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Eternal Thief – Chapter 197: The Damien Royal City Bahasa Indonesia

No one would’ve ever imagined this kind of method and even if they did, they had blind confidence in the formation protecting the city wall.

But Ace has a skill like Soul Shattering Eyes that can see through any flaw in formation, even if he could use it for a brief moment it was enough to see all the flaws.

He used it for an instant and escape the city before those patrolling flame guards could sense anything amiss. He didn’t leave the rope or any trace behind.

In the end, his plan succeeds and even pin the blame on Nightmare Ghosts. He knew how much importance Alvin put on him, and it would surely infuriate him. As for Grey, his breathless stealth was enough to escape her perception.

In their eyes, Finn didn’t have the skills to escape the city, nor any reason, so there was a certainty of 90% that they will believe in that little paper slip of his.

Ace couldn’t help but smile with ecstasy, he took an enormous risk this time and if Alvin or Lan would’ve found out about his disappearance too quickly, he would force using the invisible bead.

But nothing like this seemed to happen, and he escaped the flame city with no hindrance just like a sneaky thief.

Ace’s eyes shone with a sharp glint as his smile brooded, he now knows where the treasury was and even got the inspiration for one of his techniques and this was plenty enough for now despite that, he was frustrated.

It’s not like he won’t be coming back here in the future. And when he does, it would be like a thief!

‘I don’t have time to waste.’ Ace put a serious expression when he thought about ten years, and he has to theft 30 places.

He almost wasted three months in a delusion to theft the flame city of Damien Kingdom first, and he knows he wasn’t ready to raid any giants’ cities in this kingdom right now.

Ace stopped briefly and study the map of Damien Kingdom’s royal province, the closest city to the flame city was the Beast City of Beast Calling, but he didn’t plan on going there, not right now at least.

After that was the royal city of Damien Kingdom, Damien Royal City, and he can reach there in a day at full speed.

After checking the direction, he put the map back in the thief’s space and like a phantom moved again.

The Damien Royal City was very lavish but compare to Flame City it was thoroughly lacking. Like it didn’t have formations scattered over the entire city nor a formation barrier or formations on city walls.

The power structure was also lacking, but there was still a powerful Qi River Core Damien King overseeing the city. Even the arrogant people of the three giants have to give Damien King some face.

The Damien Royal Family’s history was very glorious as they were once only a 3rd-grade kingdom and their rise were very astonishing as well as mysterious. But no one seemed to solve that mystery even today.

Some believe the first Damien King stumbled upon some old inheritance, and some other rumors were this kingdom has the support of one of three giants. The majority believed in the latter since this was the only plausible explanation.

At this moment, a young man with plain looks yet lavishing clothing was sitting in a demonic horse carriage. If not for his clothing and air of nobility around him, one could simply consider him a commoner.

This youth with plain features was Ace in Ryan’s disguise. He reached the city last night and easily infiltrate it. He bought some expensive clothing of nobles in the Damien Kingdom and wore them, so he would not attract any unwanted attention.

Ace find this city much to his liking since there weren’t any hidden formations on the streets and most importantly no one knows who he was or what he was.

“Young Master, we reached the Beast Calling Colosseum.” The coachman opened the door for Ace with a respectful attitude. Everyone in this city has a noble background since no one can enter without having it.

That’s why people here think twice before offending someone and without searching their background no one act. Even a common-looking young man can be an aristocrat of a dukedom.

“Here, keep the change.” Ace handed a middle-level Qi stone to the coachman and disembark the carriage.

As for why he was here, it was to leave the Damien Kingdom and the fastest way was; to travel through the Beast Calling Colosseum in Damien City.

After leaving the carriage Ace directly move toward the Colosseum’s reception since its structure was the same as the regal kingdom’s, but it was much grander and beautiful.

Ace pays two hundred high Qi stones to buy a seat ticket in the fastest category beast. He got it quite easily since this place wasn’t like the third grand kingdoms and there isn’t any need for auction either.

His destination was the Leap Kingdom, number ten in the ranking and weakest one in 1st grand kingdoms. Ace chose this kingdom for many reasons, and one of them was to become stronger. How he was going to do it, only he knows.

To Ace’s surprise, he was the last passenger of this fastest category beast which mean he didn’t have to wait like others for new travels.

This time Ace’s ride was a 5-meter large Scarlet Wing Lion.

Beside him were five more people in different luxurious robes. Three of them were beautiful women in their late twenties and two middle-aged men. All of them were cultivators of the peak Qi foundation realm.

Speaking of which, Ace didn’t find any mortals in this city and everyone was a cultivator, and this gave him a surprise. He somewhat understands why this kingdom was so powerful since they didn’t allow any mortals in this city, not even in this province!

The beast tamer was a graceful girl in her early twenty, and she was at the Qi river realm. She didn’t greet anyone nor even reply to others’ greetings. She simply told them to embark on the beast, since she didn’t want to waste time.

Only Ace cultivation was in Qi gates realm, and everyone looked at him with hidden disdain and completely ignored him. It isn’t like he minded it in the least bit. On the contrary, he appreciates it very much; he didn’t want anyone to pay any attention to him.

‘Ten more days before I reach my destination.’ Ace thought as he looked at the clear golden sky and blurry lands beneath.

He was sitting on the very end of everyone, and no one was paying attention to him. He took an old book from his thief’s space and began to read it. It was the Life Plexus book he steal’¦ ahem’¦ took from the Flame Library.

Ace didn’t get any chance to research it since those unanticipated events happened too fast, and he even had to flee from the place. But now that he was alone, and he had spare time, he would not waste it sitting.

He opened the book and start observing the diagrams of the human body and acupuncture points described on the other page.

‘Acupuncture points are Life points in meridians and each has its different functions. Most of the Life points remained blocked for a lifetime in the human body, and we can only use seventy percent of our body’s full potential’¦’

Ace engross in the book as he carefully remembered every life point’s exact location and how one can open or seal them. Although it was a mere theory of a person, it was still quite practical.

The person writing this book or SLK’s thoughts were quite profound as he boldly wrote that these effects cannot be achieved with just Martial Qi nor Soul Qi, in his opinion if someone could find a process of combining two Qi, it can achieve the effect!

‘No wonder this book was unguarded. Those people simply consider him a madman, and even if they believe him, they probably didn’t succeed.’ Ace thought, ‘Let me try this since I have both Qi’s, and I won’t waste more time if this is just a madman’s theory.’

Ace looked around and there was still no one paying any attention to him. He secretly formed a soul thread on his index finger and a heavenly Qi thread on his middle finger.

Forming threads has become the second nature of his since he practiced it tirelessly for rune crafting.

Ace controls the two Qi’s and both black and orange color Qi form a two-color thread. They were combined, but they didn’t mix.

Ace controlled the tow-color thread and create a little seal of pea size. After checking one last time that no one was looking, he gradually shot that seal to his wrist where a Life point was supposed to be.

He didn’t think his own Qi’s could hurt him, that’s why he used it on himself first, just to check for any kind of effects.

But the second that seal enters his meridians, Ace’s face turned ashen!


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