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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 920: Revelation Bahasa Indonesia

The sudden reveal of the darkness, of the thing hiding behind in the emptiness that was space— it scared Alex in a way he would have never expected anything he couldn’t feel to do.

It wasn’t that the darkness had no aura. It very much likely did, considering he understood that there hid chaos and turbulence inside the darkness.

However, that had been due to the slightest peak he got before his senses were completely shattered.

Alex wondered if it was truly dark or if his senses had been lied to. He wouldn’t know since his eyes hadn’t healed back just yet.

He could tell that they were still accepting the medicine despite having stopped using it ages ago.

However, there shouldn’t be that long a period left before he could see again. When he did, he wanted to look into this darkness and see what hid behind it.

For now, Alex had nothing else to do in this place, so he decided to leave.

He wandered off, shocked that not only could you cut off space, but you could also tear it wide open as well. But what lay beyond a torn space?

Alex wondered who could answer that question. The Tortoise maybe? Or was there someone else that was capable of such a thing?

Alex called out to Pearl now that they were leaving this area, and once he was out, Alex used his Dao of Teleportation to grab onto Pearl and himself, and teleported the both of them nearly 700 meters away, at the edge of his Spiritual sense.

Alex felt his mind hurt a bit from having to use his will to push the distance of the teleportation away.

After understanding something, he moved his hands to the left, and a piece of debris about 100 meters away burst into flames from his using the Dao of Heat.

Ice formed in another area where he took away the heat from that place.

In another location further away, Alex created an explosion, the damage of which didn’t reach him.

Intent could do many things, and Alex was starting to learn it slowly. Using Intent, he was now capable of changing the distance up to where he could affect it.

It took considerably more time to use the Dao as the Qi that left your body would take some time to reach the location, but Alex was very much willing to suffer the delay rather than take the brunt of the explosion himself every time.

After that, Alex didn’t find any place where he could learn a lot about the mysteries behind the aura.

Not everyone that had fought in this war knew a lot about the mysteries. Sometimes, the aura was just there because someone used a technique they knew.

Their understanding of why such a thing was happening would be shallow and thus there wouldn’t be much for Alex to learn from.

There were maybe 2 or 3 more places that Alex was certain had aura where he could learn from. Unfortunately, those places were heavy with Wood, and Water aura.

As such, even if he did go, the chances of him understanding anything were highly doubtful.

There was only one other place he could go to, where he was certain there was a lot of Intent and Aura, where he was certain to find the mysteries of Dao he didn’t even know existed.

However, he simply didn’t want to go there because of how dangerous it was. After all, the Sky on this battlefield was not a place where you simply went to.

As such, since there was nowhere else to go, Alex took Pearl and went to 2 or 3 locations.

Along the way, he stopped wherever he found places where Pearl could improve his Intent, and from time to time, when the aura and intent around him was almost nothing, he also brought out Whisker to try and handle it.

Unfortunately, Whisker wasn’t able to handle it as much and was forced to go back to his beast space.

Aside from that, Alex focused on just one thing. The Dao of Techniques.

He wanted to learn it so bad that even when he was trying to figure out the mysteries in the aura that he got around to, he would try and look into the Dao of Techniques.

And to his surprise, due to his constant attempt at gaining insight into the Dao, he was actually getting somewhere.

As he tried learning more about it, Alex came across a shocking revelation that he hadn’t even thought about at the very least.

One needed to have an intent to use a technique to be able to use it… or so Alex had thought, but that was wrong.

He was surprised to learn that you didn’t have to use your Intent to use a technique.

That was not to say that you could use a technique without Intent, but rather YOU didn’t need to have the Intent.

As long as someone else had Intent on you using it, and you allowed their Intent to take effect by helping them use your Qi and Pathway, just like a Dao would, you could have others use techniques through you as well.

The concept of someone else using techniques using your Qi and Pathway felt bonkers for Alex at first, but the doubt all disappeared when he realized that was how his Pill-Splitting Qi worked.

Alex knew the technique by now and could use it himself, but he always let it happen automatically as that meant he had one less thing to think about when making pills.

However, it wasn’t happening automatically. Alex was allowing someone else’s Intent to make use of his Qi and meridians.

That certain someone was most likely the Alchemy God. After reading the Alchemy God’s Knowledge, Alex had imprinted onto himself the Alchemy God’s Intent, and through that Intent was how he came to do many things.

It was likely due to that Intent that he could learn recipes with a single peek. It was likely due to that Intent that he could recognize Alchemy ingredients without even knowing what the ingredients were.

It was likely due to that Intent that he had such an easy time becoming a doctor, easily learning about illnesses and diseases. It was likely due to that Intent that his Pill-Splitting Qi worked in the first place.

As Alex considered this, he understood something more important than just that.

He understood that it was very likely due to this very Intent why there was a lot of information still hidden in his mind, making him incapable of learning it all at once and instead was given to him in batches every time he broke through to a Major realm.

Was he to try and fight that Intent, could he remove the block and learn it all at once?

Alex doubted he would be capable of fighting against the Intent of someone called the Alchemy God, but even if he could, would he want to?

There had to be a reason why the Alchemy god had used his Intent to stop him from learning everything at once, so Alex decided to not tempt fate and fight against his Intent right now.

Still, it meant that the Alchemy God’s Intent wouldn’t last forever, so maybe it was about time for him to stop relying on it so much.

After he learned that, Alex got deeper into learning about the Dao of techniques.

Since he had learned more about the Intent aspect of it, he really needed to pull up the slack on the Qi and Pathway too.

He didn’t know if there was anything else he could learn about Qi, but there was a lot to learn about Pathway still.

Alex went around the Ancient Battlefield, going to the three places he wanted to, gaining insight into a few more mysteries, improving Pearl’s Intent.

He fought people to see what he had learned and had Pearl fight others as well. Slowly, the news about the True realm cultivator that could defeat Saint realm cultivators reached such popularity, that people were starting to recognize him just by his white mask alone.

Meanwhile, Alex continued learning about the Dao of Techniques, and finally after months had some sort of breakthrough where he understood a few things.

These were small, but pivotal things to help him learn the Dao of techniques in the future.


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