory, has sent an envoy to judge this Noble Tribe Title War challenge impartially and without prejudice.

“Iron Demon Tribe has no right to refuse this Noble Tribe Title War challenge or surrender because this is a ‘Death Challenge’ and according to rules until one of the tribe complete annihilation, this War Challenge won’t stop.

“The Iron Demon Tribe has Seven Days for preparation, and anyone other than the Iron Demon Tribe’s members can leave the battle zone, which is the Iron Demon City, within the preparation period or suffer the consequences of capital punishment.”

Little purple finally stopped at this point with a wintry smile on his demonic face. He was just like an excited spectator, who was waiting for a good show eagerly, a show of killing!

Elian was quivering right now with indignation and despair. He knew Duke Livy was using this excuse of a challenge to get rid of his tribe, or how could a rankless tribe dare to challenge a Marquis rank tribe in a Death War Challenge without even fearing offending the higher-ups?

They didn’t even utter a word about the incident of theft, and simply issued a death warrant for them under the pretext of rules and regulations!

All those merchants who were here for compensation also have content expressions on their faces. They knew the Iron Demon Tribe was finished now and there wasn’t any need for them to voice out their grievances anymore.

They were all angry and grimaced at their bankruptcy, even though deep down they knew Iron Demon Tribe was also a victim in this case.

But so, what if they’re also victims?

Since they can’t find the thief the real culprit, they’re more than happy to get satisfaction with Iron Demon Tribe’s destruction since they didn’t provide enough security even after escaping the events of the mad thief last time.

This simply meant they didn’t learn enough and won’t get another chance either. The time of forgiveness was over now, once and for all.

“Little purple, give him the decree and let’s go. I’m still sleepy. Wake me up before the battle day.” Left Ocean Spear’s lazy voice rang in the silent square.

“Yes, milord!” Little purple quickly sent the decree toward listless Elian before saying, “You can check the rules on the other side of the scroll, humph, you better entertain my lord!”

Without another word, he commands two Crimson Fire Lions to move fast and left the Golden Iron Demon’s estate toward the exit of the city.

Everyone in the area also quickly left afterward, so they could quickly flee from the Iron Demon City, which was going to become a battle zone in seven days!

Elian was left kneeling for a long time with the decree in his hand as a chilly breeze brushed past him.

In the end, he sighed, “Vanquished by a mere thief, huh…”

He had nothing else to say, or he didn’t know what to say or feel because he was probably the first demon in the history of mighty demon content who was about to lose his life because of a mere thief and an unreasonable superior who just don’t want to listen to their side of the story.

“C-clan leader, let’s escape with young ones!” an elder said in a trembling voice filled with sadness and bitterness.

“Escape, heh?” Elian retorted wryly. “Do you think we can escape a soul realm expert martial sense? I bet the moment one of our tribesmen step foot outside the city gates, he’ll be turned into meat fragments!”

“So, we should just wait to be annihilated and perish?!” another elder said with unwillingness.

“No, we still have a chance,” Elian said, but he knew deep down it was an almost none existence chance!

“How? To win? But do you think the Left Ocean Spear will let us win? I bet Duke Livy had already instructed him to help our opponents!” A wizened face golden iron elder rebutted wryly.

“Sigh… announce this news to the entire city, unite the entire tribe, and call for a meeting!”

Elian stated and finally stood up on his feet as his forehead was bleeding from all those kowtows, but he seemed to didn’t notice it as he made his way toward the estate while walking in a defeated manner.

While the fate of Iron Demon Tribe was sealed, the cause of it was leisurely skimming through the gains of his last night’s endeavor.

Ace didn’t know his ‘thief’s night’ would push the iron demon tribe from the cliff and even if he knew, he would still do the same repeatedly because he knew the Iron Demon Tribe wasn’t the tribe of saints.

Just the memories of Pablo and Buck were enough to make Ace nauseous from the deed this tribe has done in the dark.

Nonetheless, Ace didn’t know right now about it, as he was ordering the system to make the list of his gain last night with an excited expression on his face. Because the haul was much richer than he thought.

“… add those two Nāga storage rings into the list as well. It doesn’t matter if I didn’t pickpocket the first one’s storage ring.” Ace commanded.

After giving his instruction, he waited for the system to sort out his loot and finally looked toward the curvaceous figure wearing a dark mask, not too far away from him, and sighed softly.

‘She’s very close to breakthrough into Soul Foundation Building Realm and probably archive in five or six days. I wonder how strong her nine soul gates foundation would be.’ Ace thought, with a hint of expectancy in his eyes.

‘Well, in the meantime I should steal the treasures of three founding clans as well and left them bristling!’ Ace mused with an evil smile on his masculine, handsome face.

Suddenly, an excited glint flashed past his eyes, and a white rectangular wooden box appeared in his hand. In ecstasy, he has nearly forgotten about this treasure, that even a demon king was interested in.

With no further delay, he quickly opened the white box…


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