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Eternal Thief – Chapter 115: Bandits Bahasa Indonesia

Laden didn’t know Ace’s true speed because Ace was confident of reaching Zander City within seven days if he didn’t stop.

‘I should start my journey today!’ Ace was too excited to wait for a day or two and chose to leave the lane town at the very moment since the time was limited and he can always rest after reaching the destination. He only has six months!

“Sir, thank you for giving me this valuable information.” Javier thanked Laden as he places a transparent green qi stone on the counter with a meaningful smile on his face.

There was a much larger qi fluctuation emitting from this qi stone because this was a low-level qi stone!

Laden left a good impression on Ace, so he gave him a low qi stone to show his goodwill.

Laden saw the green transparent qi stone and was bewildered because low qi stones were very rare in this town, and no one was willing to trade with low qi stones here. And this was almost equal to his five years’ worth of income!

Laden was going to refuse this generous gesture because it was too much, and he was also an upright man. But to his surprised the young man has disappeared into thin air as if he was never there!

Laden rubs his eyes and saw again, but the low qi stone was still there and mumbles in a daze, “I-is he was a ghost?”

“Dad, you look silly.” At this moment, Sienna’s laughing voice sounded and Laden snapped out of his daze.

He quickly clutch the low qi stone from the counter because if anyone saw it they might want to rob him!

“Dad, where is that big brother?” Sienna looked at the entrance curiously and didn’t find that customer.

Laden looked at Sienna, who has washed her face and combs her hair, and looked very cute. He pinched her rosy cheeks as he said, “That big brother is gone because he was afraid of my little piglet.”

“Hmph, liar! Sienna is not a piglet!” Sienna pout cutely.

“Hahaha.” Laden laugh out loud as he looked lovingly at little Sienna. He enjoys teasing this little thing.

‘But that youngster was mysterious even I a peak qi gates realm didn’t notice him leave.’ Laden thought with a smile on his face.

Ace used the heartless stealth with lightning steps to leave Laden’s shop because he knew he would refuse his friendly gesture and leave like this.

Now, he was not in the mood of going anywhere but was eager to reach the Regal City as quickly as possible. That city was a treasure house for him and maybe the fastest way to raise his thief rank or even get a new title.

In five minutes, Ace reached the gate where he has just come an hour ago and stopped using his skills. Since those two guards have seen him coming, it would not be wise to leave like a ghost.

Javier walk to the gate and saw one guard was missing but gave little attention to it and walk past the gate.

“Young Master, you leaving so soon?” The guard asked, who collected the toll from Ace.

“Yes, I have some important business.” Javier coolly replies while walking. He didn’t look at the guard like an arrogant noble.

Javier’s attitude did not offend the guard because someone with a storage ring has to be arrogant.

After Ace leaves the lane town, he finds the road that was going toward Zander City. He was just going to use the lightning steps when he heard a yell.

“Young Master, please wait!”

Ace instantly senses ten cultivators of qi gates realms. If he wanted, he can just ignore them and leave, but he finds a familiar soul signature in this group and looked behind.

Ace saw nine black-robed men following an armed man, and he was a little surprised because this armed man was the missing guard of the lane town gate.

This guard was also the one who call for him and the soul signature was exactly his. His name was Trenton.

Trenton saw Javier stopping and calmly looking at him. He smiled while saying, “Young Master, I didn’t think you would leave so soon.”

Ace could tell this guy was up to no good and nonchalantly said, “Scram, before you ruin my good mood.” He has learned how to act like an arrogant person by posing Javier. The command was true, though.

Trenton’s face stiffed but before he could utter anything the man beside him said jeeringly, “Brat you didn’t seem to understand the situation, leave that storage ring and scram or I’ll collect it from your corpse.”

Ace saw this man has a deep scar on his forehead and he looked quite scary. He was also the strongest in the group, a peak qi gates realm cultivator.

“Sigh… So, you want my storage ring. Are you the one who calls for these idiots?” Javier glanced at Trenton as he asked calmly.

Everyone’s face darkens after being called idiots. Either this guy was too arrogant, or he was a blind fool!

“Boss, just kill this boy and take his storage ring. He is simply a madman.” One of the black-robed men said.

“Brat, you’re the one who didn’t see what good for you, Die.” The bandit boss punch at Javier’s head with his full power, Javier’s attitude also irritated him.

Ace didn’t move an inch from his place and impassively looked at incoming fist, ‘Soul Piercing Bullet.’

Orange soul qi steamed through Ace’s hand as it mysteriously takes the shape of a finger size spearhead. This was the manifestation of soul qi.

And the moment Ace active the soul-piercing bullet he masters just two days ago, the spearhead instantly shot towards the bandit boss’s head.

The bandit boss wasn’t aware of what was coming. The soul bullet sinks into the space between the boss’s eyebrows, leaving no external or internal wounds.

Then it happened. Before the punch can connect with Ace’s head, the light from the bandit boss’s eyes vanished and he falls in the dirt with his eyes wide open.

He was dead because his soul was obliterated!


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