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Eternal Thief – Chapter 292: Mission Complete! Bahasa Indonesia

In the shade of night, two silhouettes entered the territory of one of the three founding clans of Iron Demon City, Silver Iron Demon Clan!

Even though the security was quite high around here, these two silhouettes move with no hindrance or tripping any trap or alarm like they knew where they were stepping and assimilated the structure of this state in the back of their head.

Both silhouettes reached a remote area where old remains of some buildings were left untouched.

“This is the place. There should be a hidden door right under that broken wall!” A hoarse voice with a hint of excitement sounded from one of the silhouettes.

These two intruders in Silver Iron Demon Clan’s territory were naturally Ace and Noa!

After Ace assimilated the memories of Pablo while taking his appearance, he got the memories of the entire silver demon state and even found a hidden place that was only known by Pablo!

Pablo stumbled upon this place when he was young, but this was just an underground room with not much of a value inside. However, this was the perfect hidden place, since not even those elders and leaders of the silver-iron demon clan know about this secret room.

However, Pablo never used it before, even after he was expelled to live on his own. He never thought about living here safely because foremost, he can’t infiltrate the silver-iron demon’s state without alerting the entire state. Secondly, he can’t live without resources and remain here idle for the rest of his life, so this place was meaningless to him.

However, for Ace and Noa, this place was the perfect spot to remain hidden as long as they wanted and with Ace’s soul-shattering eyes, they can come and go as they wish!

Moreover, Ace’s purpose for coming here wasn’t just this hidden room!

Ace reached the broken wall. After carefully scanning the ground, he finally found the hidden door position!

He started digging with his hands, since it would be troublesome to use Qi here, and they might alert those powerful elders of the silver-iron demon clan.

Noa was guarding Ace and vigilantly observing their surroundings. If she found any danger, she’ll get rid of it instantly.

After digging half a meter, Ace’s hand met with resistance, which means there wasn’t any more soft soil here, and it was what he was looking for!

Ace quickly clear the soil and a two cubic meter old stone door surface. This door was unlocked and with no protection, that was the reason Pablo could enter the underground hidden room in the first place.

With some strength, he slightly slides the old door from a hollow opening. The stone door trembled slightly before sliding to the left, and a dark stony stairway appeared beneath the stone door.

“Let’s go!” Ace call out to Noa and quickly enter the dark passage as he slowly descended the stairs without hesitation.

Noa, with no delay, followed Ace while she closed the stone door again, and with the slightest movement of her hand the dugout soil again covered the stone door and everything become like before as if nothing had ever happened or someone had just dug a hole here!

Ace enter a spacious room that was thirty cubic-meter in size, and it was completely empty except for a layer of thick dirt was all over the place.

“This is our hideout for the time being!” Ace nodded in satisfaction. He was happy with this hidden place, and he didn’t need to show his face in the city as well.

Ace was planning to stay here for a while, at least until he sorted out his skills and further increased his strength, and achieve his goals. Furthermore, there was the looming threat of Demon Duke Livy, and it would be wise to wait until the matter between him and Noa die down.

“This place is really well hidden and made of special material. Even my martial sense can’t escape this room, nor can I find it from outside.” Noa exclaimed with a hint of astonishment in her voice.

“Is that so?” Ace noted in astonishment.

Because he could easily feel his surrounding with his soul sense, it wasn’t hindered in the least bit and after Noa’s revealed this particular trait of this room, he activated his heavenly sense for an instant, and it wasn’t hindered either.

‘Is this because of my heavenly soul cultivation?’ Ace quickly reached this conclusion, ‘This is also great since I don’t have to worry about those elders and Clan Leader anymore and this place remain hidden for all these years is also probably because of this same reason. But why is this room so special and made with his precious material? There had to be something unique about it, and it might hold some big secret!’

Ace’s mind raced as many kinds of possibilities appeared in his head. He never heard of this kind of martial that can hinder martial sense, much less an entire room from it.

But he wasn’t too surprised since he wasn’t in the lower lands anymore, and he knew there were still many things he didn’t know and that’s why he was wary of wondering outside this soon, not at least without evaluating his strength.

Ace carefully scan the room with his soul-shattering eyes, but he found nothing hidden or anything special about this place.

‘Either my soul-shattering eyes are not high enough to see through this room, or I’m just thinking too much,’ Ace mused and stop caring about it anymore.

If his first conjecture was true, then it was meaningless to further think about it, since he didn’t have skills right now.

At this moment, Ace heard the system’s voice.

[Thief House]

-The system had deemed the house leader’s mission complete!

-Did the house leader want to release the rewards of the mission?


Ace suddenly remembered the mission he had given to Noa, and he almost forgot about it after reaching the Iron Demon City.

“Why would I delay it? I’m not you!” Ace snorted with contempt, “Released it!”

Ace knew the pain of delayed rewards, and he didn’t want Noa to feel the same since she work hard all this time protecting him. She earned it fair and square.

Noa on the hand was still admiring the hidden room when the system’s crisp voice rang in her head as she released a low shriek in startle. But she quickly calmed down when she remembered the voice of ‘goddess’.

Her eyes become extremely respectful as she attentively listened to the ‘goddess voice’ and read the ‘god decree’ in front of her.

[Thief House Leader Mission]

Mission: Escape the Crisis!

Description: Escort House Leader (Ace White) out of the Ocean Demon City safely and find a safe place.

[Status: Complete]


– 400 House Points

– Night Demon Body Transformation Technique

[Reward has been released]

[House Status has been updated.]

Noa’s eyes instantly filled with ecstasy when she heard and read the content of this ‘god decree’. But the next moment, her eyes suddenly opened wide as she released a low shrill in pain.

Ace frowned as he noticed Noa’s strange condition and suddenly remembered something and blurted, “Hold it! It’s probably the information about the technique being transferred into your knowledge sea. It’s only temporary!”

How could he forget his own experience when he started receiving information about things from the system? Now he was numb to it, and it was also related to his powerful soul as well.

But Noa wasn’t a soul cultivator, nor has she ever experienced this method of receiving knowledge, so she was caught off guard.

However, the moment she heard Ace’s explanation, this was the information about the body refinement technique that she always dreamed of. Noa clenched her teeth and stop screaming and endure the pain in her head!

Ace saw Noa’s enduring the blood-curdling pain and couldn’t help but admire her resolve and willpower.

‘She deserved to be in my thief house!’ Ace nodded in approval, like a leader who had just accepted the rookie wholeheartedly.

After a while, Noa’s bloodshot eyes eased up as she breathed sharply. It was clear that she had successfully endured the pain, and now it was over.

After catching her breath, her watery eyes shone with extreme excitement and elation as she mumbled while one could see drops of tears dripping from her mask’s edge, “I finally got the refinement technique and complete the dream of my ancestors!”

Ace said nothing and leave her to calm down since he could feel her turmoil emotions, and it was better to let her alleviate herself and released the pent-up emotions.

Nevertheless, he was happy for her and even looked forward to Noa’s future growth with the system’s help!

Although Ace didn’t know what would Noa’s future be like from here on out. But one thing was evident.

‘I’m looking forward to it!’ A thievish smile bloomed on his demonic face!


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