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Alex moved on to the next thing he learned, which he was very surprised to learn.

Without waiting, Alex closed his eyes and learned the new technique he had received.

‘Holy shit!’ he couldn’t help but cuss out loudly when he realized what the new skill he had learned did.

Alex pulled out a wooden box from his storage bag and opened it. Inside was a bright blue flower with a white center. It had 3 different petals drooping downward and five more pointed upward.

The stalk itself was rather blue as well, giving the flower a unique look.

This was a Saint-ranked ingredient known as Blueheart, and one of the few Saint ingredients that Alex had yet to use since the beginning of his life as an Alchemist.

Found in the Northern Forest in the storage bag of the alchemist that fled this continent, today was the first time Alex had taken out this ingredient to do anything more than just look at it.

The flower was a Wood attribute ingredient with Fire and Earth elements missing, which could easily weaken and ruin the Wood element of the ingredient.

Alex took the flower out of the box and into his palm. Then, he activated the technique.

Waves of Qi swayed back and forth in his dantian as they slowly emerged from either side of the dantian.

Alex focused on the Qi as it surprisingly took all 8 paths on each side. There was not a single spiritual root that the Qi didn’t pass through.

As such, the resulting Qi that would come out of Alex would have all 7 elements and a portion that belonged to no element.

The combination of Qi then entered the flower Alex was holding and suddenly some of the Qi he sent in was being used up.

Alex could visibly see the multicolor Qi fizzle out from the flower slowly, but he continued sending in more Qi. After he had used what was nearly a tenth of his entire Qi pool, he finally stopped and took a deep breath.

Then, he stared at the flower in his hand with a wide grin on his face.

If what the technique said was correct, and if he had made no mistakes, then according to the technique, the flower was full of energy with not a single bit missing.

Meaning that the flower was now one of the, if not, the best ingredients he had ever seen.

With not a single bit of energy missing from it, if Alex could use the flower, and similar ingredients to make pills, there was a very high chance that he could reach 100% now.

‘I can do it,’ he thought to himself. ‘I now have a way to reach 100% Harmony.’

Alex was happy that he didn’t even understand how to celebrate it. Did he jump up and down? Did he shout? What should he do?

Overwhelmed with thoughts, he instead just sad there, wide-eyed, looking at the Blueheart in front of him.

Surely, the technique he had just learned, the Supreme Elemental Accord, was going to help him get closer to the 100% harmony that he had been seeking for such a long time.

It cost him a tenth of his entire Qi to fully add the required energy to just one ingredient. If he wanted to make a single pill with 10 ingredients, he would have to lose his entire pool of Qi and then cultivate it again to continue it.

‘Well, that should get better with time,’ he thought. He was only in the first realm of Saint Condensation realm. As he continued, his pool of Qi would get bigger and better, requiring him to use less Qi.

‘Although, I shouldn’t need much Qi for true ingredients, right?’ he thought. He quickly brought out a True rank ingredient and used the Supreme Elemental Accord on it.

Instantly, all 8 of his spiritual roots worked once again to pull out Qi into Alex’s hands, from where it poured onto the ingredient.

Within moments, the ingredient was filled to the brim with energy. Whether it had lost some energy, or never had it, to begin with, the ingredient instantly became full and thus a candidate to push his Alchemy results to the peak.

Alex thought of teaching the skill to Whisker, but then he sighed when he understood that there was really no one he could teach this skill to.

Possibly, only he and his mother were capable of learning this skill amongst every single one that he had met.

After all, the technique required one to have not all 5 but all 7 Spiritual roots, making it almost feel like the skill was made for him.

With the Supreme Elemental Accord, Alex could now do what most people would never be able to.

Alex thought for a bit about it. He wondered if he could somehow change the technique to make it so that people with not many spiritual roots, like Whisker, could use it too.

However, when he remembered how energies in ingredients were stored, how there was more than one element even when it looked like the ingredient just had a single element, they couldn’t do it.

Alex also thought of using more than a single person to purify the ingredient, but that was a lot of thinking for his mind at the moment.

He didn’t need to think that far ahead when he was in no trouble from using the ingredients.

He spent some time improving a few more Saint-ranked ingredients he had and finally stopped.

There were just too many ingredients for him to improve, so he decided to do so when the time came or he was free enough to do so.

With the new knowledge, he had gained to reverse engineer the ingredients of the pill, and the new technique to make any ingredient the best it could be, the upcoming pills he was going to make would certainly be some of the best out there.

Once Alex was done, he went on to the various other things he had received from entering the Saint realm.

From what he understood, there were 3 more things he had likely come to improve upon.

The first one was the Flame Mastery Scripture, which wasn’t as great as he would’ve hoped for, but the ability to improve his Fire Spiritual roots was quite an addition.

‘I will have to wait a bit for that,’ Alex thought. There weren’t any good Fire elemental treasures for him to use the technique to improve his fire roots just yet.

Other than that, there was also the Five Yang Divine Path where he could now use the 4th path of the 5, the Immortal Yang path. With the new cultivation method, he would increase his cultivation speed by quite a lot.

Finally, there was the Blood God’s Manual. With his new cultivation base, Alex’s bloodline would have improved as well, allowing for him to view at least the next page of the manual.

So, he pulled out the book and held onto the sharp blade to pour his blood onto the book.

The book drank the generous amount of blood that Alex was pouring onto it and finally, it shined crimson to flip onto the 4th of the 7 pages.

Page 4: Blood Beasts


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