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Eternal Thief – Chapter 311: Cultivation Laws! Bahasa Indonesia

One year passed in a flash…

The Iron Demon City finally stabilized after the public execution of ‘Mad Thief’ ten months ago, and it was a shocking event when the people find out the mad thief was a vagabond demon who had committed many crimes before.

After the problem with the mad thief was ‘solved’, the Iron Demon City returned to its peaceful state and former glory as of the second-biggest city of the Ocean Demon Dukedom.

Furthermore, for this kind of thing never happened again, the City Lord Elian Gold Iron publicly pledged he’ll eradicate the criminal’s entire clan and even compensate the victims of Mad Thief.

Anyone could tell the City Lord was serious because, after the execution, the patrolling guards didn’t stop patrolling the streets as if they were still searching for the mad thief.

Everyone was glad about this, and they felt more secure than ever.

This was how the matter regarding the mad thief ended, while people started to forget about him. But he was still a legend, people of iron demon city dread and abhor him!

Inside the Underground Secret Basement,

Ace and Noa were completely oblivious to the events outside and engrossed in their things.

Both of their improvements were substantial, especially Ace, who was completely monstrous in this aspect.

Noa was also pretty good. She had already bought the Thief Assassin Principal’s Technique from the shop and was shocked when she found out that she could open nine soul gates and establish a nine-gate foundation, which was considered legendary and perfect in this world!

The cultivation technique which can establish a nine-gate foundation was all in the royal zone or the Demon King’s Castle and considered priceless treasures.

Meanwhile, Noa had a perfect soul cultivation technique which was even rarer than a perfect martial cultivation technique even Royal Zone might not have a perfect Soul Cultivation Technique.

However, what Noa was most astonished by this soul cultivation technique was this matched her perfectly as if she was made to cultivate this technique and this make her progress even faster than normal.

Every being with special traits, bloodlines, and supernatural abilities like Devils, Demons, and Hunters, …, were long for a matching cultivation technique that can bring out their full potential.

In this prospect, Humans were much more advanced than other races. After all, they didn’t need any kind of suitable cultivation techniques because they didn’t have bloodline limits to speak of, they were just like blank papers, and this was what made them extremely deadly if they get their hands on some perfect cultivation technique!

Some high-level races possessed these kinds of cultivation techniques left by their predecessors, but not everyone’s predecessors were on that level where they can create perfect cultivation techniques tailored-made for their race, and Night Demon was one of such races.

Night Demon Clan had an eight Qi gates cultivation technique, but that technique wasn’t completely suitable for their race and that’s why they can’t reach their full potential and very few reached the end of their bloodline potential like Noa.

However, things were different for Noa now because she could feel the Thief Assassin Principals were made for her Night Demon bloodline.

What she didn’t know was Thief Assassin Principals can’t be cultivated by anyone, no matter how much top talent they possess. Only the thief house members can cultivate these techniques given by the system because of the Thief Recruitment Token!

If anyone dared to practice these techniques without a Thief Recruitment Token, they will meet an antagonized death!

Thief House Members were just like Ace. Without the system, he can’t practice Heaven Stealer Technique, and the thief house members weren’t any different!

Ace at this moment finally opened his eyes, which were filled with vigorous and confidence.

“Status!” Ace wanted to see his progress after two years of training.

[Status Panel]

[Host: Ace White]

[Race: Human]

[Bloodline: Sealed]

[First Heaven: Mortal Sky Heaven]

[Martial Cultivation: Heavenly Dark Sea [Stage-3]]

[EXP: 21,000/50,000]

[Soul Cultivation: Orange Wind Soul Core [Stage-3]]

[SP: 20,000/50,000]

[Skills: 8]

-Heartless Stealth (Art):

[Breathless Stealth: Perfection

Pulseless Stealth: Perfection

Heartless Stealth: NONE]

-Misperception Sky Steps (Art):

[Camouflage Steps: Low

Lightning Steps: Middle

Misperception Steps: Low

Sky Steps: NONE]

-Soul Shattering Eyes: [Middle]

-Soul Piercing Bullets: [Middle]

-Soul Guardian Barrier (Art):

[Soul Barrier: Middle

Soul Guardian: NONE]

-Pick Pocket: [Perfection]

-Treasure Opening Hands [Art]: [5th Form]

-Lock Eraser King Technique:

Lock Eraser Master: Novice

Lock Eraser Grandmaster: None

Lock Eraser King: None

[Cultivation Technique: 5]

-Heaven Stealer Technique: Volume 1

-Dual Shadow Swords: 1st Realm (Sword as Limb)

-Heavenly Rune Crafter Foundational Manual: Tier-3

-Soul Words [Despair Manual]:

1. Deep Despair Soul Words: 0.3%

[Three Stages: Low at (10%), Intermediate at (50%), High at (99%)]

2. Extreme Despair Soul Words: 0.0%

[Three Stages: Low at (10%), Intermediate at (50%), High at (99%)]

3. Deadly Despair Soul Words: 0.0%

[Three Stages: Low at (10%), Intermediate at (50%), High at (99%)]

-Heaven’s Stealer Dismantler Manual [First Vol]

Three Heaven’s Stealer Dismantler Principles:

1. Treasure Dismantler Principles: 5-Star Treasure Dismantler

2. Alchemy Dismantler Principles: 4-Star Alchemy Dismantler

3. Runic Dismantler Principles: 6-Star Runic Dismantler

[Law(s): 2]

-Despair: 0.03%

-Sword: 0.01%

[Thief Point(s): 1,538,450]

[Mission(s): 0]

[Side Mission(s): 0]

Ace was quite pleased with himself when he looked at all those raised skill levels and techniques. Especially the Heaven’s Stealer Dismantler Technique, in which progress can be considered monstrous.

On the contrary, he was completely helpless about the Soul Words Technique that he can’t do anything about. Furthermore, the percentage’s appearance didn’t shock him at all because he knew this technique differed from other techniques.

However, when his eyes focus on the newly appeared section of ‘Laws’ he was astonished.

But his pleased and elated expression turned ugly when he saw the little bit of percentage of two laws that the system was currently showing.

“System, just what are these damn laws?” Ace couldn’t help but ask in frustration. He couldn’t accept the pitiful percentage of both [Sword] and [Despair]. This was a blow to his confidence.

“[Host current authority level nor host’s comprehension or cultivation is not enough to understand a law essential completely. But the host could still learn the superficial meaning of law because it is extremely important to enter the — realm!]

“[Host could consider a Law an upgraded version of an element. But thousands of times more dominant and authoritative.]

“[One could start controlling the element Qi in the atmosphere for a short time around them when they formed a river core while one could conjure an element from nothingness when they enter soul realm and so forth…]

“[But if one could grasp a Law, even at the lowest level of proficiency, one could call a rainfall or deadly storms with just a thought as long as they had the Qi to support them. While if someone completely comprehends a law at 100% proficiency, they can change or control the comprehended law like drinking water and these existences were akin to deities in the eye of a mortal…]”

Ace suddenly gulped dryly as he was visibility shocked, hearing about what the law was and what it can do. He even felt like he discovered something far earlier than he was supposed to. Especially when he found out the requirement to enter the eighth cultivation realm was a law!

Just like the system said, he wasn’t at that level yet when he could comprehend a law, and those two laws were probably the fruits of his cultivation techniques and some lucky encounters. He didn’t comprehend them on his own!

However, the very next moment, Ace’s eyes shone with determination and longing to become powerful.

‘It seemed like I had to contemplate over those two techniques more. Even dual shadow blade techniques can only help me comprehend the law of [Sword] to a pitiful 0.01% even though I’m using this technique for the very start of my cultivation journey and this is also probably the reason why I can’t enter the second realm of this technique!’ Ace mused deeply and got the gits of the problem of why his technique was at the stalemate.

Nevertheless, since he already got the answer and inspiration of how he could move forward with these two-cultivation techniques, he’ll pay more attention to it. It was just that he still didn’t know how he could raise his comprehension of laws.

‘Well, there’s no need to be agitated. This is just the beginning!’

Ace’s confidence rose when he thought about the vast, mighty demon continent and the boundless Golden Sky World. He could be considered just stepped into the real cultivation world and there were many things to explore and this was just the beginning of his journey!

With this mindset, Ace slowly stood up on his feet, which were numb from remaining sitting for a long time, and his robes were filthy.

Ace looked at his vagrant-like appearance and smile bitterly.

‘I should take a shower first. Besides, it’s been quite a while since I’ve gone outside. It’s time for the entrance of Sky Stealer in Mighty Demon Continent!’


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