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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 889: Weird Metal Bahasa Indonesia

Alex’s next opponent was a lady from the Blazing Earth sect. She wore the red and white robes of that sect and held no weapons in her hand.

Alex was a little confused for a few seconds but then realized that she was an elemental fighter that needed no weapon.

So, as soon as the fight started, the girl used her technique that involved fire and wood energy.

Her fire Qi was Empowered by the Wood Qi. Even as the attack formed, the girl suddenly felt a vibration from the amulet she wore around her neck.

In the time it took for her to send out the attack, the amulet vibrated not once, not twice, but three whole times.

A massive ball of fire flew at Alex with incredible speed. In response, Alex simply stood there and took the attack head-on.

His Saint-ranked armor and his Saint realm body cultivation made it sure that he didn’t take a single bit of damage from the attack just now.

Unless someone was using a Saint-ranked weapon themselves, Alex found no need to worry.

The girl was surprised, and even a little scared. She tried to use some other spell, but the amulet on her chest kept vibrating nonstop.

She had no time to worry about that amulet, however, and prepared to launch her next attack.

However, she didn’t need to worry about that either.

At the exact time she was about to launch her attack, her amulet broke and the full force of Alex’s Heaven’s Impact landed on her and immediately made her mind go blank.

The girl fell to the ground, unconscious, as the powers she had been preparing to launch dissipated into the air.

The surrounding people that were watching the fight were very confused as to what had just happened.

That was barely a fight at all, and somehow the girl was down. Not only that, the elder was already moving to send her away from the stage.

“What… just happened?” some of them didn’t understand.

“Did he attack? I didn’t see anything,” another person said.

“It must’ve been a mental attack then. I noticed that guy had spiritual sense,” another person spoke.

“Oh, spiritual sense. That makes sense,” the people finally understood what was going on.

“That’s one dumb girl to not have brought a defensive item with her. How did she even qualify to come here? Is she some elder’s daughter or what?” the people started talking bad about her.

Those who didn’t know the girl assumed that she lost because of her lack of foresight. However, those who knew her, or even just sensed her as she was walking out, noticed the amulet on her and realized that the mental attack must’ve been quite strong for her to just pass out like that.

Of course, in the last 14 months, since he had been here, Alex was constantly improving his spiritual sense using the mask on his face.

His 600-meter radius spiritual sense that he had when he came to the Northern Continent, was now nearly 750 meters in radius.

That wasn’t as good as simply swallowing the mind of someone strong like Fu Tao, but it was still not bad nonetheless.

Being three-fourths as strong as a Saint realm, Alex was now capable of bypassing True ranked mental defensive artifact in just a few attacks.

Which was what he did for the next person that came up as well. The young man that was looking forward to winning against Alex immediately regretted being up there when the barrage of mental attacks fell on him.

In just half a minute after the battle started, the young man had lost as well.

Alex stood on the stage, looking at the group of people that were moving away from the line they had set up in. They were starting to understand that Alex was not someone they could just hope to win.

Alex was starting to understand something too. He knew this beforehand, but the fight just now only solidified the feeling in his heart.

True realm cultivators were no longer his opponents or rivals. He could no longer be compared to them in any way or fashion.

In every other sense, but the most important one, he was a Saint-ranked cultivator. His Qi didn’t show it, but he was one.

It was only now that Alex truly came to understand that fact. He couldn’t help but chuckle a bit at the realization.

‘I could’ve just asked for a spot at the mountain, couldn’t I? I didn’t have to go through such trouble,’ he thought. It was a shame he realized this too late.

‘If only my cultivation base could follow along with everything of mine,’ he thought to himself.

He waited for the next person to walk up, but was surprised when no one came up. If that went on for 5 more minutes, he could just pass without having to fight.

Alex waited and watched the people contemplate whether to fight him or not. A few outsiders noticed him alone on the stage and tried to go up on stage, but a few good souls explained the situation, and they were forced to sit aside.

‘So am I going to win just like that?’ Alex thought when another person quickly arrived at the stage before the entire 5 minutes were over.

The young man looked quite confident, and when he did get up on the stage and noticed that Alex’s cultivation base wasn’t even that strong, a wide smile appeared on his face.

“Hahaha! Time for you to lose,” the young man proclaimed.

Alex was amused, to say the least. The young man should have been in his mid-30s at best. With a high cultivation base, he didn’t look older than he should be.

Alex wondered why he was so confident when the young man answered it himself.

“So you’ve been winning with your mental strength huh? Let’s see what you can do against my Saint-ranked defensive artifact,” he said.

“Oh,” Alex understood where his confidence came from. If it was him, he would most likely be confident as well.

Alex smiled and waited for the elder to start the match. The young man opposite him didn’t bring out anything either for some reason.

Seeing that neither of them was going to bring out any weapons, the elder started the match.

Alex waited for the young man to make a move when the young man threw out something from his storage bag.

Even as the thing flew out, it turned into something big and landed not far away from Alex.

‘A puppet?’ Alex looked at what had come out. It was a puppet that held a staff in its hands.

Immediately, the puppet attacked.

The puppet was surprisingly agile as it swung the metal staff that sparkled all the way through.

Alex jumped to the side and dashed next to the puppet, but the staff in its hand suddenly shrunk to a third of its original size before expanding at the same time and hitting Alex in the chest.

Alex was tossed back, but he quickly stopped himself. ‘What the hell is up with these weapons?’ he wondered. ‘How are they all shrinking and growing?’

He flew back to the puppet at an incredible speed and struck it on the chest this time without being caught off guard.

The puppet broke into a thousand different pieces, while the weapon in its hands fell next to Alex.

Alex picked up the weapon and looked at it curiously. The staff was entirely made up of a metal that sparkled as if it was made from a piece of the sky and stars glittered all over it.

Also, for some reason, it was incredibly heavy.

That was not the impression he had gotten when he saw the other cultivators use such a weapon. But then, they were probably using their entire cultivation base to carry it.

‘It really is quite heavy,’ he thought. The weapon weighed close to 5 tons at least and was definitely a vicious weapon in anyone’s hands.

‘Stars,’ he thought as he saw the glitter in the metal even through his spiritual sense.

A certain metal came to his mind, one that could only be found on this continent.

‘Starforged Tungsten?’ Alex thought. ‘Is that why it is so strong?’

An attack flew from the side, and Alex casually swung the staff to knock it aside. He had for a moment forgotten that he was still in a battle as even though the puppet had lost, the owner was still there.

Alex looked at the weapon and wondered, ‘how do I expand it?’. He poured in some Qi and suddenly he felt the staff struggle to keep itself together.

He thought of expanding the rod, and suddenly it did. The staff enlarged to become 3 times it’s normal length and hit the young man in the chest who was trying to come close to attack him.

The young man dropped to the ground far away and was unconscious.

“Oh, I won?” Alex asked with a surprised tone in his voice.

The elder checked on the young man and asked back his staff. Unfortunately, Alex couldn’t keep it at all.

After giving the staff back, Alex waited for the next person to come up and challenge him.

However, after seeing how easily he broke the puppet in the last match, no one dared come up to him.

As such, no one came up to the stage for 5 whole minutes, and Alex won himself a spot in the Dao mountain.


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