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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 863: History Bahasa Indonesia

With only 6 people remaining, Pearl sped up.

The remaining men and women tried attacking him, but Pearl’s physical body was too tough for them.

One of the men immediately disregarded it all and ran back towards the city they had just left. The woman tried to fight back, but Pearl beat her easily with the White Tiger’s Golden Claw.

The third man lasted for maybe a minute longer before he realized he needed to run too. Pearl, however, got to the man before he even managed to run.

He wrapped 3 golden strings around the man and tossed him around like a ragdoll.

The three remaining True Emperors realized that Pearl was too strong, even for them. It was a little late to be realizing that, but at least they had realized it.

“Do we run?” the woman asked.

The man with the spear looked conflicted. There was no way to win here, but if he left, all these people that were down were likely going to be killed.

“No, we have to fight,” he said.

“I… I’m not fighting that,” the other man said and immediately turned tails to run away.

With another person gone, the remaining two had no choice but to run away as well.

Pearl watched the 3 runs, but he didn’t follow them. Instead, he looked around the snow at the many people that were on the ground, some squirming in pain, some fully unconscious.

He went up to these people and took their storage bags away. Then, he went up to the boat and took it into one of the storage bags he had just acquired.

Once he got everything he could out of these people, he ran off to return to Alex.

* * * * *

The sky to the east was glowing purple when Pearl returned back to Alex. Pearl gave a general description of what had happened and how he brought back some things for him.

Alex took the storage bags and kept them to look at it later.

The boat continued flying and the 4 people behind him didn’t even realize anything had happened at all. They didn’t realize when Pearl had left, and they didn’t realize when Pearl had returned.

The sun rose above the eastern mountains when the 5 of them returned back to the village.

When they arrived, the villagers looked confused, and couldn’t help but wonder if they had to return because of the snowstorm that occurred last night.

“No, we went to the Snow Road city and returned. We bought everything,” Fan Li said out loud to everyone’s surprise.

“You guys will have to thank brother Yu because of his help. You won’t believe it, but he has a flying boat. We reached the city in like no time at all,” Fan Yanshi started describing everything.

Alex spent a little time with the people and then went off to the garden, even though he was told that he didn’t need to do anything at all.

Alex agreed, but he just wanted to check on his plants before he returned to his house. He weeded some of the plants out, put some fertilizers in there, and after watering it all, he left.

By the time he had returned back to his room, Whisker was fully asleep.

Pearl came out and sat next to Alex while Alex looked at the storage bag that Pearl had brought him.

He looked through the many weapons and such, but the only thing he found useful from them was the boat.

“Maybe I will give it to these people,” Alex said. “Good job.”

Pearl smiled and showed his proud face. Alex pet him a bit and finally brought out the books and talismans he had been so excited to read about.

Alex opened the book named ‘History of the Northern Continent’ and read it.

The book talked about a certain war that no one knew anything about that brought a large amount of destruction to the land. They didn’t know much about what the war was about, or who the people were up against.

“Huh? They know about the Eternal War, that’s surprising,” Alex thought. The war was such obscure information that he didn’t think any of these people would know about it.

Just the fact that the war was common information, even though no one knew much about it, was already surprising to Alex.

Then the book talked about the ruler of these lands. They surprisingly knew that a ruler existed and that it was a beast.

They didn’t know that they were Black Tortoises or that they were from the immortal realm, but they knew there was a rightful ruler.

In fact, they even knew where the ruler lived.

Alex was beyond surprised at this knowledge. Back in the Western Continent, no one even seemed to know about the White Tiger’s existence. Granted, the White Tiger had died about 5 thousand years ago, but he would still have expected someone to know about it.

“The White Tigers did decide to not interfere with the humans and just ruled over the beasts, didn’t they?” Alex thought. He continued reading.

Aside from knowing that there was a ruler, there wasn’t anything much about the Tortoise in the history book, as all generations of tortoises that ruled this land generally stayed out of the world, and acted more as its protector, than its ruler.

At first, the people didn’t dare to try and become something of a ruler themselves, mostly in fear of the ruler taking offense to it.

However, as time went by and the general public started forgetting that a ruler even existed, more ambitious people came to be.

These people formed sects and tried ruling for a while, but as soon as the strongest one of them overcame the Saint realm and entered the Immortal realm, they were forced to leave, which left the sects in dire straits and under attack by the others that felt like they deserved to be the one.

The coming and going of sects happened for a long time, until about 30 thousand years ago, when a sect came around that ended up becoming so big that no one could topple it.

The Snow Immortal sect.

The sect managed to survive by always having two leaders each time.

Even when one of the Saint realm leaders of the sect could break through, they didn’t do so until there was another one to look after the place when they were gone, who would then immediately start searching for their replacement.

The sect ended up being so big, that it was called a Super sect, with branches at every corner of the continent, each with its own leaders, all of which reported back to the main sect.

The Snow Immortal sect pretty much ruled the Northern Continent.

However, about 8 thousand years ago, when the leader of the sect at that time tried to break through, he brought tragedy onto the land.

No one understood why, but when the leader of that time tried to break through, he couldn’t survive the process at all and died.

That wouldn’t have been bad, but the process was so powerful and so destructive, that the mountain the leader was breaking through was blown to smithereens.

The many sect elders and the other leader died at once. Then, the strongest people of the main sect were gone, with the branches still intact. Then, the 5 strongest branches at the time took advantage of the situation and broke off from the Snow Immortal sect to become their own sects.

The 5 sects became ancient sects with a history of nearly 30 thousand years thanks to them belonging to the Snow Immortal sect. In fact, it was said that they even targeted the main sect and stole away their resources, forcing the Snow Immortal sect to have no choice but disband.

There still remained a Snow Immortal sect, but it was a mid-range sect at best now with no hope of being a high-tier sect, let alone an ancient sect.

The 5 sects that split from the Snow Immortal sect decided to rule their own piece of land and split the continent into 5 different states.

The State of Bing was now governed by the sect that had come to be known as the Nether Poison sect. They were a sect that mastered using Poison, not unlike the Royal family of the Western Continent.

The State of Xue was now governed by the Heaven’s Frost Sect, which was one of the more normal sects of the land.

The State of Dong ended up being governed by the Frozen Heart sect, which was famous for being a woman-only sect that used some sort of technique to remove part of their emotion towards men and become stronger as a result.

The State of Shuang was now controlled by the Blue Spring sect, which was also a beast-taming sect, and one of the only few ones on the entire continent.

Finally, the State of Re was under the governing of the Blazing Earth sect, the only sect of the 5 that did not have anything to do with cold or ice, as most of the land of the State of Re never even saw snow.

These 5 sects were the strongest and largest sects of the Northern Continent and its current definite rulers.

After that, there was nothing informative in the history book aside from the beast’s rebellion in the Central continent, followed by an overwhelming victory in the Western continent.

Alex shook his head when he read that and closed the book. He was done reading.

However, that was just one book, and he had so many more to read.


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