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Eternal Thief – Chapter 306: Preaching about the way of Thief! Bahasa Indonesia

Noa was about to do her task when Ace asked her ambiguously, “Where is his storage ring?”

He didn’t get the theft notification at all this time, while he gets the killing notifications, which means Noa never took those dead bandits or Buck’s storage rings. This was the only thing unacceptable for Ace.

Noa didn’t know what Ace was getting at, but she still replied, “No, I never took my targets’ belonging whenever I kill them.”

Ace pursed his lips and asked, “Then what about him?”

“He’s a slave, and it’s beneath me to take a slave belonging!” Noa replied with no pause.

Noa was telling the truth. All her years of working under Warden Cane, she never took the belonging of her targets even if they were filthy rich because her tribe believe every dead person left their resentment and regrets in their belonging, and they become cursed.

Ace frowned. This was not the thing he wanted to hear and solemnly said, “Tell me if a person called himself an alchemist, but he didn’t know a thing about alchemy. Can he really be considered an alchemist just because he called himself one?”

Without waiting for Noa’s answer, he continues sharply,

“We are thieves, and it’s our job to steal, or we won’t be thieves if we don’t do what we are supposed to do. Furthermore, don’t forget that you still need to collect materials for your refinement technique and alchemy practice!

“Who knows, the ring that guy is wearing might have one or maybe even two key materials for your refinement technique in it, and you’re just going to throw them away with him?

“We are thieves, not killers. We have our own morality and integrity! When we do theft, we steal what we fancy without caring about the victim’s feelings. It is a whole another thing if you’re stealing from the poor or bullying the weak. But as long as the target is rich, we just take what we want because these rich bastards deserved it!”

Noa’s eyes shone with skepticism when she saw the stern look in Ace’s eyes. She didn’t have words to refute him at this moment because he was telling the truth about her being a thief now or the Thief Assassin was just an empty title.

Although Noa had completely accepted being a vessel of a ‘thief goddess’ but her conventions remain the same. She is an arrogant pound woman with integrity and pride.

How could she change herself and throw her integrity away so soon? Everything needs time, after all.

Noa sighed softly before she replied, “I understand I was wrong. Please forgive me, leader!”

Ace knew it would take time for Noa to come clean with herself just like him, and he can’t force her to do things against her free will. He can only take things slow.

“It’s better that you understand and don’t worry. I won’t force you to steal from someone who doesn’t deserve it, nor I ever have done it myself. But that guy indefinitely deserved this and his entire clan.

“He kills and plunders whoever he deemed a threat to his clan’s business, while his father fully supported him. Meanwhile, his clan eradicates whichever clan poses a threat to them with no hint of remorse.

“Death is only mercy for the likes of them, so that’s why we steal their everything and left them to live like dogs afterward. Killing is extremely easy, while thievery is extremely difficult, but with more benefits and self-satisfaction.” Ace patiently explain what he thought about the path of a thief.

Although he knew he had no right to teach anyone while he was still just a ‘trainee thief’, according to the system. But he didn’t mind sharing his own experience and insight with a fellow thief and house member. This will also fulfill some of his parts as the house leader.

Noa also understood what Ace was trying to tell her, that thievery was not just some hideous path, a crime, or an immoral path. As long as you don’t use it for crime, will it really be thievery?

Besides, this was the world of cultivation, a dog eats dog world, where the rule of the jungle reigns. The law was just for the weak, while the strong make the laws for the weak. This was that simple!

A thief was just a title in the world of cultivation, nothing more, nothing less. Even a martyr can rob someone here out of their treasures under the pretext of salvation and mercy!

With no hint of hesitation, Noa finally strengthen her resolve and took off the storage ring from Buck’s ring finger.

Ace smile faintly in satisfaction when saw this and the next moment heard the system’s notification.

[Thief House Member Noa Night theft successfully!]

[Open here to check the detail]

[Reward: 30,000 Thief Points]

[Thief Point(s): 1,447,650]

‘So, if a house member does any stealing I’ll only be rewarded with thief points, no low, middle, or high-level thieveries, and thief symbol also didn’t trigger. I can also see the details of what these members loot. Well, this much is enough, I guess!’

Ace was elated with this discovery and also understand how the thievery did by the thief house members worked. Even without level thieveries, just the boon of Thief Point was enough for Ace.

Noa, in the contrast, also heard a much different notification from Ace.

[Theft Successful!]

[Theft: One filled Low Grade-1 Storage Space Treasure]

[Open to look at further the details]

[Reward: 3,000 House Points]

[Noa Night Thief House Point(s): 3,720]

‘What?! I can earn House Point this way as well!’ Noa’s mind was blown this time when she saw the notification and huge tally of HP with disbelief!

She never thought there was this way to earn house points, and all she had to do was to steal.

Furthermore, when she remembered the other seven bandits she killed without taking their storage rings, huge regret washed over her, and she almost cried.

Ace also saw the panel in front of Noa and couldn’t help but narrowed his eyes with a hint of astonishment, ‘Three Thousand house points are equal to thirty thousand thief points and the exchange rate is the same as exchange shop. Well, this also means the more house points they earned, the ten-time thief points I’ll get!’

As for the reward of house points Noa got, Ace wasn’t much shocked about it because it would be quite unfair to Noa if she got nothing after stealing the other and the system would do anything to motivate the house members to theft.

Noa exclaimed as she quickly told Ace about her new discovery. In the end, she was very grateful to Ace and said, “Thank you, leader, to show me the correct way, or I might miss this tremendous opportunity!”

“Don’t mention it, we’re fellow house members, after all. Just a reminder, make sure you steal everything before the target was killed, or you won’t get any HP from dead.” Ace quickly gave her some pointers, since this was also related to his TP.

Noa attentively listen and realization drew to her when Ace told her about the dead person thing.

She was full of gratitude and praise for Ace and quickly represent the storage ring she just took from Buck to Ace and said, “Please accept this as a token of my gratitude, leader!”

“Just keep it, there is an unconditional rule between thieves, finders’ keepers!” Ace rejected the storage ring without hesitation because it was Noa’s score and needed it right now.

Besides, he can always steal more.

Ace’s words moved Noa and didn’t push any further. She still said if Ace ever needed anything from the storage ring, he can just tell her, and she’ll give him with no hesitation.

After this brief event, Noa promptly took the unconscious Buck toward the main estate of Silver Iron Demon Clan, which wasn’t too far from their secret hideout with ecstasy.

After finding out about the secret to earning fast house points, she wanted to steal more now, and all those moralities of her turned into smoke!

Ace didn’t stop her and just told her to be careful and don’t target a powerful person. One reason for not stopping her was, so she could earn some experience in the art of theft, while the other reason was obviously free thief points.

Furthermore, Noa was as strong as the first elders of the three founding clans of iron demon city. That’s why Ace wasn’t to worry about her safety. She can also hide here if things go awry and no one will be able to find her!

After Noa left, Ace was still deep in thought about all the information he got from Buck.

In the end, he sighed softly while muttering to himself, “I’ll have to increase Heaven’s Stealer Dismantler Manual’s principals to at least high grade one before making an appearance. Stealing here is too dangerous. But once I start, heh, it will be the day for Sky Stealer’s entrance into mighty demon continent!”


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