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Eternal Thief – Chapter 246: Approaching Enemy! Bahasa Indonesia

Far West of the high-level lands was completely barren, there wasn’t any trace of life. The reason for this abnormally being the sky-changing border between middle-lands and high-lands was located here.

Furthermore, the sky-changing border here wasn’t like the low-sky changing border between middle-lands and low-lands, because even if someone had a sky-changing pass they can still die while crossing it!

The reason for this cause was unknown, but it all started over a hundred years ago when a powerful emperor tried to take control of this massive formation, as for the reason behind it, no one knows but the sky-changing border completely changed after that emperor enter the formation and never returned!

Now, the middle sky changing border can only be crossed between a particular period that lasts for three months and after that one had to wait for right months if they wanted to safely cross the sky changing border.

Furthermore, the sky-changing pass has become useless because anyone could travel freely as long as they knew when the safe period starts, but this secret wasn’t known to the public and only bigwigs knew about this shocking fact.

However, no one seemed to be interested in middle lands besides three giants and one or two empires because the Qi density was just too low in the land of kingdoms compared to the land of empires.

Right at this moment, a handsome middle-aged in the white emperor’s robes appeared just outside the barrier of the sky changing border like a ghost. He wore a mild smile while his long white hair fluttered in the wind as his blue eyes gave the feeling of a bottomless chasm.

Although this person looked in his late thirties, the air around him was as if he live for hundreds of years and there was a ghostly aura surrounding him, anyone with high enough cultivation would be scared shitless by this aura even when he was controlling it.

This white hair man was none other than, the Crimson Sword Emperor of Crimson Sword Empire, Gordon Crimson!

It didn’t just ‘Gordon’ black hair that turned white over a month, but Gordon was a completely different person altogether.

“Although this abandoned piece of land wasn’t worth much, I never expected there was still something like ghost sword monolith buried here. Even in Azure Mainland, it would cause a storm if any sect got the wind of it.

“It nearly causes me to lose connection with this clone, but I had to thank little pup Ace when I see him for somehow destroying the connection between this chode and ghost sword monolith.

“Well, who would’ve thought, my caution of sending two of my ‘Qi clone seeds’ to this abandoned lands, so they could mature safely would turn out like this. One of them died and the other almost gain his freedom.

“But the rewards I’m going to gain after sacrificing one of my clones make it worth it!” White hair, Gordon chuckled sinisterly.


This person was none other than the Qi Soul Manifestation Realm Cultivator whose clone [Mathies] was killed by Ace in low-lands a few years ago.

If not for the mysterious ghost sword monolith, this person would’ve descended to middle-level lands three years ago.

Nevertheless, this person’s real identity was too shocking and his means, even more incredible.

“Well, little pup Ace now you had ghost sword monolith and the secret left behind by your parents on you, don’t die before my arrival!” Gordon said faintly, with a fiendish glint flash past his eyes as he stepped inside the sky-changing formation barrier with no hesitation.

If someone were to see this, they would’ve considered Gordon dead because there were still a few months left before the border become safe to cross.

While Gordon’s fate was unknown as he stepped inside the middle sky changing the border, Ace wasn’t sitting around leisurely.

It has already been one month since he theft the Flame City Treasury of Leap Kingdom.

Although the theft was quite easy, he found nothing helpful in his talisman making. This left him aggravated.

However, this doesn’t stop his steps, as this wasn’t the only theft he does in this month.

After he was done with the Leap Kingdom, he entered the Earth Kingdom and robbed the Nightmare Ghosts Branch since it was in his way, and to his surprise, they weren’t on guard against him like he thought.

This clearly implied that the Branch Master of Leap Kingdom didn’t tell anyone about this to hide her blunder and escape from punishment. This makes things easier for Ace.

Without any hitch, he was already done with the beast city and flame city of earth kingdom, and they weren’t on guard against him either, which also meant they didn’t find out about the empty treasuries yet.

Right now, he was already in a Lion City of the Blue Kingdom which was at the edge of Blue Kingdom, he just reached here today.

As for why he was in this city, it was obviously for the Nightmare Ghosts Organization’s branch of Blue Kingdom. He was planning on going there at night.

Ace wasn’t even considering resting, since he was hell-bent on completing his mission as soon as possible, so the system could be upgraded, and he could use all those functions again.

Just thinking about all those new functions, he can’t use, made him enraged and cursed silently.

However, something shocking happened this time when he got to the nightmare ghost’s hideout in the blue kingdom, it was completely empty!

‘So, that dwarf branch master of earth kingdom reported the incident back. Well, this is going to be troublesome now.’

Ace’s expression was unsightly. He never expected them to react this way, at most he presumed the branch master would carry the treasures on himself, but these assassins had completely abandoned their hideout.

‘Sigh… being a thief is difficult.’ Ace sighed bitterly.

“Hey, system tell me now, if all those branches emptied their treasures and hide all their treasures or collect them in one place, what would happen to my mission then?”


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