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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 821: Roaming the land Bahasa Indonesia

With the permission of the sect leader, Alex carved some formation flags to create an image obstructing the formation to block the stele from being seen by others.

He had analyzed the sect running formation of the Tiger sect for a few days before he was able to draw a blueprint for the necessary formation to join it into that one.

When he was ready, he put the formation flag around the stele, and without even needing his help, it activated itself the moment it was connected to the main formation.

Having been powered by the spirit vein underneath the sect, the formation would last as long as the main formation lasted, or the spirit vein was dried up.

Either one was just as unlikely in the current scenario.

Once that was done, Alex was finally comfortable with letting everyone read the human language.

Except for him, everyone became able to read the language and were soon reading all the different techniques Alex had handed them.

Of course, since they didn’t have Talent like Alex’s, it would take them a while to learn it all.

Alex decided it was time for him to leave.

After letting the people know that he would return in a few months, he left.

The puma helped him get back to the beast realm very quickly and Alex went to find the jaguar.

The black jaguar was sitting out in the sun, having nothing else to do in a palace that had no lord.

The moment Alex and the rest arrived, the jaguar noticed. It stood up and walked back to the paalce. Midway through, it met up with Alex.

“Senior, did you find anything?” Alex asked in a hurry. The whole way here, he had been waiting to meet with the jaguar and learn more.

Unfortunately, the jaguar shook his head.

“There is nothing on the World Tree. If it is as you mentioned, a Demonic plant, then it is understandable why there is no information on it,” the jaguar said.

“I see,” Alex gave a disappointed sigh. “About the Nine Heavens Yang tree?”

He wasn’t expecting much about this tree either, but he still asked.

“I didn’t find anything on that tree either,” the jaguar said.

Alex sighed again. ‘As expected. I don’t know what I was hoping for,’ he thought.

“But…” the jaguar followed. “I did find something.”

“Oh? What did you find?” Alex asked.

“It’s not about the tree, but when I went through the records, I did notice a mention of a faction called the Ning Heavens Yang court being one of the major factions of the Human alliance. Maybe that’s something?” the jaguar said.

“That… sounds almost the same. Maybe there is something there?” Alex said. “What’s the Human alliance by the way?”

“Don’t know,” the jaguar said. “You will have to ask someone more knowledgeable than me,”

‘I would love to ask Lady Ren if she isn’t dead already,’ Alex thought.

“Well, that’s that then,” Alex said. Now that he had gotten the info he had wanted, it was time to go roam the beast realm in its entirety.

Pearl stayed behind with the puma, while the jaguar took its daughter, Yao Jia, and accepted the task of being Alex’s guide to the realm.

Yao Jia had mostly only spent time in the palace, so she was taken on this ride with Alex.

Alex had guessed previously as to how big the beast realm was, but this was something else. It was as if half the continent had been hidden inside this secret realm that the original white tigers had found.

Yao Jia had Alex draw a map of everywhere they went, and Alex complied. He wanted to keep track of the mountains and lakes they had been to so that he could later revisit those maps and see if any of the places he had missed fit the map.

The beast realm wasn’t a unique piece of land at all. It was entirely covered in the forest from edge to edge. However, there were some places that were open grasslands where a lot of flowers grew and that made it look quite beautiful.

The land was big and going through every piece of it without missing anything wasn’t an easy task.

With breaks in between to cultivate overnight, the journey to the east took about 2 months of time which only ended when they reached the ocean.

Alex was surprised one could see the ocean through the secret realm, but he did see a chromatic wall around the beach, which was likely the barrier that kept the beast realm in place just like the one in the demon realm.

Alex was a little disappointed that he found nothing on this part of the beast realm, but he was still a little happy with the number of ingredients he had foraged in the 2 months he had been through here.

During these two months, he also broke through to the 2nd True Emperor realm.

From what he could tell, during the war after the death of the White Tiger, this place was one of the only places in the continent that didn’t have many things stolen from them.

So, throughout the realm, there were a lot of places where he found Saint Qi readily available. Alex practically decided at that moment that when he would break through to the Saint realm, he would do so here.

The trip back to the palace didn’t even take a whole day as they didn’t have to go through every piece of land this time.

He met up with Pearl and caught up with him. Pearl’s cultivation was steadily progressing, but there was still a month or two before he would enter the 3rd True Emperor realm.

As for Alex, he expected to do it in the next 3 months if he could continue to fight with the jaguar from time to time.

After resting for a week or so, Alex decided to continue his journey and he left for the western half of the realm again.

This time, Yao Jia didn’t want to go, so only Alex and the jaguar made their way through the land just the two of them.

This part of their journey would be a bit longer as the western half of the realm was about a third larger than the eastern half.

Alex scoured the land with the jaguar for nearly three months, but there was nothing.

At this point, he was pretty much certain that there was nothing here and he was just wasting his time. Still, he wanted to scour the entire land.

For 3 months he did that, and near the end of the third month, he was ready for a breakthrough once again.

Alex ate a True Emperor beast’s core, whose spirit was quickly destroyed by the sword spirit, and he sat down to breakthrough.

It didn’t take long. Only an hour later, Alex had entered the True Emperor 3rd realm.

Then, he spent the rest of the night cultivating and doing everything he needed to do.

Finally, Alex opened his eyes to the light of the new day as a person in a new cultivation realm. As soon as he did, he could tell very clearly.

Something was off.


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