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Eternal Thief – Chapter 113: Lane Town Bahasa Indonesia

Lane town was a small town in the territory of Zander County, that is ruled by an Earl of Regal Kingdom.

In these kingdoms’ level powers, royalties with royal titles control every influential position. People without royal titles or commoners didn’t have the right to hold any extraordinary position.

As for how to get a royal title, it was, of course, depends on the person’s contributes to the kingdom and more importantly, on cultivation base!

The lane town was considered an average town, but it was as big as a two-start city of low lands!

At this moment, Ace was observing the gate of lane town and saw there was no checking for identity crystal card. The two guards were cultivators of the fourth qi gate realm.

The town gate was almost deserted and no one seem to go in or out as he saw in the cities of low lands.

Ace has already changed his appearance to Javier’s and after observing for some time, he went in ordinary fashion since there was no checking of identification.

Moreover, this town seems quite deserted, and this means some limited people visited. If Ace sneaks inside, someone might suspect him. That’s why he went just like a traveler.

Even if anything goes wrong, these two guards can do nothing to him.

“Half!” One of the two guards directly released his cultivation base aura to stop this little traveler. They can tell this young man was only a third gate cultivator.

Javier quickly stopped and looked at those two guards with alertness.

“Entry fee is One fragment qi stone.” The guards said without blinking, with a hint of disdain in his eyes.

Javier deeply looked at those two guards before he took a green crude-shaped marble-like stone from his storage ring that he was wearing. There was an aura of qi on this stone.

Ace knew this is the currency used in this kind of town. This crude-shaped marble was a fragment qi stone which is equal to a hundred low-level qi stones.

The system didn’t even consider these fragment qi stones treasures and Ace has almost fifty million of them in his thief’s space.

From the moment Ace knew about the qi stone used in arrays and formations, he was planning on using these fragments of qi stones, for the time being, wasting no high-quality qi stones.

‘SSsss’ Both guards inhale deeply.

It stunned the guards when they finally notice the storage ring in this young man’s hand. Because storage rings were only common in the capital of Regal Kingdom and their price was almost off the roof!

“Y-young Master, please… Welcome to Lane Town.” The guard’s tone instantly takes an opposite turn, and he politely took the qi stone from Javier’s hands and, with a slight bow, gesture to him to enter the town.

However, the other guard’s eyes instantly shone with an unusual light, but he only shows respect on the surface and bows to Javier just like the first guard.

Ace didn’t pay any heed to those two guards and enter the town coolly. He has already decided to collect some important information and leaves in two or three days.

Because this is not what he has imagined, Ace thought, since he was in the middle lands anywhere he goes would be a prosperous place, at least equal to a one-star city of low lands. But to his disappointment, this was not the case.

‘Maybe I’m just in the wrong place.’ Ace reflected as he saw the empty roads of this lane town.

Now and then he would saw some residents of the town. Everyone looked at him curiously.

‘Sigh…’ Ace sighed, ‘It seems travels are not very common here. It was wise to enter ordinarily.’

Although the town was deserted, it was almost as large as River Flower City.

Ace was not tired, so he strolled around the town and find some wonderful restaurants since he ate nothing for almost six months.

Suddenly Ace located an old building, ‘Sienna Book Shop’ signboard was hanging outside of it. ‘I should go there and see if I can find some important information.’

With large steps, Ace enter the old bookshop and saw a little girl snoring behind the counter. She seems to be only ten or younger and very cute.

Ace smile wryly, ‘I should go somewhere else.’ He didn’t want to disturb this little girl and turn around to find some other place. Besides, what can this little girl tell him?

He was about to exit the shop when an angry voice of a man enters his ears, “Sienna! You dare to sleep on work!”

Sienna, who was sleeping peacefully, was jolted awake by this angry voice and subconsciously shouted, “N…N-no! I’m… just resting!”

“Oh, then why didn’t you attend this young friend?” A middle-aged man entered the shop from a door behind the counter as he said with a hint of anger in his voice.

Sienna, whose eyes were still drowsy, confusingly, looked at the entrance and finally saw a young man looked at her curiously.

The haze from her eyes quickly vanished as she curiously asked, “Why is he here?”

“You brat, what kind of question is this?!” The middle-aged man lightly flickers on Sienna’s forehead, “Go and clean that droll on your face, you almost looked like a pig.”

“Sienna is not a pig!” The little girl angrily yells at the middle-aged man while running inside with a cute pout on her pale face.

“Young friend, I apologies for my daughter’s early manner.” The middle-aged man smiled at Javier. “I’m Laden, the owner of this bookshop. We have some common mortal grade skills and techniques as well as maps and informal books.”

Laden introduced a variety of books to Javier, that was commonly bought.

“Sir Laden is overly polite.” Javier smiled while saying, “It was my fault to leave without saying anything.”

“Hah, don’t mention it.” Laden smiled, “We didn’t have many visitors these days. You can also tell.”

“I’m very curious about it.” Ace couldn’t help but subsequently asked.

Even if this town was on the edge of middle lands, it is too desolate!


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