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Eternal Thief – Chapter 19: Enemy At Door! Bahasa Indonesia

Seeing everyone was stopped in their tracks Caleb nodded in satisfaction. He has to use Asher’s name or those pills would have caused a huge bloody fight. People might not know him but they know who Asher exactly was.

“Haha, You jest young master Caleb how can we take young lord Asher’s belonging? I congratulate you on finding young master Asher belonging. Give my regards to his farewell.” A well-informed person quickly identified Caleb and concluded that it was really Asher Pills and quickly escaped the scene.

“Yes! How could we take Lord Asher’s things? We also congratulate Young Master Asher to finds his Pills. Farewell!” Everyone begins to say some words as they quickly escape.

Ace also saw this scene from afar and his complexion darkened. ‘This young master Asher is also from Kelby Family and it seems they aren’t easy to deal with. This mission is not going to be as simple as I think it would.’ He vanished in the midst of clamor.

After watching everyone escaping the scene like flies Caleb moves towards the red bottles with hands behind his back. He became arrogant again and relax after seeing no one dare to mess with ‘him’ and not fight for white grade pills.

Caleb grabs both of the red bottles in his hand and smiled ear to ear like some child who just got a new toy.

“Old man Matthew did you find that little rat?” Caleb questioned Matthew about Ace with a wide grin.

“No, I’m afraid that little brat runs too fast, he must’ve chosen to abandon these pills and escape with his life.” Old Man Matthew said he was also beaming with joy. ‘Brat let see if you dare to behave arrogantly in front of your elders again, haha.’ He finally gets his ‘revenge’!

“Well, we get the pills so that little rat didn’t matter anymore. Let’s go and report back to young master Asher, we can’t let him wait.” Caleb said in a hurry and quickly began to return towards the Kelby shop.

Currently inside Kelby shop, on the 15th floor.

Caleb and Matthew were smiling like idiots in front of them were Asher sitting in a chair and between them was a white jade table. On the table were placed two red shinning Pill Bottles.

Caleb and Matthew were expecting huge rewards for their labor. Especially Matthew he always wanted to be a floor manager but he didn’t have the capability but now he has contributed two ‘white ranked pills’ and that’s why he was on cloud nine.

“You did the right thing to use my name. Did you open these Pill Bottles?” Asher asks coolly. He seems calm outside but inside he was very happy after obtaining the two ‘white grade pills’ without much of an effort.

“We didn’t dare to touch your belonging young master.” Both of them said at the same time.

Asher was very satisfied with this kind of attitude. He also didn’t like others to touch his ‘belongings’.

Asher lifted the red pill bottle from the table and open to see the ‘white grade pill’. When he opens the lid there wasn’t a pill aroma that enters his nostrils. He smells something ghastly rotten and disgusting. Asher’s faces color changes from white to blue and throws red color pill bottle instinctively.


The glass bottle shattered and what comes inside was extremely little black ‘pills’.

When Caleb and Matthew saw his reaction they didn’t understand what happened but when they saw those ‘little black pills’ their face became rigged and all blood circulating within their bodies stop with fear.

Matthew hurriedly kneels and starts banging his head in front of purple face Asher.

“Y-YOU CALL THIS ‘RAT SHIT’ WHITE RANKED PILLS!!!??” Asher roar in extreme humiliation. He never touched anything dirty in his entire life and was an extremely neat and clean person.

However, now someone has dared to ‘give him rat shit’ to smell! How could he not lose his mind and became extremely enraged? Worse of all things, he was seen doing the most disgraceful thing of his life by others. This was unforgivable!

Asher didn’t know who did this to him, but he does know who give him this ‘rat shit’.

“You can bang your head in the afterlife. DIE!” Asher didn’t give Matthew a chance to plead for mercy and send a kick towards Matthew’s head with the full power of his cultivation base.


How could a mortal like Mathew endure a cultivator kick? His head explodes like a watermelon and died because of his greed.

When Caleb saw Matthew’s head becoming meat pasta he nearly throws out his stomach. But held it back because the devil was now coldly looking at him. He instantly kneels with an ashen face.

“I want 500 half white grade pills this month if you can’t get it done then you can join this old man in the underworld! If anything happened here leak even a little bit remember I didn’t torture someone, for a long time. Now Scram!” Asher threatened Caleb with thick killing intent emanating from his whole body.

Asher can’t kill him like this no matter how much angry he was, he would not kill a goose who lay golden eggs like that and only given him an impossible mission that was not easy to complete.

‘500 half white grade pills will teach this arrogant bastard a lesson, he was going out of hands day by day. It will put a leash on him.’ That was Asher’s actual thoughts.

“YES! Thank you for showing mercy young master, I’ll not disappoint you again.” Looking at Asher’s piercing cold eyes Caleb didn’t have any choice but to gives in. His life was more important than his pride and this was his fault in the first place.

‘I should’ve checked those pills! Shit! He’ll work me to death!’ Caleb cursed Asher in his heart while escape from the 15th floor. He has to start working immediately if he didn’t want to end up like Matthew.

After kicking Caleb out. Asher saw that last red pill bottle on the table. His anger reached a new level and bark, “Black Fox!”

“Yes, young master!” Black Fox appears like a ghost.

“You saw it right?” Asher was angry but he didn’t yell at her like Caleb.

“Yes!” Black Fox nodded her head. No one can see her face but in her amber fox-like eyes, a peculiar glint appears.

Asher became, even more, angrier but she was his best subordinate and he can’t just punish her for this it wasn’t her fault, to begin with.

“I WANT that scoundrel alive no matter the cost. Go find him for me and bring him here, I want to let him know the consequences of playing with fire.” Asher order coldly while grinding his teeth in anger.

Asher hates that rascal to the bone who he didn’t even know. After all, if it wasn’t for him how could a glorious young master of the Kelby family like him have to smell ‘rat shit’. He can’t find peace until he tortures that dirty bastard!

“I’ll go now and investigate him for you young master.” Black Fox said as she vanished again. But this time her voice was not emotionless anymore there was a hint of delight in it, though in anger Asher didn’t notice it.

After successfully escaping from the main market Ace was finally back to the Inn. He dragged his exhausted body to his room and threw himself on the soft bedding.

‘It was a crazy day. Well, I got a mission out of it and a difficult one at that. But I really want to see that young master Asher’s face when he opened those pill bottles and see my ‘special present’ and not those white grade pills. hahaha. That old fool will also be punished by him after all he was the one who tells that Asher fellow about those pills.’ Ace laughs while musing about the special gift he sent.

But little did Ace know that Matthew was already dead and Asher was currently bloody for him. If he knows what kind of person Asher was he wouldn’t be this relaxed right now.

“I’ll have to find information on this Kelby family tomorrow and made my plan accordingly and proceeds carefully.” Ace just mumbles when he heard a light knock on the door.

‘thud thud’

“Sir I’m here to deliver your dinner.” A mellow yet charming voice sounded in the room.

Ace didn’t think much about it and was going to open the door when he suddenly stopped in his tracks because he has this strange feeling that something is fishing going on here.

He clearly remembered the voice of the maidservant from yesterday, the one he has given a ruby coin as a tip.

‘She was also the one who delivered my breakfast this morning. Then why is she’s not here now? Did they change her?’ Ace’s brain starts to work at full speed. He was getting a bad feeling from his soul sense and the soul sense warning was not to be taken lightly.

He was about to use his heavenly sense when the door lock, ‘click’ opened without the key. The door slowly starts to open.

Ace knew the enemy has invaded his room because of the carelessness that came with his success after success and he let his guard down.

Now he had to pay the price!


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