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Eternal Thief – Chapter 101: Not Your Servant! Bahasa Indonesia

Ace disregarded Vance’s threats and continue to run. He was afraid that Vance would attack him with some kind of skill while moving and was on high alert because of it and ready to evade at any moment.

But after two hours, except from time to time threatening and cusses, nothing else come from that old man and Ace felt quite weird about it, ‘Is this guy a retard?’

Ace’s reaction was very normal because he can use multiple skills simultaneously from the beginning of his cultivation and never fight with anyone stronger than himself or saw someone using two or more skills at the same time.

However, now that he finally encounters an opponent who was almost invulnerable for him to fight but that invincible opponent was not using anything and just chasing him while using his qi.

Ace couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Is there some kind of limitation on him using over one skill?’

He didn’t know if his guess was true or not, but didn’t want to test it and simply continue to run. But if this was the case, then it is nothing but good news for him.

Vance’s face was as dark as charcoal because, even after two hours, Ace wasn’t slowing down a bit. This gave him a great shock. ‘Just what is his secret?’ He wondered.

He took notice of the other things besides Blood Rose and this give birth to intense greed in his heart. If he could capture Ace alive, all the secrets on Ace would be his to take with Blood Rose included!

Six more hours pass and the game of cat and mouse continues.

Ace was now sure there is truly some kind of restriction on using skills, and this made him quite relieved. He was curious about finding out just what this restriction truly is but wasn’t mad enough to ask the guy who was pursuing him like a mad dog.

Ace had to admit a cultivator of Qi River Realm was not to be underestimated because he was finally feeling a toll on his body by using lightning steps for eight hours straight while the old guy seems to only using his pure qi to keep up with him.

This also means Vance didn’t know any movement skills or Ace might’ve been caught long ago. Nonetheless, Vance wasn’t seemed tired, well, except for his face that almost seem on the verge of insanity.

Vance’s shock has turned into humiliation because even after eight hours, he can’t catch up to that thief that was weaker than him. If this were to spread to the middle lands, his reputation would go straight to the sewer, and he would become a laughing legend.

But what can he do that thief was just too damn strange, now he finally understands why that cunning rascal stole his storage ring because, without it, he can’t restore his depleting qi or use any of his treasures or pills!

This was truly infuriating him, but he wasn’t panicked about it since Ace was moving toward the sky-changing border, and once he reached it, he would have nowhere to run anymore!

Vance was not an idiot; to tell Ace about the truth of that border, or he might change the direction and outrun him, so he controls his temper and chases after him with patience.

He can still chase after him for six straight days like this, much less for ten hours, well if Ace can still keep up, that is!

Vance still hope to intercept Ace before reaching the border because he wasn’t sure if that terrifying power behind Layla would watch that place or not. But he was sure they would intercept him if they found out about the thief’s location.

In the end, ten more hours pass, and Ace didn’t slow down a bit like he has Qi equal to his own and terrifying movement skill.

Ace was also a little surprised because for ten hours Vance spoke nothing or cursed at him like before and quietly chasing after him. He wonders if that old codger was cooking something, and it has to be related to sky changing border.

If it was before, he might’ve not known, but he clearly understands the meaning of going there for the natives of the low-level land.

Ace can still change his direction but didn’t because he was certain, if he goes back then he might also bump into those black cloth men, and he will not take any chances with them.

Especially with that terrifying being present within their ranks.

That’s why he was going straight to the border and see if he could use ‘that’ in there and escape this old geezer. But if he planned to fail, then he has a backup plan ready just in case.

The sun was rising. Ace saw the sky was becoming more golden as he was approaching the sky changing border.

But sadly, he can’t enjoy the scenery with Vance around and keep advancing.

Vance also saw the change in the sky and sighed heavily as his expression turn grave as he looked at the surroundings vigilantly to see if there were any of those black clothing men around.

Ace also felt Vance’s nervousness and was confused by it, but he can’t figure it out no matter how much he thinks and kept his focus on the current business.

At this moment, Vance finally broke the silence, “Little thief, you can’t escape from here and only go to your death if you move any further. Give me back my storage ring and the things you stole from Dulce and everything in your possession, and I’ll let you go.”

He was trying to coax Ace into stopping before he bumps into Layla’s people and if Ace stops, he would capture him and escape the low lands quickly. As for sparing him, heh, he would never do that.

Ace also know this old guy’s words were empty and didn’t decrease his speed at all.

Vance sighed helplessly and killed anyone if he encountered Layla’s people. They won’t know it was him and assume it was all that thief in the end. Well, at least he hopes that would be the result.

At this moment, Ace spotted a huge clear field, miles away, and the sky above that lush field was also much brighter golden than low lands. ‘Is that the border between low and middle lands?’ He wondered as expectation shone on his face.

Vance saw the change in the sky between the low and middle lands, his reaction was depressing, much different from Ace because he knew that was nothing but an illusion! Even he didn’t dare to go on that lush-looking beautiful plain.

Because the Sky Changing Pass can work in the specific area that was known as the Life Gate and beside this life gate, anywhere is death, nothing else!

“Little guy listens to this old man and stop before you regret your own choices!” He yells again. But to his dismay, Ace didn’t seem to care about his ‘kind’ warning at all.

Ace didn’t care because he knew what was there and at this moment something happened that even Vance didn’t assume!

“If I were you, I would listen to him.” A beautiful voice drifted in the air and with this melody-like voice descend a weighty oppression force!

When Ace felt this tremendous pressure, “Th… this!” he instantly felt a familiarity with it as if he felt this particular force before.

‘That mysterious expert!’ Ace finally remembered and his morals hit rock bottom as his complexion turn ashen because he finally remembered just where he felt that terrifying force before.

Vance’s expression was even uglier because just by that voice, he knew who the person was. “H-how is she here so quickly?”

He mused loudly as despair flash on Vance’s face.

Vance couldn’t help but think bitterly. His luck was just too terrible for these past two years because he first lost the blood rose then he wasn’t even able to find that thief.

But when he could finally find that thief, he fails to capture him. Now that he was finally closer to achieving that, someone else had arrived, and he knew he can’t beat her no matter what he does.

Vance notice Ace’s speed has decreased because of that terrifying pressure, yet it didn’t affect him.

“Master Vance, please capture him before this little rascal goes straight to his death. I’ll be there in few moments.” That meld voice sounded again.

Vance smile wryly because he could guess that lady would not make it in time and Ace would step into the border when she arrived. That is why she uses her pressure to slow Ace down, not him.

Now Vance can easily capture Ace, but he has to hand Ace over when that woman comes and this was not good news for Vance.

However, at this moment, mad resolve flash on Vance’s face as he yells loudly, “I’m NOT your servant!” And he immediately stopped!!


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