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Eternal Thief – Chapter 260: Hoodwinked! Bahasa Indonesia

Gordon coldly looked at Ace and sternly questioned, “Explain!”

“Heh, so, you finally decided to chat, old man.” Ace grin mockingly.

Ace wasn’t even in the least bit of worry about Gordon’s cold gaze anymore. He knew his plan of deceiving Gordon has been succeeded!

“Watch your mouth!” Gordon’s aura instantly spiked when he saw Ace’s carefree attitude, and he even dare to call him ‘Old Man’ now, instated of ‘Senior’.

But he didn’t attack, he knew something was amiss after seeing the storage ring and ‘clean’ Ace.

“Fine, fine, so here the thing…” Ace’s smile didn’t vanish at all as he said, “Your guess was right, my parents left the ‘Heavenly Blankness Worldending Technique Slate’ for me when I was young. I only found out when I turned twelve because it was inside my knowledge sea. I also received some memories of a cultivation technique and skills which I’m currently using despite possessing Heavenly Blankness Worldending Technique Slate! Do you know why?”

Gordon’s interest was instantly piqued when he heard this, he wasn’t someone from these forsaken lands, and he knew there were indeed mysterious ways to hide unique treasures inside a person’s body or imprint techniques and skills for a certain period.

“Why did you cultivate another Cultivation Technique, if you have the Heavenly Blankness Worldending Technique Slate?” This was what he also wanted to know now since he knew Ace didn’t have any reason to lie to him, nor he can escape his grasps.

“You see old man, the Heavenly Blankness Worldending Technique can only be cultivated when a person clear half of cultivation journey, simply put, this technique can only be learned after one enter Qi soul manifestation realm. The most astonishing thing about this technique is you can cultivate in a soul path from the final half of the cultivation journey, meaning directly to — realm!” Ace’s voice was filled with passion and yearning in the end.

Gordon’s breathing turned rigged when he heard this impossible to believe secret, and his eyes shone with intense greed.

‘No wonder… no wonder… that’s why the white crown come to such a place chasing after those two. So, it was because of this heaven-defying technique. If this technique can help in the other half of the cultivation journey and the soul path no less, doesn’t this mean whoever cultivates this technique can ascend to heaven! My technique only helps me until the seventh realm, and I never heard of humanity had any technique that can help us reach the eighth realm!’

The more Gordon think, the more his greed intensified, it almost materialized from his eyes. He knew the gravity of this technique if words got out the entire human race will strive for it, and it will cause a bloody war, even relatives would turn on each other for this technique!

‘I can’t let him live anymore, after I get the technique I’ll kill him instantly and leave this place… not… I have to leave the continent!’ Gordon instantly made his mind.

But he wasn’t completely blinded by Ace’s honey words and said with a little soft voice, “As long as you can let me soul search you and give me the Heavenly Blankness Worldending Technique Slate I’ll let you go, I can even sign an oath contract with you!”

He will only completely believe him after soul search and with this, he’ll kill Ace during soul search, so he won’t violate any term of oath contract, he can’t let Ace live with this kind of secret. His own master will hunt him down if he got wind of this technique!

“There’s no need to oath contract, I just want that treasure mountain.” Ace didn’t even seem to care anymore as if everything was under his control, “However if you play any trick this time I’ll instantly self-destruct my martial space, and you won’t get shit! Because if I were to die, that technique slate will instantly shatter since it’s bond with me, and only I can transfer it to others!”

This carefree attitude gave Gordon more reason to believe Ace was telling the truth. But he still hesitates though, after thinking about that technique and Ace can’t leave the ghost trapping talisman for another fifty minutes, he took the risk.

Now, even if Ace was telling the lie, he can’t let him die because the technique slate was definitely on him, and he saw it with his own eyes. If half of what Ace was true, then he can’t risk this technique being lost!

Because in Gordon’s eyes Ace can’t come up with this kind of story on the spot, nor he should know the name of the eighth realm of cultivation world because only a few old monsters know about it.

But too bad for him Ace was an acting expert and with so many memories he naturally had a rich imagination, besides he had the System which was probably millions of times more terrifying than this oriented technique of his.

“Since little friend Ace wants the treasure mountain, it will naturally be his.” Gordon suddenly put on an elderly smile and even change the way of calling him.

“You, slaves! What are you waiting for? Go and quickly put all the treasure mountain in storage rings for my little friend here.” Gordon ordered sternly to all those dumbfounded people watching from afar!

Because everyone was a cultivator, their hearing and eyesight were extremely sharp. They hear and saw how Gordon attacked abruptly and Ace somehow blocked all his attacks with a strange black page.

But when they heard Ace’s explanation about the black page and heard about the wonders of Heavenly Blankness Worldending Technique Slate’ everyone’s heart stirs and greed filled their heart.

However, when they looked at Gordon coldly staring at them, all the desire in their hearts turned into bitterness and helplessness.

They knew fighting Gordon for the Heavenly Blankness Worldending Technique Slate was like fighting a tiger with bare hands.

They could now even guess Gordon might kill them all, just to silent them, since they would’ve done the same to hide the secret of this heaven-defying technique!


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