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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 960: Finding Beasts to Fight Bahasa Indonesia

The sect master refrained from visiting the innermost regions of the Demonic forest with Alex next to him.

He went where he could that he considered safe, and got the beasts for the sect from there. Thanks to Seagem, he knew exactly where to look for the beasts, and exactly where to avoid them.

During the 3 days they were there, Alex and the sect master got into no fight with any beasts. But he did witness a lot of other fights in the distance.

Even without spiritual senses, he could see the aerial battles far in the distance. His Demon Eyes gave him a far sight that rivaled spiritual sense itself.

Alex saw many aerial battles, which only made him wonder just how many ground battles there were. He could see the trees ruffle around from time to time, but in this snow-filled forest, one white was hard to discern from another.

“I think we’re done here,” the sect master said after he picked up the small tortoise that was wandering the forest all alone.

He places the tortoise in his storage bag and turned to Alex. “Let’s go,” he said. “Once I discern if you are able to fight here or not, we can go back.”

Alex nodded and flew off with the sect master. The other 3 elders were given autonomy for the last 3 days, so they would have already returned without meeting any of them.

The demonic forest was so massive that Alex wouldn’t doubt that he could miss a man if they flew away from afar.

They then flew outside the outer range, arriving at the outskirts again, and the sect master gave the slug some commands.

The slug worked to find a suitable opponent for Alex’s first battle. Alex had yet to release his spiritual sense, so he didn’t know who he was going to have to fight, but he was looking forward to it.

“There,” the sect master pointed and Alex looked. He saw a lone wolf with grey fur walking through the snowy field.

Its cultivation base from what Alex could tell wasn’t that high, but he would have to use his spiritual sense to find precisely how strong it was.

“That’s your first opponent,” the sect master said.

Alex nodded and slowly flew downwards, away from the other two. As soon as he flew away from the Slug’s domain where no aura existed, Alex found out that the beast was actually a Saint Condensation 3rd realm beast.

He looked with a confused expression and turned to look at the sect master. “Uh… is this a mistake?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” the sect master asked. “Is this too strong?”

“No,” Alex said. “It is too weak. Senior, you need to find another one.”

“Certainly a Saint Condensation 3rd realm beast is not weak, right? You’re only at Saint Condensation 1st realm,” the sect master said. “Try fighting without your Dao and you’ll see how hard it actually gets.”

Alex didn’t look away and asked, “Senior, did you forget that the sect’s Elder Bu died in battle with me? We need a stronger opponent.”

“Elder Bu’s situation is different, isn’t it? I heard he died to the lightning strike during your beast’s tribulation,” he said.

“He got struck by the lightning because he ran away from our fight because I was getting close to killing him,” Alex said. “Let’s just go find another beast.”

“Umm… why don’t you try fighting this so I can know your words are true,” the sect master said. “As I said, I cannot put you in danger just because you say so.”

Alex sighed. “Fine,” he said and few down to the ground.

The wolf had been staring at them the entire time, unable to discern anything as its spiritual sense never actually sensed the 3 in the air.

It was only after Alex left the slug’s aura that it sensed the Saint Condensation 1st realm cultivation from him.

Seeing him come down now made the wolf angry. “This is my domain. You would be better off leaving,” the beast said.

Alex was a little taken aback, but he seriously needed to start not being surprised by beast talking now. Since each beast knew the language of the world the moment they entered the Saint realms, whether they could make the sounds with their mouth or not, they could speak.

“Don’t worry, I won’t harm you. I’m just here to show him that I’m stronger than you,” Alex said. “I’ll leave soon.”

“Stronger? What nonsense are you—”

Suddenly, Alex’s cultivation base flared to its peak as the aura landed on the wolf. The wolf buckled on its own weight, its knees bent forward as it was crushed by the aura.

Alex slowly strode forward and crouched down to look at the wolf. “What type of wolf are you? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of one with features like yours,” he said.

The wolf tried to speak, but no words came out of its mouth. The aura that Alex poured out was simply too strong for him.

Alex reached out to the wolf who couldn’t even flinch and rubbed its head a little bit. “Saint Condensation 3rd realm… you would’ve made such a good opponent for Pearl,” he said softly.

Alas, Alex would never have Pearl fight out in the open lest he wanted the sect leader to recognize the abilities that came with having the bloodline of the White Tiger.

If they ever figured out that Pearl was the heir to the White Tigers in the Western continent, Alex wouldn’t know what would happen to him and Pearl.

As such, even with such a good opponent, Alex had to leave the wolf be.

“You can go,” he said as he took back his cultivation base and the wolf fled away.

Alex got back up and flew up to the sect master, who looked at him with pure awe on his face.

When Alex had used his cultivation base’s aura to suppress the wolf, the sect master had also seen just how powerful the aura was.

With Seagem who was incredibly attuned with auras, he could tell that despite being a Saint Condensation 1st realm cultivator, Alex’s aura made his almost, if not as strong as a Saint Foundation 1st realm cultivator.

“Let’s… let’s find you a Saint Condensation 9th realm beast to fight. If you can beat that, then we can try finding stronger beasts,” he said.

Alex sighed in relief. Finally, the sect master was coming to his senses and letting him fight as he wanted.

Saint Condensation 9th realm was still weak, but he would have to start somewhere anyway. So, the three of them went slightly deeper into the forest to find Alex’s first proper opponent.

A giant Hailhorn Snake with blue scales and two icy horns lay at the bottom of a tree trunk. It stayed in the snow as if it was basking in the sunlight in spring.

When it sensed Alex arrive, it uncoiled itself and looked towards them.

“What are you humans doing here? Do you know whose land this is?” the snake asked.

“We don’t care,” Alex said. “I’m just here to beat you.”

“A newbie Saint thinks he can beat me. You are asking for death, aren’t you? You must be thinking that the human behind you will save you. Unfortunately for you, if my poison enters your veins, nobody can save you,” the serpent said.

Alex sighed and punched the snake from afar without alerting it. The snake reacted almost instantly and moved away from the location, and the punch fell on the tree, instantly toppling it.

“Die!” the snake shouted and moved its tail. Suddenly, a blue illusion of the snake’s tail appeared behind it, one that was at least 20 meters high and it slammed down on Alex.

Alex didn’t move as the attack landed on him.

The snow around the attack blew up high in the air, making it impossible to see what was happening inside.

However, with their spiritual sense, everyone knew exactly what had happened.

The snake looked at Alex with confusion. ‘A treasure? Those armors the humans wear?’ it thought.

Alex walked towards the Snake, dusting off the snow from his black robes, and got closer.

The snake realized something was wrong, but it didn’t understand what. Whatever it was, however, as long as it could use its poison, it would win.

As such, when Alex got close to it, the snake lunged at him.

Alex saw it clearly. He saw the snake’s muscles constrict right before it was going to attack. He saw its body straighten as it flew at him with incredible speed.

He saw the snake’s mouth open wide as its fangs showed up, aiming for his vitals.

He saw his own hands move quickly, reacting to the snake’s attack as it was happening.

Alex hadn’t even prepared for the attack and somehow he was reacting to it. It all looked so slow in his eyes.

His hands grasped the snake by its neck while its venom sprayed behind him. The snake tried to move around, and get itself free, but Alex’s grip was just too strong.

Then, before the snake could do anything else, Alex used his dao. Right from his hands where he grabbed the snake, a thin line appeared on the snake’s neck that a moment later started bleeding.

The snake’s head fell to the floor as it was perfectly cut along its neck using Alex’s dao.

Before the snake bled any further, Alex grabbed its body and stuffed it into his storage bag.

Then he turned around towards the sect master and asked, “Can we go onto stronger foes please?”


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