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Eternal Thief – Chapter 108.2: Patriarch Empty Dream (Part 2) Bahasa Indonesia

‘Ahem…’ Empty Dream dry cough rang at this moment after hearing Ace’s question as if he was embarrassed. “Child, this patriarch also didn’t know about the Race Supremacy war, there is no record of it, I only know the name.”

Ace was still waiting for the other part of the story eagerly when he heard the Empty Dream’s embarrassing words and he nearly fell.

Empty Dream speak quickly as if he saw Ace’s dark face, “Brat, I’m telling the truth there is no record of this war left in history except its name.

“All I know is when the supremacy war was over, the single huge mainland was broken into ten pieces and the ranking of races was also decided and no one wager any more wars after that.

“Trust me, if it has any record, I would be the first person to know. Because I’m the descendant of the Humane Sage and also the eighth-generation Patriarch of Humane Sky Sect!”

Ace was bewildered to discover the terrifying background of this voice. He didn’t know if this old fellow was telling the truth or not, since his senses were powerless. But if this was true, then he has to be some kind of living legend!

However, Ace frown as he asked, “If senior is decent of Humane Sage and the patriarch of a sect, then how did you end up here?”

“It’s was all my fault for trusting that tortious disciple so much!” Empty dream voice was chilly as winter when he mentions his disciple.

Ace narrowed his eyes but stay silent to let Empty Dream continued.

“In my time, there were no distributions or boundaries on this continent and there was only one sect. The whole azure wind continent flourishes and humanity were united under Humane Sky Sect.

“But I had made a huge mistake by taking a venoms snake as my disciple. I got blinded by his terrifying talent in soul cultivation and ignore his other aspects.”

‘Sigh’¦’ Empty Dream sigh helplessly, “I treated him like my son and even taught him the core technique of Clavus Clan.

“The Clavus Clan was famous for their talent in soul cultivation because the Humane Sage was also a soul cultivator and we have the complete set of soul techniques and skills for Eight Soul Cultivation Realm!

“But the Seventh and Eighth Realm Techniques and skills were no easy to get and only someone with Calvus Clan blood have the chance to get them. When I tell that traitor about it, he finally showed his fangs!

“First, he acts like he always had, but as the time passes, the sect changed and I don’t know how, but that bastard even gains help from Devil Race Experts and struck me down together with them.

“I clearly remember in the attackers two high-elders from the sect were also involved. But that snake didn’t kill me because he somehow even found out only the Patriarch of the sect knows about the place where the final two techniques of our clan were hidden.

“In the end, I didn’t budge, even after they killed my clansmen, but that traitor ambition knows no bounds and, with the help of devil race experts, they separate my soul into five pieces and lock them in different locations.

“I don’t know what he will gain after doing it but he was plotting something nasty. But alas, I was helpless to do anything because they have powerful soul treasures to protect themselves.

“However, that traitor didn’t know the wonder of my clan’s seventh realm soul technique. Even after they tore my soul into pieces, I regain consciousness and it might be the same case for my other soul parts.

“But I was trapped here, and no one seems to enter this place. Well, of course, until you come. I’m sure you are the only one who can help me.” Empty Dream’s voice was filled with enthusiasm when he mentions Ace.

Ace felt he was the unluckiest person at this moment because this whole matter seems to be great and he didn’t want to get involved with this master and disciple.

Because if that person can even trick someone like Empty Dream and gain help from Devil Race and most importantly, he was most likely to be the one who has changed the entire structure of this continent.

That’s means that guy was possibly the strongest person in the entire azure wind continent!Â

Meanwhile, he already has Mathies’ true body, which is a Qi Soul Manifestation Realm Cultivator as an enemy, and if he provokes this kind of existence as well. He would have no place on this entire continent to hide!

Ace force a smile as he declines politely, “Senior, it was all a coincidence, a mere fluke. Even you can tell I’m trapped here, so how could I possibly help you with this crucial matter?”

“Heh, you think I’m an idiot who will tell these kinds of things just to anyone and ask any hillbilly for help?” Empty Dream scoffed at this moment, “Your talent in soul is almost equal to this patriarch and you even seem to possess very good rune crafting eyes technique.

“If I’m not wrong, you only learn it here and the time was also very short. Your talent is not high as that snake, but possessing a talent equal to this patriarch is not a laughing matter either!”

‘This old fox was observing me from the start and only shows his presence because of my talent in the domain of the soul.’ Ace smile wryly, learning his secrets so easily exposed.

“Senior, I still can’t help you because I’m trapped here and your matter is possibly related to royal lands. I can’t go there anytime soon even if I escape.” He was telling the truth.

“Boy, I know what you’re thinking, but if my conjecture is true, then there is a chance of my other two soul parts being in the other two sky-changing borders. And they might also regain their awareness as well.

“I can help you escape this place and those two-soul pieces can do the same if they are conscious because this entire formation is built on my soul piece. This should solve your problem in entering those so-called royal lands, right?” Empty Dream confidently said.

Ace’s eyes brighten. Hearing this old guy can help him leave this place because his plane was not possible, and he didn’t want to spend a long time here. He can learn the rune crafting, but it would be just too slow, and he can’t raise his strength quickly as well.

More importantly, his primary goal was also the royal lands. It would make his journey easier if this old guy’s hypothesis about his soul parts was true.

Ace takes a deep breath before saying, “What do you want in return?” He wanted to hear the conditions before accepting anything from Empty Dream.

“Hoho, it’s very simple. You just have to collect soul wisps of my every soul piece and after you combine every part, I’ll be free from this damn place and become whole again.

“Don’t worry about the rewards. After I become whole, I’ll impart my clan’s soul techniques and skills to you and made you the next patriarch of the Humane Sky Sect!

“But you have to be very careful because if that traitor found out about my soul regaining conscious, he will become alert and erase my conscious.” Empty Dream warns as if Ace has already accepted his task.

Ace frowned upon hearing Empty Dream conditions and his ‘tempting’ reward. Trustfully, Ace wasn’t a tad bit moved because his technique and skills were perfect and he can only cultivate them because of his heavenly qi.

As for being the Young Patriarch, he didn’t want to lose his freedom. So collectively there was nothing he wanted from this Empty Dream except the entry in higher-level lands. Simply put, he was getting the shortest end of the stick.

Ace said with a grim face, “Senior, but I didn’t know where is your other two soul pieces.”

This was probably the biggest problem in this whole deal. Even if he found other two pieces of Empty Dream Soul, there were still two pieces missing and their locations were unknown.

Empty Dream speaks as if he was also in deep thoughts, “You are right about it but those two pieces would definitely be in the Sect or some other places since that traitor didn’t keep them close, it means he is after something. You just have to find other suspicious places like these borders. But you have to be careful not to alert that bastard.”

Ace smiled bitterly and said, “Fine, but if I won’t able to find them don’t hate me.”

He wasn’t going to particularly search for them, but if he found them between his travels, he didn’t mind lending a helping hand to this old ghost. Since he was going to help him in crossing these borders.

Empty Dream elated voice rang when he heard Ace finally agreeing, “Boy, let us establish a soul contract!”


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