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Eternal Thief – Chapter 183: Alvin’s Decisiveness! Bahasa Indonesia

On the side, Alvin also had a deep frown on his face because this was absurd, yet they had no way of knowing what happened inside the cauldron.

Finn also seemed to tell the truth, and he didn’t have any reason to lie to them. Besides, in both Alvin and Lan’s minds, Finn didn’t have the guts to lie to them!

“Forget it.” Lan sighed with regret and asked, “Tell me how do you feel after awakening from your…umm…. Sleep?”

“I feel fine.” Finn wore a serious expression as he answered.

Ace saw Lan’s face fell and know if he doesn’t give this old man something he might do something.

“However, … I suddenly can sense umm… how to put it.” Finn ponders a bit while fondling his chin before his eyes brighten and said, “I could feel strange Qi in the air and the same kind of Qi surrounding Senior Flame General.”

Ace spout some nonsense since they both can’t tell he’s telling the truth or lie because of the hundred-face deception mask and they neither didn’t have powerful soul sense.

Alvin’s eyes brighten when he heard and this and quickly ask, “Do you feel anything else?”

“Yes, but it is very vague as if this Qi wanted to… show me something. I don’t know if this is just my imagination.” Finn had an ambiguous expression.

“Interesting.” Lan’s expression suddenly lit up after hearing this and presumed, “It seemed like element reasoning.”

“Yes, but it is still unknown.” Alvin consider and said, “We know nothing of element physique, and it seemed many mysteries are surrounding it.”

Lan nodded in agreement, “Now that we know, Little Finn can absorb this much element Qi like it’s nothing. Furthermore, it seemed element bath helped him awaken some of the element physique’s characteristics.”

“Don’t worry, now that we have this kind of evidence they have to believe us,” Alvin said with a faint smile.

“I’ll leave it to you then.” Lan nodded.

All he wanted was his promised rewards and protection of Alvin’s clan. As for what happened with Finn now it was completely up to Alvin’s arrangement.

They were both treating Finn like wind and Ace didn’t mind because the more they underestimate him the more information they reviled.

“Little Finn, congratulation on passing this test!” Lan finally looked at Finn with an elderly smile.

Now that, they were about 90% sure about Finn’s authority as a genuine element physique. It means Finn would probably soar when the headquarters knows about it.

At that time, it would be almost impossible to come in contact with him, so it was a good time to leave a good impression on him.

“Here, it’s a congratulation gift from this old man.” Lan smiled warmly and flip his hand. A black wristband with silver runes appeared in his hand and he pass it to Finn.

“Thank you, elder.” Finn quickly received the wristband while thanking Lan.

“You don’t need to thank me, you’ve earned it.” Lan nodded with a smile, “It’s a sixth-star runic treasure called Silver Shield, and it can even block three full attacks of flowing river cultivator!”

Ace’s eyes brighten when he heard this, he definitely needed this kind of treasure and quickly store it in his thief’s space and imprinted his heavenly mark on it when he was alone.

“Here, this is my gift for you.” Alvin know what Lan was doing and didn’t stay behind. He took a blue cover scroll from his space ring and give it to Finn.

“Thank you, senior Flame General.” Finn received it.

“This is a wood element fist skill of Master level, try to comprehend it and if you failed to don’t worry about it, you can use it in Qi river realm and call me Elder Brother Alvin from now on.” Alvin chuckles.

Lan rolled his eyes after hearing Alvin’s last shameless words.

Ace also had the same thought as Lan’s and this skill was not useful for him, but he still stored it since it was a skill that use the element Qi.

“So, I’m a member of the organization now?” Finn asked with an eager expression on his face.

“Yes.” Lan chuckles.

Alvin also nodded before a black jade slate appeared in his hand.

Lan’s smiling face instantly change when he saw this black slate, “YOU…!” Before he could complete his word Alvin wink at him and Lan stopped.

Ace on the side was also stunned to see this black stale because he had a pile of these kinds of slates in his thief’s space.

‘Slave Item Contract!’ Ace’s heart turn cold because he was too familiar with these slave item contracts, after all, Eva accosted him because of this exact contract!

However, the contract in Alvin’s hand had much more complex patterns on it and there was a red gem on top of it. It was a 7-star slave item contract that can even control a peak Qi River cultivator and never let it enter the next realm!

Alvin smile, seeing Finn’s hard face, and said, “Your family is in the business of slaves, so I won’t lie to you about what this is. But you need to know that this is for your safety because I’ll be able to sense your presence with this contract.

“Furthermore, Elder Lan here was also concerned about your safety because the information you know and with this mask, I can make you forget everything you hear. But don’t worry you’ll remain the member of Pill Flame and this contract will only remain until you reached the high-level lands.”

Lan face turn ugly when he heard Alvin even dare to involve him to sell his lies, but he can’t do anything since he was already stuck with him.

‘So, he didn’t want to take any chances with Finn now that he examined him.’ Ace didn’t imagine this guy would be so ruthless and decisive that he didn’t even take the slightest bit chance with Finn.

Truthfully, this slave contract was for that thief but now that Alvin’s found Finn he used it on him with no second thought because he can’t have anyone know about this and Finn was still young, so he didn’t trust him with this kind of secret.

“But I won’t tell anyone.” Finn timidly said.

“It’s just a reassurance, don’t worry I won’t make you do anything. Even you could tell how important you are for the organization!” Alvin said in an unnegotiable tone.

“Ok, as elder brother command.” Finn agreed with Alvin in the end, it’s not like he had any choice.

“Good. Drop your blood on the gem.” Alvin said with a smile.

Finn merely nodded and cut his finger and drop his blood on the red gem.

The moment the blood landed on the red gem, it instantly absorbed it, and the silver complex patterns on the black slate shimmered. Abruptly, a red streak was discharged from the slave contract and landed on Finn’s glabella before dissolving.

[System has detected a high-level middle-grade martial slave item, that wanted to take over the Host’s consciousness.]

[Host has two options]

[Option 1]

[Destroy the slave contract’s owner conscious and Qi mark for 100TP.]

[Effects: The owner of this conscious and Qi mark will experience a backlash according to the martial slave contract’s Grade.]

[Option 2]

[Create a fake conscious for martial slave contract for 500TP]

[Effect: The owner of Qi mark would not be able to detect anything and the Host will remain unaffected.]

[Please choose within five seconds, or the system will auto-select the first option.]

Ace’s eyes turn sharp and transmit with no hesitation, “Go with Option 2!”

It was as if he already knew this would happen and was ready for it from the start!

[Activating Option 2….]

[Option 2 has been activated!]

[Thief Point(s): 30,000]

Ace observed that in his martial space a white smoke cloud has been formed, and suddenly the red streak entered it, turning the white cloud in crimson!

On Finn’s face, a black mask formed with a red gem on its forehead. The mask had crimson patterns on its left side, and only Finn’s eyes were visible now.

“Are you out of your mind?!” Lan finally speaks at this moment.

“No. It’s for the best, I won’t take any chance until I hand him over to my grandfather personally. It’s also an assurance!” Alvin stiffly said, “Tell me, after those old fossils know I put a salve item on an element physique, would they dare to take action or plot against me?”

“You want to threaten them?!” Lan’s face shone with fright.

“Hehe, I will, if they didn’t give me what’s I earned!” Alvin decisively said.

“Sigh…” Lan sighed helplessly in the end. He even wondered if Alvin was the craft elder instead.

But even he had to admit Alvin has guts, and this method was the safest way to ensure their awards.

“As I promised you’re free just like before!”

Alvin coolly looked at Masked Finn and a peculiar glint flash past his eyes, “However, you can revile nothing you ever heard or going to hear between me and Elder Lan to anyone!”


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