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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 828: Plan 0 Bahasa Indonesia

The jaguar growled while striking at the barrier again, but that barely did anything.

“Do you think you can keep me here forever while you work to succeed in this little plan of yours?” the jaguar asked. “Do you not believe it when I say I will tear you to shred and feast on your corpse.”

“No, I believe you,” the woman said without blinking an eye. “That is why we used a barrier in the first place.”

“By the time this barrier comes down, either of two things will have happened,” the yellow-robed figure with the crisscross pattern on his robe said.

“Either we won’t get any answer from the kid and will be forced to kill you in this formation slowly,” the white-robed Zhou Tianqiu said.

“Or we will have gotten our answer and will be strong enough to kill you without needing this formation.” A creepy smile appeared on the old man with missing teeth and a deathly face.

The jaguar frowned. They had been prepared for this. They had been prepared for him. If that was so, then the human child, and more importantly, the young lord was in danger.

“Hold this please,” the old man in the crimson robe suddenly said and stood up. At the same time, the Saint foundation realm expert next to him struggled immediately as she was forced to pour twice the Qi on two separate nodes of formation flags at the same time.

No, it was more than twice. Since the old man held one of the more important nodes, she was forced to pour in more than what she could to keep the formation stable.

The Jaguar’s eyes shined a bit. He turned to look around at all the people other 12 people in the formation.

Aside from the Crimson-robed old man, there were 7 more Saint core realm cultivators. The others were in the Saint foundation realm and they were the weakest link in the formation.

While the jaguar did learn that, he still didn’t have a way to get out. He couldn’t go protect the young lord.

The crimson-robed man moved towards the monument and started placing formation flags around them in a large area.

The Saint rank formations quickly popped up, creating a barrier field that covered the monument.

The jaguar waited for the old man to go in, but he didn’t. Instead, once the barrier was formed, he returned back to the spot and took the task of pouring in Qi away from the struggling saint foundation cultivator and continued what he had been doing.

The jaguar turned to the monument that was covered in formations and frowned. Why didn’t this man go in?

In fact, that wasn’t all. The jaguar noticed several other Saint realm cultivators waiting around, all of whom definitely belonged to the same factions that were bounding him in here.

Why didn’t they go in? Why didn’t they go and directly get Alex when that was their plan all along?

He could understand why they didn’t go in along with the other juniors because it would have caused a commotion at the time.

But why not now?

Suddenly, the jaguar noticed that there was something wrong with his thinking. Why did he think that they hadn’t gone in already? Why did he think they hadn’t hid their cultivation base and entered with the other kids? It wasn’t like the demon realm didn’t let Saint realm cultivators enter without permission, unlike the beast realm.

He looked at the barrier and realized what their plan was. They weren’t planning to find Alex in the secret realm and make him spill his secrets. No, they were planning for him to come out and then make him spill it all.

This meant, there were definitely people inside that were there bringing Alex outside.

* * * * *

Pearl walked in his small size next to Alex. After leaving the people behind, Alex was making his way to the mountain in the north that was quite literally named ‘North Mountain’.

There was a barrier around that mountain that covered it completely, and while he had seen a bit of what was inside, all he saw was a giant hallway.

Now, he wanted to see what was really behind the 6th mountain. A mountain that no one had any idea about.

He was in the forest, making his way toward the mountain when suddenly he heard a whistling sound.

Alex quickly turned around and punched at whatever was coming, but the force of the clash still sent him flying backward.

Blood dripped from his hand but it wasn’t his blood.

People quickly arrived next to him and Alex got ready to fight. Before he could think what to do, a barrier sprung up around him, separating him and pearl.

There were a few figures around him, all of whom were out of the barrier.

Alex stood up and felt the weirdness about the barrier, something he could only say was similar to the weirdness he felt about the whole secret realm.

He saw Pearl outside and tried to call him back into his beast space, but the barrier didn’t allow for it. He tried to teleport outside, and the barrier still didn’t allow for it.

He then struck the barrier, but it was strong enough to survive his punch. What if he used Saint Qi?

Before he could attack, a few figures casually walked in through the barrier as if it didn’t stop them at all.

Fu Tao, Song Shing, Jin Tengfei, and He Liwei walked in. The rest stayed outside the barrier, with their cultivation base clearly in the True Emperor realm.

“Good to see you, brother Yu,” Song Shing said.

Alex sneered. “Are you guys here to get back at me because I took away your victory in the tournament?” he asked.

“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk,” Fu Tao shook his head. “Such lowly mindset. Do you really think we are petty enough to attack you just because you beat us in some tournament?”

“It sure looks like it,” Alex said. A sword had already appeared in his hand, and he was ready to strike at any moment.

“You might want to think twice about that,” Song Shing said as he reached into his chest and tore out a talisman.

Instantly, the aura of a Saint spread out from him, making Alex fear more than he should have.

“You broke through?” Alex asked.

Song Shing smiled. “Not just me of course.”

Fu Tao’s veil was removed from his dantian and the aura of a saint emerged from him as well. However, Alex felt some inconsistencies in his aura. As if he hadn’t waited long enough to have a stable foundation before breaking through.

‘He did it in a hurry then,’ Alex thought.

Nearly 20 different individuals were gathered outside the barrier, but Alex was occupied with just these two alone.

He looked towards Jin Tengfei and He Liwei, but their cultivation base was still in the True Emperor realm, but they were at the peak of it.

Jin Tengfei was in the 7th realm a year ago, so going up 2 realms made sense for him, but He Liwei had gone 3 realms. Alex wondered if he did so naturally, or did he rush?

Song Shing moved forward and spoke up. “Time for Plan 0.”


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