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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 954: Ren Xiuyin Bahasa Indonesia

The central area of the Blue Spring sect was divided into multiple sections. Towards the southern end, where Alex and Ma Tianxin were entering from, there were houses there for the Core disciples.

The land was rather large, so there was more than enough place for all 4000 to 5000 of the disciples to stay in.

Other than the disciples, there was a rather tall tower at the center where the elders were most likely to stay.

Then, the rest of the land was either open ground for the disciples to train in or some sort of beast ground where untamed beasts were kept for disciples to tame.

These included beasts that were taken from the Demonic forest, beasts that were born here, or beasts that improved their cultivation faster than their masters and thus broke their bonds of their own accord.

There were also beasts that were there because their master had died, but they were far too few and in between to be considered in the populous.

Ma Tianxin explained the area and showed him around the place as they got closer to the tower at the center.

Alex saw various disciples curiously look at him as his white mask and black robes made him stand out in the place.

The elders were also looking at him from time to time and at some point, he saw one of the 4 elders that had tried to kill Ma Tianxin.

The moment he saw them, the man lost all color on his face and turned around to run away.

“Should I stop him?” Alex asked.

“No,” Ma Tianxin’s eyes turned cold when he saw them. “You have done enough, senior. Leave the rest for our sect to handle.”

Alex nodded and stayed his hand. They finally arrived at the central tower and Ma Tianxin pulled out his talisman to call his master.

“Huh?” he suddenly made a frowning face. “I can’t reach master. I don’t think he’s in the sect right now.”

“Oh, so… what do we do?” Alex asked.

“Wait for a second, let me call someone else,” he said and pulled out another talisman paper.

Alex waited for a few seconds before a spiritual sense passed over him and a person flew out from the tower not long after, a woman.

She wore a purple robe that was designed a little differently than normal as her sleeves were thin enough that they were half-transparent.

Her face looked mature while still holding a youth that only came with having a high cultivation base. She was after all in Saint Condensation 8th realm, 5 realms higher than Ma Tianxin himself.

“Brother Ma, you’re finally back? I was worried about you,” she spoke enthusiastically after seeing him.

“Sister Xiuyin, where is Master?” Ma Tianxin asked.

Ren Xiuyin immediately crossed her arms and started pouting. “You come back after nearly 8 months and the first thing you do is call me to ask for my father?” she asked.

“Ah! No, no, I’m asking for master because it’s important,” Ma Tianxin said.

“Hmph! What could be so important that you would rather call out to your future father-in-law than your own fiancee?” the girl asked.

“The elders I went to the Ancient Battlefield with tried to kill me,” the young man said.

“What?” the girl lost all expression on her face and her hands fell next to her. In the next second, worry filled her face and she immediately used her spiritual sense on him. “Are-are you okay? Are you hurt? Who was it? Who tried to kill you?”

She was starting to get angry.

“I’m okay. I was hurt, but I’m healed now. They attacked me so I would break off our engagement. That’s why I’m asking for master, sister,” Ma Tianxin said. “If not for senior here, I would’ve probably lost my life already.”

The girl finally turned towards Alex. “I’m sorry I didn’t greet you earlier. Thank you for saving my fiance,” the girl said.

“It’s alright. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time,” Alex said to her.

The girl looked at him carefully and cocked her head as she asked, “How did you save my fiance though? You’re only… “

A thought suddenly struck her and she asked, “Is your name by any chance… Yu Ming?”

Alex was a little surprised, but not so much. He smiled back at her, and said, “I’m surprised sister Xiuyin has heard of me.”

“It’s not that surprising,” the girl said. “My father speaks rather highly of you. He keeps saying that if it weren’t for brother Ma, he would’ve done all he could to have me married to you.”

“Uhh… I’m flattered, thank you,” Alex said.

“Well, anyway, Father is not here so you’ll have to wait around a bit,” the girl said with a sigh.

“Yeah, I noticed that. Where exactly did master go?” Ma Tianxin asked.

“I don’t know,” the girl said. “The elders sensed some sort of commotion and flew south without telling any of us what had happened. It’s been over 3 hours now, so they should be returning soon.”

“Some sort of commotion?” Ma Tianxin’s eyes narrowed as he slowly looked toward Alex.

“Ahem,” Alex coughed a bit. “I’m sure we can wait around for senior to return.”

“Yes, please come,” the girl said and took him inside the tower as Ma Tianxin followed behind.

Along the way, Alex saw the girl worry about Ma Tianxin who kept insisting that he was fine. He smiled when he saw the two and wondered if he could find someone like him someday.

Although, he had no intentions of doing that just yet. There were too many other things for him to worry about.

The girl took Alex to a room where they talked for a while. She was truly curious if all the feats that she had heard of Alex performing were in fact true.

Alex was about to say yes when he heard a few of the feats that he had never heard of.

“No, I have never defeated anyone with just my legs. I don’t really use legs much in fights actually,” he said while chuckling. He wondered what other rumors had spread about him.

“And what about the rumor that you learned 8 different dao in a single month? That’s false too right?” she asked.

Alex smiled. “I’m afraid there is no lie in that statement. Although the dao I learned were similar to each other, so it was easier altogether,” he said.

“Woah, so you really did it?” the girl was surprised. “I swear I thought my father was exaggerating.”

Alex smiled and was about to say something when a wave of spiritual sense passed through the entire sect, including him.

“Oh, Father is back,” the girl said. “I wonder why he’s making such a show of it.”

Alex stood up and walked outside along with the two of them.

A small group of people landed outside the tower, along with a massive beast that was twice as big as Pearl’s current body.

It was a blue slug with a few green stripes that flew behind the sect master and the rest. It didn’t have any eyes but the two antennas on its head were each about a meter long.

Alex sensed something coming from the slug, a slight pulse, and wondered what it was.

The sect master quickly flew down to the ground and looked at Alex with a surprised look on his face. “Young Ming, you came to my sect?” he asked.

“Greetings, senior Xinyu. I hope you won’t mind me coming to your sect without any notice,” Alex said.

“No, of course not. You’re welcome any time,” he said. He held a curious look on his face as his eyes switched between Alex and his disciple before a thought came to his head.

“Young Ming did you… no, did your beast break through already?” he asked.

“Ah, I thought I hid it well, but I should have known better than to hide from seniors,” Alex said. “Yes, my beast did break through, and I left because I didn’t want any hassle.”

“I can understand, and I’m quite surprised how well you hid it too. Even our Sacred beast here couldn’t find you,” the sect master said.

“Oh, then how did you know it was my beast?” Alex asked.

“While you may have hidden your tracks, my disciple couldn’t. So I came here to ask him and noticed you. Once I put 2 and 2 together, it was easy to guess what might have caused the commotion today.”

Alex nodded when he heard that and looked towards the beast in the sky. “So senior is the Sacred beast I have heard so much about,” he said and bowed towards the slug. The aura of a Saint Soul beast alone would’ve been enough for Alex to guess that but hearing it being confirmed was still nice.

The slug said nothing and only nodded, its antenna tentacles drooping a little.

“So, what are you doing here, young Ming? And from what I see, you’ve gotten acquainted with my disciple and daughter too,” he said.

“I met your disciple in the Ancient Battlefield and have been acquainted ever since,” Alex said. “I do have a reason for coming here, but I don’t think it is the right time for me to go over it. There is something more pressing you should hear from your disciple.”

“Hmm… what is it?” the sect master turned to his disciple, who immediately started explaining the situation.

Alex could see the sect master’s eyes change from confusion to denial to fury as he immediately sent out people to search for the elders who broke the sect’s rules.

His anger wouldn’t calm down until they were punished to the extreme.


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