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Eternal Thief – Chapter 237: Den of Assassins 1 Bahasa Indonesia

An entire month has passed since the earthen mist forest became only Earthen Forest!

This shocking incident astounded the entire middle-level lands. No one knows who caused it or what the reason behind it was, but a rumor surfaced just a few days ago after the emerald mist disappearance, that was this incident was related to the notorious thief, Sky Stealer.

No one knows who started this rumor, but it quickly gained huge popularity. Because every news related to Sky Stealer was always liked by those at bottom of middle-level lands’ status quo.

Some commoners even worshiped the thief and someone even founded a secret Thief Organization called ‘Sky Stealer Society’ whose motto was ‘To Steal from Sky and Give to Earth’ and many people were joining the bandwagon.

This Sky Stealer Society grew to the point in ten short days that everyone with some influence got the wind about it. Those rulers and their subordinates quickly acted and try to eradicate the newly born organization like always.

However, this time they failed because no one seemed to find the information about it nor its leaders or the person who started it.

Some rulers even reached to Pill Flame and Beast Calling, but they never responded because of some internal matters, and the Damien Kingdom also seemed to be going through some internal stiffs.

The Sky Stealer Society hide too well and its members were quite loyal and well hidden. Now those with power and influence had an entire organization of thieves to worry about, even those of the organization didn’t do any stealing yet.

But whoever attached themselves with Sky Stealer will be labeled as a thief without any disagreement!

It was like a huge storm was brewing in middle-level lands and all this was revolving around one person, Sky Stealer!

However, the man himself was currently traveling in a barren place somewhere in the middle of Leap Kingdom.

After leaving the earthen mist forest and after ‘advertising’ himself and shocking people. He traveled toward this barren place on foot because this place was very mysterious and anyone who come here will mysteriously disappear. The natives called this place the Haunted Lands.

However, Ace wasn’t seemed to care about what others called it or stories related to it as he moved with lightning steps in stealth. After his breakthrough in the Heavenly Sea realm, he noticed his skills have become more powerful compared to when he was in Heavenly Foundation Building Realm.

He was now even confident in escaping and remaining undetected by the First-Iron Core Stage of Qi River Core Realm!

Qi River Core had three different stages of River Core depending on Qi River sizes as well, but in high-level lands, only two kinds of different stages of Qi river core were known.

Small Martial River (Formed with 5-Slates) wasn’t able to form a River Core.

The Medium Martial River (Formed with 6-Slates) created an Iron Core in the first stage which has three levels (First, Second, Third).


In, Second Stage, Iron Core turned into Bronze Core which also has three levels.

In the last third Stage, Bronze Core turned into Silver Core with three levels as well.

As for cultivators with Large Martial River (Formed with 7-Slates) can skip the Iron Core stage and directly created Bronze Core and their second stage being the Silver Core stage.

The last and third stage for Large Martial River would be, Golden Core, and every stage had three levels.

As for the cultivators with Ordinary Martial River and Extraordinary Martial River, their information was unknown since no one ever open 8 or 9 Qi gates to reach this step.

The more river core you skip, the more powerful you were from your peers!

However, don’t take these stages like a joke because crossing just a level in the Qi River Core realm was akin to crossing a bottomless chasm. Some people would be stuck in the iron core stage for the rest of their life if they manage to break through in River Core Realm first, that is.

It was very hard to form an iron core, and only one in millions managed to do it with heaven-defying luck and opportunity.

The Damien King was the prime example of such. He only breakthrough because of a huge secret hidden in Damien Kingdom’s treasury!

Ace’s steps suddenly came to a halt, he looked toward a large swamp that looked quite ordinary. But he knew this wasn’t the real case here, and active the soul-shattering eyes.

The moment his eyes turned completely white, he saw the swamp completely vanished like an illusion and replaced it was a large concealing formation!

He also saw many traps and alarm arrays surrounding the area and if anyone stepped in the wrong place, they would be in a series of trouble.

Ace meticulously walked between the traps and arrays while stepping on their flaws. He soon reached the concealing formation. He circled the formation until he found a door-like structure which was the entrance.

Mysterious ruins appeared on Ace’s two fingers as he used the treasure opening hands second form, and the locked door clicked opened!

The door also revealed itself when the lock was opened.

Ace’s lips rose in a sneering smile, ‘I hope those assassins accommodates a lot of treasures after killing so many people.’

He entered the stairs going underground and close the door as the formation active again and the door vanished replacing the muddy swamp again.

Ace just enter one of the main hidden hideouts of Nightmare Ghosts Organization and also the place where they contain all the payments they got in assassination deals and treasures to nurture young assassins in the Leap Kingdom!

Those assassins were completely clueless about a thief has already infiltrated their base by taking one of their purple assassin’s identities. The strongest person here was another purple assassin at the flowing Qi river stage.

Ace was like a wolf in sheep’s clothing here!

But he can’t charge right through the base and fight hundreds of assassins and then take their treasures. It wasn’t how thievery was supposed to work, and he was pretty sure if he does that system might not even consider it theft.

So, he had to theft the place unnoticed!


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