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Eternal Thief – Chapter 136: Soul Probing Bahasa Indonesia

Inside Ace’s room in the Inn.

Javier appeared with an unconscious young man on his shoulder as he throws him on the floor.

This young man was exactly Victor Zander, whom Ace stole just a few moments ago.

Ace active his heavenly sense to see the situation outside.

“Those morons.” Ace clicks his tongue seeing everyone scatter to search for Victor and no one even thought about taking another glance at his room again.

No one even consider that the kidnapper would be returned to his hideout and not run. It was a simple trick but always works when the other party is in a state of frenzy.

After confirming that everyone has gone, Ace looked at unconscious Victor and smile slyly..

Ace has done all this just to get his hands on this young boy, or more precisely, his face!

The moment Ace saw Victor in the auction, an abrupt thought appeared in his mind, ‘I need a new face.’

The moment this thought surface in mind, Ace began to think, and when Jason drew everyone’s attention to himself.

Ace also made up his mind and put up on a huge, arrogant act. He humiliated every noble in the auction, especially Victor, who was his prime target.

He makes sure to humiliate Victor brutally, but also not make it too obvious or someone might suspect him, especially Aden.

Ace was sure that after what he had done Aden would use the organization behind him to search for his origin and when he finds out that Javier was just a paper tiger Aden would come himself or sent all those nobles.

If it was the first case, Ace would have escaped and wait for his chance to infiltrate Earl Estate. But if Aden used these nobles, then Victor would surely come for him with everyone else.

Ace understood too well just how much these people with status cherish their pride. And just as he expected, Victor came for him.

Victor has come for revenge and won back his dignity, but he never would’ve thought he was presenting himself on a silver platter to Ace by coming here.

If Ace wanted, he could’ve killed everyone outside, included those two old butlers, but it will spoil his plan since he won’t be able to explain why Victor has escaped alone. People would doubt him and this is not what he wanted, not until he leave this place.

By kidnapping Victor, he can easily forge some lie and with his abilities, everyone would think he was telling the truth.

‘Heh, this risk was significant, but I gained a treasure map and new face of an Earl’s son from it. Now the arrogant Javier will also disappear.’ Ace was ecstatic, ‘I don’t have much time, if he vanished for too long it will be hard for me to explain.’

Ace sits beside unconscious Victor and closed his eyes. ‘Soul Probing!’

This was the second part of his scheme. With soul probing, he would gain Victor’s memories and this will help him more in acting like him. He didn’t need it for a long time though, since he would leave this morning.

Transparent orange soul Qi rushed from Ace’s forehead where his mind space was and directly enter Victor’s forehead.

Victor was only a fourth qi gate cultivator and Ace can easily probe his memories.

Quickly, fragments of foreign memories begin to appear in Ace’s knowledge sea. These fragments were Victor’s life memories.

Since there was no interference, Ace continuously used soul probing, and fragments after fragments keep entering his knowledge sea.

Ace used to this feeling, he knew the weaker the soul of his target was the larger memory fragment he would get.

Victor was young so his life’s memories were only fourteen years’ worth and by the speed, Ace was getting Victor’s memories fragments. It would take him one and a half-hour to gain Victor’s complete memories!

It was more than enough though because Ace can use soul probing for two hours after his cultivation advancement.

Now the question was withered. Ace would get disturbed or not. Because if someone interfered in this process, Ace has to start from the beginning if he wanted Victor’s complete memories.

Because soul probing was random and by using it in intervals, Ace can get the same memory fragment twice or even thrice depending on his luck. But if he can maintain the connection, he will always get a new memory fragment!

He has experimented with it many times on those two maids of Javier and knows everything he needed to about soul probing.

One and half-hour passed in a breeze, but no one came anywhere near the Inn.

‘I overestimated them.’

Ace opened his eyes after he absorbed all the memories from Victor and now he knows everything about him. With his acting skill now, he can fool even his sister who knows him the most.

Ace also got Victor’s knowledge about the middle-lands, although it was not as much as he expected, nevertheless it was the knowledge of a native.

‘I still need two hours or three hours to digest these memories.’ Ace mused, ‘But first I need to save his face.’

Ace again use heavenly sense to confirm he was alone.

Completely sure, Ace removed the two-face mask as his real, extremely handsome face revealed.

Just like before, Ace use the mask’s formation to scan Victor and after a few moments the half-black side of the mask vanished and Victor’s face appeared beside Javier’s.

‘Heh, everything goes smoothly, with no interference. Now should I kill him or not?’ Ace deeply looked at unconscious Victor.

This is the final decision of Ace’s scheme.

‘His first kill a mortal man at the age of eight because of a minor dispute when that man bumped into him by accident.’ Ace scan some of Victor’s exceptional memories.

‘Hah, he killed him just because he didn’t want to look down upon by other aristocracies, especially his father, who he respected the most, or by his sister, who he loved the most.’

Ace laugh sharply when he felt Victor feeling attached to that event, now he understood the pressure of cultivation society, especially when you’re born in a high-class cultivation family.

”Your flesh and blood judge you the moment you were born and label you as trash or genius!’


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