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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 957: Blood Rhino Bahasa Indonesia

Alex spent some time outside his room when Ma Tianxin came to get him and show him around the sect.

They even went out of the sect to the nearby cities where Ma Tianxin had a few friends. Apparently, he used to be from these very cities before he was scouted out by the sect.

Alex remembered some of these friends from back then when they tried to attack him in the Endless Tunnel, especially the woman he had gone with at the time.

“That reminds me, what did you do with the ores you got back then?” Alex asked.

“I made a defensive mail out of it,” Ma Tianxin said. “Our 10-year engagement anniversary was coming up, so I gave it to sister Xiuyin as a gift.”

“Oh, not bad,” Alex said. “What about yourself? You didn’t make anything?”

“Ah, no,” Ma Tianxin said. “Master already gives me so much. I don’t need anything else.”

“I see,” Alex said. “That reminds me, why exactly did senior Huang take you as a disciple? Was it just because you were strong?”

“Uh, not really,” Ma Tianxin said. “It was more so because of my ability to tame the beasts rather easily. Ours is a beast-taming sect, so that is what matters above all.”

“So you’re very good at taming beasts, huh? Why do you only have a single beast with you then?” Alex asked.

“Well, that’s because I’m waiting to find a good beast to tame,” Ma Tianxin said.

“A good beast? You haven’t found any yet?” Alex asked.

“No,” he said. “At least not one that I’m satisfied with. But I will hopefully get one soon.”

“Oh, why is that?” Alex asked curiously.

“Well, the elders will leave for the Demonic Forest in around a week or so to go get as many beasts as they can. That should be the time you will get to go too, I believe,” Ma Tianxin said.

“A week, huh? That’s not a long time, I guess,” Alex said.

The two of them returned back to the sect sometime later and Alex went back to his room.

He sat on the bed, thinking of starting to learn some other random ingredients when he remembered something.

“Nearly forgot about that,” he thought as he brought out something.

A small, yellow pill-like object appeared on Alex’s hand, one that let out a sweet scent that immediately made Pearl’s eyes widen and he excitedly looked at Alex, hoping it was for him.

Unfortunately for Pearl, the beast core was not for him. It wasn’t for Alex either. He could probably eat it, but he had a better thought in mind for its usage.

Alex looked at the beast core in his hand. This was the one that belonged to the rhino he killed a few days back.

He had taken the entire corpse of the beasts before he left the location, and only now was he checking it out.

The Saint Condensation 7th realm aura still emanated from the beast core, but Alex ignored that part of the core. Instead, he tried to feel the spiritual energy in it, the impression of the soul that still remained in the core.

He could swear he could hear the rhino growling from within it.

“I’m sorry that you died a tamed beast,” Alex said. “But you’ll have to be one once again.”

Alex took out a cauldron and placed the beast core in it before taking about his sharpest sword.

Alex held onto the sword’s blade and let his blood drip down into the cauldron. He waited and he watched as his blood slowly fill up the cauldron.

“Oh,” Alex thought with a surprised expression when he felt the blood in his body get recreated. It wasn’t fast enough to replace what was lost, but it was still quite good.

“So the Undying Physique works for blood loss too huh?” he thought. That was certainly going to be very useful for him considering his ability to make use of Blood Aura.

However, it didn’t take long for him to realize that while he was getting blood, the blood didn’t have much blood aura in it. It needed to stay in his body for a while before gaining the aura.

Alex sighed and stopped. He couldn’t dilute the blood aura in the cauldron, so he sealed it off for use some other day.

He used the time to cultivate, learn and teach.

3 days later, he had gathered enough blood with quality blood aura to fully fill the entire cauldron.

Once that was done, Alex was ready to begin.

He pulled out his Blood God’s manual that came forth and opened up to the 4th page with Blood beast.

Alex read up on the technique again and slowly poured Qi into the blood. The blood stirred with his Qi, moving around for a while.

His Qi was there to agitate the blood for a while, getting it ready, before it was time for him to use the main part of the technique.

When he did, his Qi pierced into the blood, reaching directly for the beast’s core at the end.

When the beast core obtained his Qi, it slowly floated in the blood while violently attacking the blood all around it.

The impression of the beast that still remained in the beast core was trying to fight against the blood, but the blood aura quickly drowned it out.

A stronger impression could’ve most likely been able to fight against his blood aura, but this one could not.

As such, the beast’s core was devoured by the blood aura and slowly shaped itself in the impression it had devoured.

Alex saw the blood pour out of the cauldron, acting on its own as it started getting larger, gaining more blood from somewhere. The undulating blob of blood in the air slowly took shape.

First, Alex saw the four limbs of the beast appear from the blood, then a head, and then the rest finally becoming the body and tail. The legs grew hooves, the head grew ears, eyes, nose, and horn.

The body grew the armor and the tail grew its hair.

However, every single one of these features was fake. Not a single one of these features was anything but for show.

After all the features appeared, the rhino landed in the room, just as big as the original one, and just as domineering. No, the crimson color of the rhino and its battle-ready stance made it far more domineering.

Alex looked at it with awe in his eyes. Even Pearl was surprised and was wondering just what Alex had done.

Alex got close to the beast and touched it. “Oh,” he was surprised. “It’s not liquid.”

Having been made up of blood, Alex had fully expected the beast to be a liquid beast that he could place his hands through. However, they were as solid as any other beast he had touched before.

“Sit,” Alex said. The rhino obeyed his command and slowly sat down. “Stand,” he gave another order and the beast stood up.

Alex bobbed his head up and down in a continuous nod as he looked at the rhino in front of him. “So… this is a blood beast,” he said happily.

“Brother? What’s this?” Pearl asked curiously. Even Whisker was curious and walked forward.

“This is a beast I made with my blood,” he said. “It should help me in fights.”

“You can give it orders?” Pearl asked.

“Yes,” Alex said.

“Can I give it orders?” Pearl asked.

“Uhh… maybe?” Alex thought. “Give it an order.”

“Turn around,” Pearl said to the rhino, but it didn’t respond at all.

“Obey his commands,” Alex said to the Rhino.

“Turn around,” Pearl said again. This time, to everyone’s surprise, the rhino turned around.

Whisker came up to Alex’s shoulders and excitedly said that he wanted to give commands too. Alex let him do it and the Rhino accepted his command as well.

The two beasts tried commanding the Rhino to do various things before Alex intervened.

“That’s enough. I need to test out something so you guys should stay back,” he said. Pearl and Whisker moved away from the location and Alex stood alone in the center of the room.

He scanned the entire beast with his spiritual sense and tried to figure out its cultivation base.

Prior to death, the Rhino was a Saint Condensation 7th realm beast. However, after death, it was reborn in Alex’s blood, so it was only a guess as to how strong it could possibly be.

After finding it impossible to guess just what the beast’s cultivation base was since it didn’t actually have any, Alex gave up.

The beast most likely used Blood Aura instead of Qi, so its strength was totally dependent on Alex’s own blood.

From what the information in the book said, the created blood beast would have the strength of the cultivation base they had prior to death, or the cultivation base equivalent that came with the owner’s blood.

Alex’s blood had evolved past what it used to be once he had entered the Saint realm, but he hadn’t had the time to test it just yet. So, this would be the first time he was testing it properly.

“Come, attack me,” he ordered the beast. The beast rushed towards him with incredible speed and strength that surprised Alex.

His demon eyes saw the speed and realized something was wrong. So he quickly changed his lax defense to a very strong one, putting up multiple sources of defense.

Still, when the blood beast slammed into him, Alex was sent back to the wall, his body broken in many different places.

“Arghh!” he cried out in pain.

To everyone’s surprise, the blood beast was many times stronger than even Alex was.


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