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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 966: Going West Bahasa Indonesia

Alex improved his blood aura by just the right amount needed to send it over the ledge to the other realm.

He was certain that his blood had reached the Saint Core realm in terms of quality.

He tested out his blood abilities a bit, and after being satisfied with it, he left the Demonic Forest altogether.

He then returned back to the Blue Spring sect and met up with the sect master.

“Are you really leaving?” the sect master asked.

“I’m afraid so, sect master. Everything I’ve come here to do has been done,” Alex replied.

He had been in the sect for about 7 or so months now, and it was time for him to return.

“Where will you go?” the sect master asked curiously.

“Uh… I’ll go and see if my aunt has returned yet or not,” Alex said.

“Well, she wasn’t back in time for Dao mountain, so you might still be out of luck,” the sect master said.

“I realize that,” Alex said. “I’ll still go and check. If she’s not back, then I’ll just go west. I have a few things I’ve been meaning to do for a while.”

“I see,” the sect master said. “When will you be leaving?”

“Tomorrow,” Alex said.

After talking with the sect master, Alex went and spoke with Ma Tianxin and Ren Xiuyin. They hadn’t expected him to leave this early, but they were more understanding than the sect master.

Alex spent the night in his room and the next day he said his farewells to the sect master and the two couples. He wished them good luck with their upcoming marriage and left.

Alex flew out of the Blue Spring sect, flying south. There was a snowstorm in front of him, but he didn’t care.

He flew for so long that the snowstorm passed away. However, somewhere in the distance, he could hear the sounds of lightning and thunder.

It was distant and faint, but he could hear it in the sky where there wasn’t much noise other than the wind rushing past him.

The tumultuous sound made Alex think at first that there was a massive storm incoming from somewhere, but when he saw a purple glow in the distant south, his thoughts changed.

“Wait, that isn’t storm,” Alex thought. Now that he thought about it, he knew exactly what that was.

“Ah, the lightning peninsula,” he thought. He remembered reading about it before. Formed 8 thousand years ago randomly, the lightning peninsula was a place where lightning rained down as if it rained.

You couldn’t walk in there without fear of lightning striking you to death.

Alex didn’t believe that the lightning was any stronger than what the tribulation could produce, but it must still be strong enough to destroy most Saint cultivators.

Otherwise, there would a constant stream of people going in and out all the time, which he had heard was practically impossible due to the density of the lightning strikes.

Alex was lost in his own thoughts about how such a phenomenon could come to be.

The most popular belief was that it had something to do with the gulf being right next to it and as such it got a constant supply of storm clouds in the air that rained down lightning when it reached the peninsula.

There were a few flaws in the logic, but this was one of the easiest to understand regarding this topic.

Another hypothesis was that there was some sort of ore in the land there that was unearthed during the period 8 thousand years ago and that it was this ore that attracted lightning all the time.

Whatever the answer may be, however, it was certain that this was a land where no human, even the Saint realms could survive for very long.

The longest anyone had managed to stay there was apparently 20 o 30 seconds before the lightning chased them off.

However, there was also another weird rumor regarding this place and that there was someone else living inside the lightning rain.

Alex found it hard to believe, but then he was in a world he didn’t know fully about. It could very well be that this was true and someone had found a way using some sort of talisman or script or formations, or even just skills to survive inside the place.

Now Alex wanted it to be true just so he could do it too someday.

He then stopped worrying about that and continued on his journey with the purple glow and lightning in the distance.

Not long after, Alex arrived close to Silvermoon city with not that many people in it.

It had been 2 months since the battlefield had opened up, so there was no point anymore to stay here. They could go back and return when it opened again.

Alex had no business with the city, other than the fact that it was on his way back to the Blazing Earth sect.

The snow had dwindled now to the point that there wasn’t even any snow there anymore. Then, he moved into the State of Re, where there definitely wasn’t much snow at all.

It was nighttime, so Alex could see the orange outline in the distance coming from the various volcanoes. He was close.

After 2 more hours, he finally reached the Blazing Earth sect, who all invited him into the sect without question.

Alex talked with the sect master of the Blazing Earth, Bai Qiyi sect for a while, telling him what he had done.

The sect master was a little surprised that the Sect master of Blue Spring sect had let him do even half of the things Alex had said just now.

He inquired if Alex was okay, to which Alex obviously replied yes.

“So… my aunt isn’t back yet?” Alex asked.

“I’m afraid not,” the sect master said. “They should be back in… 3 more months? Yeah around that time.”

“I see,” Alex said. “Then I should go west while I can.”

“West? For what?” the sect master asked.

“I’ve yet to visit the remaining two wonders, sect master. So I intend to go there and witness it all,” Alex said.

“Ah, that makes sense. Which two do you have yet to see?” he asked.

Alex told him the two and the sect master nodded. “Come, let me take you to the first one. It’s close anyway,” the sect master Bai said.

“Don’t you have work to do here, sect master?” Alex asked.

“Not really,” the sect master said. “It will only take a few hours of my time at most anyway.”

“I see,” Alex said. “Let’s go then.”

After planning that, the two of them flew west in a medium-sized ship that flew surprisingly fast.

They talked for an hour about various different things, and Alex asked the sect master why everyone called him important and such.

“Honestly, I have no idea,” the sect master said. “All I know is if the ancestors say it, so it must be true.”

“So they didn’t tell you either?” Alex asked. The hell kind of conspiracy were the old timers from the different sects planning?

“I guess I’m too young for them to tell me,” the sect master said. “I did only take up this rank only a dozen years ago after all.”

“I see,” Alex said. The question still went unanswered. “If I may ask, how old are you?”

“My age? Hmm… let’s see,” the sect master thought for a bit and said, “about 3 and half thousand years old, I believe. It definitely hasn’t reached 4, that I am sure of.”

Alex was a little surprised when he heard that. “You’re so old? But you look so much younger,” he said.

“Haha, that’s only because the others are the truly old ones. Besides, I was talented in my early cultivation and managed to keep my youth for much longer,” the sect master said. “You will be the same as me. Perhaps, you will look younger in the future.”

The ship continued sailing until it finally slowed down on top of a flat piece of land that was surrounded by mountains with no signs of civilization in sight.

There were cultivators at the location, and they were all doing nothing but working as a guard there.

They bowed when they saw the sect master, but the sect master ignored them.

“There it is,” the sect master pointed down below and Alex watched with an expression of disbelief.

“That’s the Intercontinental Teleportation Formation?”


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