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Eternal Thief – Chapter 175: 1st Grade Kingdoms Land Bahasa Indonesia

The 1st Grade Kingdoms-land was rich with high-quality Qi. The density was a hundred times greater than the 2nd Grand lands and a thousand times denser than the 3rd Grand-lands Qi density!

If someone from the 3rd Grand-lands comes here, they have a much harder time breathing and it will take some time to accommodate with this thick Qi environment.

But once they settle within this environment, they’ll feel an enormous difference in their prowess, especially in cultivation!

Sometimes, those who were stuck at a bottleneck will instantly breakthrough after arriving into this dense Qi environment.

As for the Qi density of High-level lands’¦ let’s leave for later.

The Damien Kingdom was the No.1 Kingdom or one could say the overlord of entire middle-level lands.

This Kingdom was in the most prosperous place of entire middle lands and this entire kingdom was as big as ten 3rd Grade Kingdoms combined, with 21 provinces!

Some people believed it was as big as a 3rd Grade Empire but no one has any evidence of it.

Its history was over ten thousand years old and it was hard to believe that this kingdom was once an insignificant 3rd Grade Kingdom!

But after it claimed the first place from the previous number one kingdom and destroyed it, Damien Kingdom never lose its place as number one to anyone.

Whoever challenged it in Ranking Wars, the result was the same for everyone; complete and utter annihilation!

Now it has been five thousand years since someone challenged this Overlord for Ranking Wars!

Whereby, now the Damien Kingdom was bonafide Overlord, not just by name and position!

The biggest province of 21 was Royal Damien Province, where only nobles lived and no commoners could even step into this province without permission.

This province was also where Royal Capital City, Damien Royal Institute City, Flame City of Flame Pill Organization, and last but not least, Beast City of Beast Calling Organization!

As for Nightmare Ghosts’ Nightmare City, no one knows the exact location of their branches, but their middle land’s main branch was also hidden somewhere in this vast kingdom.

But most people assume they were also in this province since they would never choose a place that makes them look lower than the other two giants.

These five cities were the most famous and most difficult places to enter in entire middle-level lands even if you have status, you can’t enter these places without special tokens and if anyone tries to break inside their ends were not novel.

Especially Nightmare City which location was unknown and if you somehow stumble upon it only those ghosts know your end.

At this moment, in the radiant golden sky.

A silver-gray streak was moving like a shooting star towards the Royal Damien Province and with no hint of stopping it cross the periphery of the province.

This silver-gray beam was, of course, the Ghost Crane, which travel with no break and at full speed for 32 days.

This is the most terrifying part about these demonic beasts, they can move for months once they reached their maturity.

Furthermore, they only needed Qi to survive after they enter the Qi River realm just like cultivators, and alchemy pills can replenish it.

Ace was calmly sitting cross-legged while his eyes were closed.

He was feeling quite light head and his analytical abilities also improved significantly from the moment he entered the 1st Grand lands 12 days ago.

The closer he got to the Damien Kingdom Ace felt the world became more colorful and his evaluation process became faster.

Although, this worldly-Qi was useless for his cultivation but breathing in high-quality Qi benefit him in many other ways that still didn’t know about.

“We’re in Royal Damien Province.” Old Luke’s cheerful voice sounded.

“Lord Flame General, where do you want to go from here?” Old Luke was in a good mood from the moment they enter the Damien Kingdom a day ago, it was his birthplace after all.

Old Luke has predicted they will reach this place in 30 days and they would if they didn’t waste two days flying slowly over low altitude in the Earthen Mist Forest!Â

As for what happened in these two days and what they experience, only these four know.

“Flame City!” Alvin said without thinking twice. He was eager to test Finn’s with the help of the Craft Elder and hoping for his guess to be right.

If it was, then Alvin would get a huge amount of benefits and might become the youngest Flame Elder in the history of Pill Flame Organization, at the age of 80!

These elders of Pill Flame Organization were divided into two groups.

The first group was, Craft Elders. These elders were promoted from Alchemists, Crafters, or Rune Crafters after they did some outstanding service for the organization, or if they achieved Purple Rank in alchemy, 6-Star in Crafting, and 7-Mortal Rank in Rune Crafting!

The second group was Flame Elders, these elders were promoted from Flame Guard Regiments and it was very difficult to become one because every one of them is at the Peak of Qi River Core Realm!

If someone became these Flame Elders, their statues would be just below Grand Elders and higher than Craft Elders. Moreover, the Flame Elders have access to the most powerful cultivation techniques and skills of the organizations!

However, this threshold was very difficult to reach for Alvin because he knew just how difficult it was to progress after one entered the Qi river core realm.

That’s why he took this gamble and if it paid off, then Finn will become his stepping stone and he will complete his dream and get the same status as his father without going through many difficulties!

Although Finn would be the biggest winner of this if he had a wood element physique.

But Alvin didn’t care as long as Finn recognized his kindness. That was also the reason he was treating him kindly.

But if Finn failed his expectation, then he will kill him the very moment and move on to his new backup plan and that was the Earthen Mist Forest!

Old Luke nodded with a smile and controlled the Ghost Crane to go in the Flame City direction.

Ace also has opened his eyes and calmly listened to their conversation. He had the map of Damien Kingdom and long ago remembered it and so does the other top nine kingdoms’ maps.

He knew in these top ten kingdoms these branches of three giants were in the form of cities and his mission was to theft these thirty cities, whereby ten cities locations were completely unknown!

Furthermore, in these 32 days he didn’t find the reason behind Alvin’s obsession over Finn, nor did he try to probe since it was clear as the day after he saw Alvin’s didn’t even tell his sister.

Now Ace has two choices, either escape or continue his con-act and see it through.

No matter how many times he thinks about these two options, both of them were filled with dangers.

Especially the second option where he will become whatever Alvin thought of him and Ace now have some idea that Finn was even more important to Alvin than the mysterious Sky Stealer!

That’s why Ace was having second thoughts about escaping the moment he got the chance.

Now that he was already in the 1st Grade-lands he can go wild!

Because he knew wanton killing was forbidden here and this law was created by none other than Three Giants and High-level lands!

Ace has read about this astonishing law and from the moment he laid his eyes on it, he wanted to fly over here but alas it was an endless journey.

With this extreme law in play, he can steal without caring about a possible genocide and he knew these people in the power will not take extreme measures until they want to lose the public trust and their reputation as unshakeable beings!

Because if they started killing anyone and everyone, they would break their so-called unbreakable law just for a mere thief!

This will be nothing but admitting themselves that they can’t capture him and they can break the laws anytime and every time they deemed them breakable.

No one will ever follow these laws again and those people in power who have been benefited from this law all these years didn’t want this to happen at all costs.

Since it will make it hard to control these natives with just an iron hammered and after how many times they twisted these laws for their use and punished the innocent.

Now abolishing them just because they were the ones being pushed around by a mere thief will cause a massive mutiny!

After all who told them to suppress these commoners with laws to such limits.

As for this peace, it was nothing but a hallucination, as long as someone just gives the slightest spark, it will become an unstoppable flame and burn the entire aristocratic society!


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