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Eternal Thief – Chapter 289: Mighty Demon Content Structure Bahasa Indonesia

Ace and Noa were moving too fast for normal eyes to see them. One could only see two blurs with extreme difficulty.

Both of them didn’t need to rest since they were high-level cultivators, and they can maintain this kind of speed for ten or so days, and Ace can go even further with his large amount of Qi reserves. Which were equivalent to a peak Golden River Core cultivator and if his equally Soul Qi reserve were added to the mix, then one can only imagine just how much Qi Ace had!

Even Noa was shocked in her heart after seeing Ace keeping up with her without even breaking a sweat. Before, she only thought he was using a skill with a high level of Qi consumption, and he’ll be tired very soon. But she again had to reevaluate Ace’s strength, and she couldn’t help but wonder if he was really a human or not!

They both travel straight for two days without stopping for rest and finally reached their destination, the Iron Demon City of Iron Demon Tribe, which was only below the Ocean Demon Tribe and above many others.

Ace was very much looking forward to exploring this new continent, which was many times larger than the human continent. Although he was aghast at first when he found out he was in Mighty Demon Continent. But after ‘recruiting’ Noa he wasn’t afraid anymore.

In these two days, he had learned quite a lot about the Mighty Demon Continent from Noa and was astonished after finding out it was filled with dangers and opportunities.

On the Mighty Demon Continent, live many species of demons. Some were intelligent, while most of them were mindless demons who only know how to kill and cause chaos and suffering. These kinds of demons were known as Scavenger Demons, and they were scattered all over this vast continent and scavenge many weak tribes.

But to this day, no one had managed to get rid of these Scavenger Demons because they were too many and the higher authorities were too lazy to deal with them, and they were also the best whetstones to train young demons.

However, no one knew if this was the only reason they were left alive or not…

Nevertheless, the Mighty Demon Continent was divided into Eight Large Provinces, One Royal Zone, and Three Forbidden Countries.

The seven provinces were arranged into two outer provinces, three inner provinces, and three core provinces. These eight provinces were governed by Eight Demon Kings who were the Demon Emperor’s loyal subordinates and also eight of the strongest demons on this continent.

Royal Zone was where the Demon Emperor Palace reside and the royal demon family.

Noa told Ace that this Royal Zone was completely surrounded by towering walls and protected by a powerful formation and demon experts. It was the strongest and impenetrable fortress of the Demon Race and no one can enter this zone without a special order from Royal Zone, not even a Demon King!

As for the three forbidden countries, the local demons like Noa only know that they were three mysterious islands close to the north of the mighty demon continent.

As for why they were called ‘forbidden countries’ she doesn’t know, but one thing was clear: they were directly controlled by the Royal Demon Family and no one dares to take a step inside.

Besides the mighty demon continent, Ace also learned that there was an endless sea surrounding the continent and if anyone wants to go toward another continent, they must cross this sea.

But it was much harder said than done because this sea was too mysterious and dangerous, only Soul Manifestation Cultivators dare to travel in it, but even they sometimes face life-threatening dangers there.

Besides, if anyone wanted to cross that sea, they needed special treasures which were only in possession of Demon King’s level demons!

Speaking of which, the demons followed the royal hierarchy system to distribute their ranks. But their ranks were earned on the base of their strength and merit. Strength came first thought.

A Demon King Rank Demon can earn the rank after entering the Soul Manifestation Realm, while a demon duke title can be earned after stepping into the Soul Realm and so on.

There was a title of Grand Demon Duke whose requirements were unknown, but these kinds of figures lived in Royal Zone and then there were army titles like Demon Marshal, Demon General… and so on.

But they were nothing like humans when someone can cause a revolt and win the crown, demons followed strength, and as long as a demon was capable enough of defeating eight demon kings, then the entire royal zone and finally the Demon Emperor it can become the new Demon Emperor!

What truly baffled Ace was, according to Noa, these eight demon kings never become nine or ten, but one with a sane mind could tell it was impossible to only have eight soul manifestation experts after all these years. This means the mighty demon continent’s strength was too deep and well hidden!

Ace had to reevaluate his understanding of this continent, and he deeply engraved in his mind that he was currently in the territory of the second hegemony of this world, so he better not act carelessly or there might be thousands of Gordons waiting for him this time around!

He now also knows they were in the fifth and last inner province of the mighty demon continent, named ‘Mighty Blade Province’. It was under the judicial of Blade Demon King, also the chief of the ruling tribe of this province, Dark Blade Demons.

Now, Ace also understood why everyone was astonished by seeing him appearing suddenly because he was right at the end of the inner province and according to Noa no one of other race had ever infiltrated more than two outer provinces before and Ace was probably the very first to cross four provinces without being caught!

It was all because every boundary was made with a very powerful formation and only demons can cross it without being worried of any harm and if even a devil dared to try crossing it with no preparation, then he will also lose his life!

Besides these formations, there were also other unknown ways which can easily sneak out the rats of other races, and they were so effective; one can only imagine after seeing the mighty demon content has remained impenetrable to this day!

This grave information also gave Ace chills, and he knew his ‘stay’ on this continent would not be so safe.

Besides all this, Ace also found out that Ocean Demon Duke was just one of the six duke-level characters under the Blade Demon King, and Dark Ocean Demon Tribe’s Dukedom was only ranked fifth among six dukedoms!

As for this iron demon tribe, its chief was a Demon Marquess and was quite loyal to Demon Duke Livy.

However, Ace suddenly found an enormous problem after he observed the colossal city gate of Iron Demon City. He only saw demons going in and out, no other race whatsoever.

Although Ace had the Hundred Face Deception Mask, he wasn’t sure if it could solve the problem of Demon Horns and their abnormal height!

Furthermore, he and Noa were both fugitives now, and Demon Duke Livy might come looking for him here or even post bounties on their head after not finding them in his city.

He was just too familiar with this procedure and here if he was even a little bit careless, he would be doomed before he even knows it.

Ace was planning to completely familiarize himself with the demon race and their means, it won’t be too late to start!

“Miss Noa, can you tell me if Demon Duke Livy has ever seen your face?” Ace asked Noa, who was also gravely observing the city doors. She also had the same thoughts as Ace.

“No, but our tribe is too easy to recognize because of our unique horns and eyes. If someone was looking for us, they can easily find me.” Noa shook her head dejectedly.

Ace’s face also fell when he heard this. He never thought this would be so troublesome to disguise as a demon, or a demon to disguise as another demon. They were just too damn unique and not like humans.

“Sigh… can you capture a demon with the same stature as me, or it won’t have to be exactly like me, just close enough will do? I want to try something before we took any further steps.” Ace sighed and first decided to see if he could use his disguise mask to become a demon.

Because his appearance was even more obvious since according to Noa, there was not any kind of demon without horns. This made Ace more helpless.

Noa didn’t know what Ace was planning to do, but after traveling with him for three days, she knew he had mysterious measures, and she won’t doubt him anymore.

It was already deep at night, so it was a piece of cake for Noa to abduct an alone demon who was only at the empty river stage and his constitution was not much different from Ace as well!


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