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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 963: Solo Training Bahasa Indonesia

Alex opened his eyes and pulled out some blood from his body. He felt the aura in it and compared it to what it was just days ago.

“It’s stronger,” Alex thought, but he didn’t find much happiness in it. “It’s stronger, but not by much.”

He sensed it again, and he was right. His blood aura had advanced by maybe a quarter of a realm’s worth of improvement if even that.

He would have to find close to 50 Saint beasts in the early Saint Foundation realm to improve it by a whole realm. Then, once improved, his blood aura was sure to require even heavier investment to improve it entirely.

“Well, I don’t know what I was expecting really,” he thought. With how strong his blood aura already was, he would definitely need late Saint Foundation realm beasts to improve his blood by a lot.

And that wasn’t happening anytime soon.

“I should be satisfied with this,” Alex thought and let the matter go.

Since the sect master wanted to test him once more, Alex couldn’t go back to the Demonic forest immediately.

However, the sect master did promise to take him 2 weeks later, so it wasn’t much time before he could.

Besides, Alex wanted the time to make more blood beasts. In the two weeks, he gathered a lot of his blood, ensuring every drop constituted the highest quality of his blood aura.

In the meantime, he continued learning more about the Saint ingredients. There wasn’t any major discovery there for him, but there was a good amount of progress there and Alex was happy with that.

He also continued cultivating his Undying Physique and Demon eyes, and he couldn’t help but wonder when they would ever upgrade again. The Undying physique would give him the ability to regrow lost limbs within moments.

While Alex was looking forward to that, what he was looking forward to more was the Demon Eyes upgrade. He was certain it would be very useful in any and all situations.

Aside from these things, the only other things Alex did was cultivate and teach Alchemy to Whisker. Seeing him absorb all the information he was giving him at a reasonable rate made Alex wonder if he could make good-grade pills very soon.

He couldn’t wait to see it.

Once Alex collected enough blood, he used the highest grade of beast cores he had and made two more Blood beasts.

One of them was a bird with incredibly strong wings that could cut through anything, and the other one was the Snow Leopard that was incredibly agile.

Alex tested the two beasts and found out that they were an entire realm stronger than the other two blood beasts he had created before that.

The higher the beast core was, the better the result really was. Alex couldn’t help but look forward to the day he found a beast core that challenged his Blood Aura. At that moment, the blood beast made from that would most likely be something that could turn out to be stronger than him.

After the two weeks were over, the sect master took him back to the inner ranges of the Demonic forest.

Alex’s intent here was to train in Dao, so he handicapped himself to use two dao at once. Right now, with the sect master present, he only used his True Fire dao and Dao of Cutting, with the occasional Dao of Teleportation thrown in there.

Alex was more than capable of fighting a Saint Foundation 4th realm beast now without having to worry about getting caught off guard. He still didn’t want to go for the 5th realm beasts given just how strong they were but the 4th realm beasts were just about right.

His usage of True Fire Dao continued improving as he understood more about how he could use them. He learned how he could cut the beasts without them running away.

He learned to create the cuts afar. It required quite a bit of Intent on his end, but he was capable of doing it now.

The beasts with better defenses were capable of surviving the intent without being cut, but the weaker ones were wounded from afar and they couldn’t do anything about it.

The sect master continued watching over Alex, and Alex continued fighting more and more beasts. He improved his Fire Dao and Cutting Dao to a level where he felt comfortable using them in battles.

After a week of such training, they returned back to the Blue Spring sect.

“I can see that you’re capable of handling things on your own,” the sect master said after they returned. “So, you can go back whenever you want. Just, make sure to be careful okay? Do not disturb the beasts that are on the inner side of the forest.”

“I understand, sect master. Thank you for helping me,” Alex bowed towards the man.

“Alright, go do what you want,” the sect master said.

Alex nodded and returned to his room and spent 2 more weeks making blood beasts before leaving back to the Demonic forest.

Since he had already killed most of the beasts on this side of the forest, Alex needed to go either left or right of the place to go around the perimeter of the inner range of the forest to find more beasts.

“Let us go right,” he thought and went on his own. He hid his aura and took back his spiritual sense to about 500 meters around him at best and searched for strong beasts to fight.

Starting then, Alex trained on the rest of the Daos on his own.

A giant blue-skinned toad sent out its long paws toward Alex. With its cultivation base of Saint Foundation 4th realm, if Alex let it hit him without putting up some sort of defense, he was sure to die.

The dao of metal strengthened a metal barrier he forged in front of him and the toad’s limb was quite easily blocked.

Alex took his sword and cut the beast from afar. The right arm of the toad was cut off thanks to his Dao and it cried out in pain.

Alex stopped his attacks and waited.

Suddenly, he saw the toad’s right arm regenerate slowly until it was back to normal. Alex had seen this before and had wondered how it was doing that, and it was only after reading up on it last time that he figured out that the toad was using his longevity to quickly heal itself.

Compared to something like the Undying Physique, this was so much worse for the user.

Alex waited until the toad could fight again, and continued. The toad shouted at him, calling him names and telling him that it would kill his entire family.

However, Alex paid no attention to its words and only focused on its regenerative capabilities. There was one thing he had been wanting to test for a long time and now was the time.

Alex clad himself in blood armor for safety and then teleported right on top of a toad. Then, he placed his palms on the toad’s body and pushed something into it.

Something deep and dark. Something deathly.

The Dao of Death worked to create a death aura directly into the toad’s body, filling it to the brim as if it were a beast on the verge of death.

Alex quickly flew away before the beast could do anything to him and attacked it again, cutting off its arm.

The toad grimaced and tried to regenerate its arms again, but it found it hard to do so. In the presence of so much death aura, the toad’s vitality dropped, and with it its ability to regenerate.

With life aura driven from its body, the toad was unable to heal its wound, and slowly felt its life slip away.

The only way to save itself was either to fight off Alex’s intent that kept the death aura in its body, or have someone else help drive it away.

The toad tried to force its Qi throughout its body to try and get rid of whatever problem it was having, and shortly after, it did show signs of improvement as the arm started to regrow again.

Unfortunately, however, Alex arrived right in front of it and killed it in a single strike.


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