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Eternal Thief – Chapter 296: Soul Words: Despair Manual Bahasa Indonesia

After Noa left to complete Ace’s mission, Ace was left alone in the hidden basement.

Ace didn’t want to leave this place yet because he had other things to do and Noa’s presence save him much time.

He sat cross-legged and take off his hundred-face deception mask before he sighed softly. He naturally didn’t like the demon face and since he was safe here and Noa know about this actual appearance, he decided to remove the mask until he stayed here.

Furthermore, he was also somewhat sick of wearing all those fake faces and a mask all the time. Although he won’t feel the hundred-face deception mask on his face, it was still fake.

“I should also increase my skills while I have the chance. Let’s start with the system’s technique!” Ace mumbled decisively.

In lower lands, he always wanted to learn all those skills in the system shop but didn’t have thief points first and when he had them, the system demanded an upgrade again, splashing a cold bucket of water on his plans.

Now here, after the system was upgraded, he got busy with his ‘great escape’ so he didn’t get the chance again.

However, now that he was done with everything and someone was there to do his bidding, he finally got his moment to learn new skills and improve himself.

That’s also one of the reasons he always hesitated to create an organization because it will cause too much distraction. One of the reasons was the system itself because it always gave him difficult missions, and so he always had to be on the move.

“System, open the technique section.” Ace quickly transmitted his thought to the system.

This was the only section that remain untouched till now, and he had a feeling that those techniques were going to be a tremendous help to him!

[System Shop: Techniques Section]

[Soul Words [Despair Manual]]

[Price: 50,000TP]

[Heaven’s Stealer Dismantler Manual [First Vol]]

[Price: 100,000TP]

“First, let’s see what these Soul Words are about.”

With anticipation, Ace eagerly commended, “System, confirm the purchase of Soul Words Despair Manual!”

[50,000 TP has been deducted!]

[Purchase has been successful!]

[Thief Point(s): 1,517,650]

[Soul Words [Despair Manual: Sound Soul-Path Technique]

-Description: A soul technique that used the power of [Despair] with sound waves and Heavenly Soul-Qi to temporarily controlled the victim’s mind and actions.

-Warning: The power of this technique solely depends on comprehension of the laws of [Despair], [Sound], and Heavenly Soul Qi potency. Wordily soul Qi is useless. Please refrain from using this technique on cultivators with powerful souls!

-Three Realms of Soul Words [Despair Manual]:

1. Deep Despair Soul Words

[Three Stages: Low, Intermediate, High]

2. Extreme Despair Soul Words

[Three Stages: Low, Intermediate, High]

3. Deadly Despair Soul Words

[Three Stages: Low, Intermediate, High]

Before Ace could mull over the information in the system’s interface, a huge torrent of information drilled into his brain without giving him any chance to react.

With a pale face, Ace quickly closed his eyes to endure the pain. This time the information was quite huge, and it took him three hours to completely accept the information in his knowledge sea and another five hours to assimilate it.

Although he only got the information about the first realm, Deep-Despair Soul Words of Soul Words: Despair Manual, it was still quite long and profound.

Ace was instantly captivated by those profound and sagacious scripts of Deep-Despair Soul Words!

He didn’t know how much time pass, but he was deeply engrossed in the mediation of this wondrous soul technique.

Ace discover this technique wasn’t just a random skill technique like his Lock Eraser King Technique, but it was a unique technique like his Dual Shadow Swords which was a weapon cultivation technique while the soul words despair manual was a ‘Sound Cultivation’ technique!

Each technique had a wide and endless path of its own. One dealt with the ‘Law of [Shadow] and [Sword] while the other one contained the mysterious of [Sound], and [Despair]!

Others can only dream of possessing a technique like this, and Ace had two of them right now!

If news of it got out right now, probably the entire world would go crazy and come after him!

Each of these techniques can cause an endless and nonstop, bloody war between races!

After an unknown time, Ace’s eyelids slowly opened, and a dark mist flashed past his dark blue eyes.

Ace couldn’t help but be astonished by this soul words technique, and he even got some understanding over it because of his early encounters with the power of despair and heavenly despair thunder.

Furthermore, his element was ‘despair lightning’ and after obtaining the soul words despair manual, he had a feeling that both his element and this soul technique were deeply connected with each other and both of them can give him endless benefits!

“In Deep Despair Soul Words Realm, I can only fuse the heavenly soul Qi and minor-level law of [Despair] with sound for only ten seconds in low stage, thirty-second in the intermediate stage, and for a minute in high stage.

“After that, I have to comprehend the law of [Despair] to at least low-level and the law of [Sound] to minor-level to achieve the Extreme Despair Words realm.

“This is too damn difficult since I don’t even know how to comprehend a law and what the hell is this law in the first place? I can only feel the slightest power of despair, all because of my encounters and my element. That’s it!”

Ace smiled bitterly as he recited the requirements just to enter the low stage of the Deep Despair Soul Words realm, much less the second realm.

Nevertheless, Ace was determined to learn this soul path technique because if he could just achieve a low stage level of the first realm, he can simply order someone who was under his control to commit suicide, and they’ll do it with no hint of hesitation!

The most magical and dreadful thing about this technique was the victim won’t even feel or remembered that he was assailed, or controlled with this technique!


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