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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 807: Blood Aura Bahasa Indonesia

Alex dashed away the moment the fight started. Instead of moving towards Song Shing, however, he moved to his right.

Song Shing crushed his vial of blood as the droplets flew all around him, ready to attack.

However, Alex was moving too fast for him to target accurately.

‘What is he doing?’ Song Shing thought. His spiritual sense barely caught Alex a few times he was inside the 100-meter radius, but Alex was moving all over the place so much that he was going in and out of his senses way too quickly to attack him.

‘Is he stalling for time?’ Song Shing didn’t understand what good it would do to him.

A sword slash flew towards Song Shing, which he easily destroyed by moving the many drops of blood all around him.

Alex finally stopped, breathing a bit heavily, but not too tired.

Song Shing saw the opportunity and shot out a few drops of blood. That was when he finally understood what Alex had been doing.

The moment the drops of blood approached Alex, he vanished, appearing a few distances away.

Song Shing, from the previous matches he had watched, had noted Alex’s teleportation skill. Being in the audience, he had also noticed that he could only teleport to places where there were objects in the open.

Or more accurately, from his estimation, Alex needed shadows. He didn’t know any more than that and he didn’t need to.

After all, his theory was proven firsthand by Alex. During the time he had rapidly moved all around the stage, Alex had been destroying the stage upon which he ran.

As a result, the stage was now full of chunks of rocks that created shadows for Alex to teleport to.

“Let’s see how long you can keep it up then,” Song Shing said and the blood floating in front of him turned into many small drops that started shooting at Alex.

The moment Alex saw the blood droplets getting shot at him, he teleported again. He appeared a few meters away and had to immediately teleport again.

When he arrived at the next location, another droplet of blood was already getting shot at him.

Alex teleported again and again, and the more he did it, the harder it became to keep track of the area.

However, he was managing to dodge every single attack from Song Shing.

Song Shing kept going for a while, but he was starting to get bored. When all the blood droplets in front of him vanished, he brought out a new vial and poured the content onto the ground.

Alex watched the bloody ground slowly glow red as the blood started moving around Song Shing as if it was being affected by a cyclone.

As the blood moved, it grew bigger and bigger, until it looked like a flood of blood.

Alex prepared his sword, ready to fight any attack that was coming his way.

Just then, Song Shing activated his technique. The blood that flooded all around him moved out in incredible force. Their amount had obviously been affected by Song Shing’s Qi, but it was still terrifying to see this much blood at once.

The flood of blood came up to about Alex’s waists, so he quickly jumped up to dodge.

‘That wasn’t as dangerous as it looked,’ he thought as he watched the blood flow to the edge of the stage. And that was when Alex noticed the problem.

“Shit!” he thought. All the work he had done, breaking the stage, creating chunks of rocks to teleport to, had all gone to waste as the bloody flood swept everything away.

There was no more place to teleport to. At the same time, Alex noticed that Song Shing already had his next attack prepared.

More droplets of blood appeared all around him, and this time they all fired off at once.

Alex slashed his sword, sending out a wave of energy to stop the droplets, but there were hundreds and thousands of them to possibly block.

As a result, Alex was forced to go on the defensive. He stabbed the sword onto the ground, while he used every single defensive technique he had to protect himself.

He placed his two arms in front of his face and waited for the barrage to arrive.

The drops of blood shot past him like bullets from a machine gun, battering him throughout.

His armor protected him from most of the attacks, but that was only around the chest area.

For the rest of his body, the blood bullets left tiny cuts all around him that slowly bled on their own.

Once the barrage ended, Alex quickly grabbed the sword with his bloody hands and got ready to fight. As he did, he saw Song Shing standing there in front of him with his right hand pointing towards Alex.

His 5 fingers spread out, and Alex’s spiritual sense caught something behind him.

Song Shing had used 3 different vials of blood by now, and behind Alex, those blood was starting to fly into the air as droplets again.

Alex realized what was happening. Song Shing’s left arm was ready to attack Alex the moment he teleported to him, and Alex saw that.

He had nowhere to go. Song Shing closed his fingers and the blood shot back towards him, leaving Alex in the crossfire.

Alex’s face turned resolute as he thought of a way to escape this predicament. He immediately jumped high into the air even as the droplets flew toward him.

He waited just until the droplets were right next to him, and then, he vanished.

When Alex reappeared, he arrived on the other side of the barrage.

“Tsk!” Song Shing clicked his tongue when he saw that Alex was safe from the sneak attack. He knew sneak attacks were useless against Spiritual sense users, but that was why he had made the attack so big.

Even then Alex had found a way to dodge it. The 3 vials of blood returned to his hand as he poured more Saint Qi into it as it slowly turned into a blood disc that spun around quickly.

Alex sighed in relief as his plan had worked. Using the position of the sun in the afternoon, he had flown up to create a shadow behind him in the distance which he had then teleported to.

Alex was glad he managed to dodge the attack, but a stronger attack was forming in front of him.

Alex snapped his fingers and a small sun appeared behind his head, casting a very long shadow on the stage in front of him.

Song Shing realized what was happening and his blood disc got ready to shoot out.

Just then, Alex teleported right in front of him as he swung his sword at Song Shing.

Song Shing also moved to attack back, but he froze mid-attack. His eyes went wide as his body didn’t respond to him.

Alex’s sword landed directly on his chest, striking his armor as hard as he could.

Song Shing couldn’t think of anything at the moment, so he was unable to protect himself.

As such, Alex’s strike ended up being strong enough to send him flying back.

Song Shing realized that he had frozen and tried to get his balance back, but by the time he managed to get a hold of himself, he realized he had stepped out of the boundary.

Alex looked at the man, and then at the boundary. “The hell?” he thought. Had he won? No way.

The referee didn’t understand what had just happened, but he saw that the Song Shing was out of bounds. As such, he announced Alex’s victory.

The crowd didn’t cheer. They couldn’t. They felt like they were betrayed. They expected an explosive battle, and instead, they got a whimsy victory on the side of the battle that was clearly the loser.

What exactly happened?

Helen’s worried face had already disappeared into confusion. Qin Shan wondered if Alex could’ve possibly bribed him.

The tournament committee was immediately sent to start looking for possibilities of collusion between the two opponents.

The Emperor looked from the tower with a confused expression, while the Princess couldn’t help but smile at Alex entering Top 4.

Alex was led back to the stands, to wait and watch the next fight as he hadn’t lost. ‘I didn’t lose,’ he thought to himself. ‘Wasn’t I supposed to?’ he couldn’t possibly understand why he was still here and why he was possibly going to the top 4.

“What the hell is your grandson doing?” one of the old men in the room in the tower asked angrily.

“I’ll go find out,” the matriarch of the Song family walked out of the tower and went to meet Song Shing who had just been led out of the stage.

As Song Shing walked, his grandmother arrived next to him and grabbed him before taking him somewhere where they could be alone.

“What the hell was that? Are you purposefully trying to ruin our family’s name?” she angrily shouted at him.

“No, no, grandmother, that is not my intention,” Song Shing said. “I… I simply froze.”

“Why the hell would you possibly freeze? Tell me, did he bribe you? Did he promise an Immortal grade pill? Is that why you lost?”

The matriarch was not happy with the result at all. However, Song Shing was still in a daze from the fight to care. He still remembered the feeling.

“Grandma, I… I sensed it,” he said.

“Huh? What did you sense?” the matriarch asked.

“I sensed it. I SMELLED it. The blood aura. HIS blood aura. It… it’s so potent, so strong. I froze the moment he came close to me and I sensed it.”

“I… I have never sensed something with more blood aura than that man’s blood. It… it was at least a hundred times stronger than my own blood aura,’ Song Shing spoke while he was still trying to figure out how that could possibly be true.

“Are… are you serious?” the matriarch started to understand what might have happened.

“Yes, grandma. We… we need to get him. We need to get his blood. With his blood, we may be able to use the techniques we have never been able to,” Song Shing said as his eyes started going manic from the blood thirst.

“With… with his blood, once he enters the saint realm, we… we might end up being able to use the technique like it was meant to,” Song Shing said and the matriarch understood. She didn’t think her grandson was lying, which meant…

“If… if his blood really is that potent then,” her eyes went manic from possibilities as well. “Then… we can finally use them. We can finally use the techniques written in the Blood God’s Manual.”


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