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Eternal Thief – Chapter 258: Counter and Counter Bahasa Indonesia

“Kill him first, or he’ll hunt you down just like me. He’ll ruin your life and make it a living hell. Don’t make the same mistake as I did last time, he’s playing you, kill him before he escaped, just like before!”

Dulce suddenly laughed, “Hahahahaha… hahahaha… you’ll be just like me… ahahaha…if you don’t kill him…”

Golden King was as pale as a ghost, he couldn’t take it anymore as he brandished his fist in golden light and punched toward madly laughing Dulce’s head. Deep in his eyes were intense sadness as he looked at this most brilliant daughter who had turned into a complete retard!

“Hmph, who told you to move?!” Gordon’s cold voice rang like thunder in the area, there was oppressive might mix within his voice, everyone’s mind trembled after hearing it.

Golden King’s golden Qi also shattered from Gordon’s voice, and he instantly fell on the ground and puke a mouthful of blood.

Everyone’s eyes were filled with horror and dread, especially Golden King’s, they all see just Gordon’s voice was enough to make a peak Qi river realm Golden King puke blood and shatter his attack.

If they had some doubts about Gordon’s identity before now, all of them completely vanished and turned into absolute terror!

“Forgive me, my lord!” Golden King weakly plead, he didn’t dare to move from his kneeling position.

“Hahahah… you see this; even my father wanted to kill me, now. You’ll be just like me if he lives… Hahahaha…” Dulce continued to laugh madly.

This time no one dare to act and let her be, but there was a pity in everyone’s eyes seeing Dulce’s condition. She had lost her will to live and become like a walking carcass.

Gordon acted he didn’t heart Dulce’s ridiculing words and only sneered disdainfully, “Since you already lost the will to live, it would be a mercy to kill you. What do you think little boy Ace?” he looked toward Ace with interest, he knew the grudge between Dulce and Ace was much deeper than his.

Ace looked toward madly laughing Dulce with killing intent, seeing her twisted appearance, he couldn’t help but remember that rainy day when he just laughed like this and almost lost himself.

“Just as Senior says, it would be a mercy to kill her anymore. I’ll let senior decide what to do with this madwoman.” Ace calmly stated with a deep sigh, ‘This might be the best revenge I could get for all those innocent people.’

“Good, she’ll live like this alone for the rest of her miserable life.” Gordon nodded with a pleasing expression, everything was going according to his will. Even Ace was acting all submissive and respectful.

Gordon pointed his finger toward mad Dulce and a crimson streak flashed past her forehead and she instantly lost her conciseness, but a red word appeared on her forehead, ‘Slave’.

Ace’s eyes narrowed when he saw the slave mark on Dulce’s forehead, but he didn’t speak.

“Good, now she won’t die even if she wants to.” Gordon nodded his head in satisfaction and again looked toward Ace, “Now, this matter out of the way, let’s finished yours as well.”

Ace’s heart palpitated as he thought, ‘Did he see through it?’

“Fine, you can take this treasure mountain, but I’ll divide it into ten portions and give you two portions before and after you cooperate obediently, you can get the other eight portions after soul search. This is non-negotiable, if you want to die, then die I’ll still have other methods to get what I wanted!” Gordon sternly declared.

He didn’t trust Ace at all. So, he probed his true intention. If Ace was planning something with this treasure mountain, he won’t let it happen.

Although it would be troublesome if Ace self-destructs, Gordon still can soul search him, but it won’t be as effective as when done on an alive person.

However, to Gordon’s astonishment, Ace agreed quickly.

“Fine, I’ll take two portions first, but they had to be all over the treasure mountain, not just one place!” Ace stated calmly.

Now, Gordon was perplexed, ‘Just what is going on? Is it really about just treasures?’

But he can’t just go back on his word, yet he won’t leave any way for Ace either, “Since you had this demand, I’ll also add a little condition, I want to check your storage ring as well, if there wasn’t any interesting I’ll give it back.”

Gordon wanted to inspect Ace’s storage ring, one reason was to check if what White Crown was after inside his storage ring, and if there was Ace would never give it away and this also make things much easier for him. This means even without Ace’s memories, he still possessed his secret.

As for the second reason, if Ace gave away his storage ring, this implies Ace didn’t have any trick up his sleeve and he was only being greedy. But this will also make Ace’s life more precious since this makes that secret verbal and only Ace had the information about it. He can’t kill Ace at that time, and this made things trickery.

Gordon was hoping for the first since it would make things much easier and even if Ace retaliate or pull some trick, he won’t hesitate to end him, but if it turned out to latter, he might lose everything if Ace was dead, and he didn’t get that important memory!

“I agree to this condition as well!” Ace agreed with no hesitation again.

This made Gordon even more confused, ‘It that secret verbal, what is it a technique, skill, art? No, those that pair won’t be in that much trouble if it was just some verbal secret. Wait, did he hide the thing somewhere before coming here?’

The more Gordon thought, the more confused he become and hesitate. He never thought things would become so complicated.

‘First, let’s see if you have the skill to negotiate with me or not!’ Gordon finally moved!


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