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Eternal Thief – Chapter 308: Iron Demon Tribe’s Predicament! Bahasa Indonesia

“What did Duke Livy say?” Uriah grimly asked. He knew nothing would come good from this.

Everything inside the room was patiently waiting for Elian’s answer!

It would be a lie if these people inside this room say they didn’t know about Livy’s character and the way he does things. He was ruthless and conclusive. He would tolerate no one who gets in his way and completely root out the problem in a way one could never even imagine.

That’s why everyone in the Ocean Demon Dukedom was afraid of Duke Livy, and they didn’t dare to commit crimes in bored daylight, or they know Duke Livy will get rid of them, and they won’t even know when and how!

Right now, the second-largest city of Ocean Demon Dukedom was becoming like a ghost city because of a mad thief and the Iron Demon Tribe didn’t seem to handle this problem well.

How could Duke Livy remain idle while Iron Demon Tribe ruining the Ocean Demon Dukedom’s peace and reputation? For demon dukes, nothing was more important than their reputation and power, or the consequences will be dire!

Elian sighed softly before he said tonelessly, “Duke Livy, his highness, only said one sentence: The Iron Demon Tribe has one month to capture and publicly execute the mad thief or there will be a challenger!”

The room was as quiet as a graveyard when they heard Elian’s words.

How could they don’t know the hidden meaning behind the word challenger?

The entire demon continent knows anyone can challenge a high-ranking noble demon for its title, as long as they had power.

However, what local demons don’t know was that these challenges can be stopped if you have a powerful backer and get rid of the challenger before it could even reach your doorsteps or just the influence was enough to intimidate the challenger to think twice before challenging someone with a powerful backer.

Iron Demon Tribe was second to the Dark Ocean Demon Tribe all these years because they were loyal and valuable to the Dark Ocean Demon Dukedom, so no one dare to challenge them for their Marquess title as long as they didn’t want to be assassinated by the Ocean Duke Mansion!

However, now that Iron Demon Tribe was making a mess in the Ocean Demon Dukedom, Duke Livy decisively decided to get rid of them by using another’s sword while reaming under the pretext of rules!

Uriah pursed his lips and said, “This is simply bullying! We’re supplying the precious ores for generations to the Ocean Demon Mansion. How could His Highness, Livy, do this to us?! Did any other tribe have the ability to find those ores better than us?!”

Trey, for the first time, nodded his head in agreement with Uriah and said with pursed lips, “Brother Elian, can you please ask His Highness to be lenient for this once, and we’ll definitely get rid of this problem!”

‘Sigh…’ Elian sighed before he shook his head and said with a hint of anger in his voice, “I already sent an envoy as soon as got the message two days ago, however, the envoy didn’t return which means he’s dead and this also conveyed His Highness rejected our plead!”

A chill run down everyone’s spine when they heard this, they know this matter was now officially out of their hands. They could now either find the mad thief or prepared themselves for the fight to retain their status!

However, everyone in this room knows that once the Ocean Demon Duke started pulling the strings, the challenge won’t stop after a single challenger. They would keep getting them every month after the grace period until they were completely exhausted and annihilated!

This was the scariest part about these challenges and the easiest way for the higher authorities to get rid of the problem without getting their hands dirty or ruining their prestige!

Although this rule was set by the ancestors of the demon race to make demons more ruthless, strong, and gain battle experience. However, some high-level demons use it for their own advantage, and Duke Livy was one of such demons!

“I really prefer the Old Ocean Demon Duke. His highness was virtuous and righteous, even His High Highness Blade Demon King praise him for this. But his son is completely opposite!” Trey sighed while lamenting wryly.

No one rebutted him because Trey was telling the truth. If Old Ocean Demon Duke was here, he would’ve never cornered them like this or even help them deal with this problem.

But alas, the Old Ocean Demon Duke retired over a hundred years ago and now was one of the most trusted aids of Blade Demon King in Demon King Castle!

“Enough, we still have a month. That’s why I summon all the Iron Demon Tribe high-ranking members here. I want everyone to put aside our past grievance for once and work together as a united Iron Demon Tribe like our ancestors once did when they won the Demon Marquess Title for our Iron Demon Tribe!” Elian sternly said as a cold glint flashed past his eyes.

Elian was probably the most anxious about this matter than the entire Iron Demon Tribe because he was used to remaining in authority and riches. Moreover, he had many dark secrets which would be revealed once his position as the City Lord was gone. He would rather die than let this happen.

He even let his son marry a psycho without even batting an eye, even though he knew someone had framed his son just to keep his position secure.

So how could he let some mad thief destroy it all?

“We’ll search every house and skim every living thing with powerful anti-disguise treasures thoroughly, whether the other likes it or not. Tell them it’s an emergency, so cooperate, or they’ll throw into the dungeons for ten years. If they still don’t cooperate, kill them without mercy. Don’t even leave the sewers, I want every corner of this city search, don’t even leave a brink!” Elian pointedly ordered everyone in the room.

No one retorted if this was another time, they would debate to no end, but now was not the time to get something out of this. Their entire tribe’s future was on the line, so no one dare to be neglected!

Everyone quickly left the meeting room after discussing some future details to hunt down the mad thief!

After the other clans were left, only the Golden Iron Clan remain in the meeting room.

One of the elders finally spoke at this moment with a concerned tone, “My Lord, w-what if we… didn’t find the mad thief in a month?”

The reaming two elders remain silent and wait for Elian’s reply because they also had the same question.

Elian pursed his lips and gloomily said, “We’ll just have to make someone mad thief and execute him then!”

Those elders were clearly displeased with this answer because it wasn’t a solution to their problem. It would only make things more difficult for them if that mad thief appeared again after the execution of the fake-made thief. It was more of a time bomb!

They would be in huge trouble if that would happen because then Demon Duke Livy didn’t even need the other’s knife to end them, he will do it himself since he would have a proper reason to!

“Then make sure you find that bastard!” Elian finally snapped and tremendous pressure descend inside the room.

He wasn’t an idiot, and he knew the consequences of deceiving a demon duke-level existence, but what can he do? He was determined to save his own neck, and if he can’t, he’ll drag down the whole Iron Demon Tribe with him!

Elian was just that ruthless!

While the whole Iron Demon Tribe was searching for the mad thief high and low, the person itself was currently inside a secret underground chamber!

This mad thief was obviously Noa!

After finding out about the benefits of stealing, she hesitated no more and start her quest of collecting the House Point through stealing.

Her stealing ground was naturally the Iron Demon City.

As she stole for the first few times, she finally gets the gits of it and found her own unique method of stealing, which was by simply cutting off the victim’s hands since she didn’t have Ace’s pick-pocket!

This was the direct and easiest way, and it was very much to her liking as well. However, she didn’t just rob anyone, she first observed her victims and judge if they deserved it or not and then made her move.

Noa even knows people were calling her Hand Thirsty Thief and Mad Thief, but she never cares about these names and simply does her own thing.

After six months, she finally stopped because finding a victim has become more and more difficult as the Iron Demon City became like an abandoned city, and it was because of her!

Nevertheless, she had achieved her goal for doing all this, which was naturally House Points!

“House Status!” She eagerly opened her status to look at the changes!


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