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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 804: Wounded Bahasa Indonesia

Alex stood up straight. He looked at his mangled arm which was starting to swell.

‘If only they allowed to bring a pill here,’ he thought. His spiritual sense was fully spread all around him, surprising even the referee to how big it really was.

People had known from his previous fights that he had it. If not for sure, they had an educated guess. So, the referee had come to the match expecting to see it.

However, when she really saw the side of his spiritual sense, she was truly surprised.

Most True realm cultivators that had spiritual sense could expand it to 60 or 70 meters at best, which would give them about 100 meters of sense if they forced it to.

However, Alex didn’t seem to be straining her eyes and even then he had the entire stage covered easily.

‘Can it go more,’ she thought. Just then, she noticed something with her eyes that her senses had ignored.

In his left hand, there was a sword. Or so her senses had told her. This was pretty normal as people had backup weapons.

However, when she looked for it, it wasn’t there at all. Only her spiritual sense could see it. Even then she couldn’t feel any Qi from it.

‘What’s going on?’ she started worrying that she might make some mistake in judging the fight since she had some knowledge missing.

Alex looked at the flying swords and frowned. Those were truly strong and there were many.

However, many swords also helped him in a way. Many swords created many shadows.

Although only 3 of them were real, that was 3 more shadows on the ground than before that he could use.

When Jin Tengfei saw Alex stand up again, he used his 21 Sword Array and the swords flew back down at Alex.

A punch and a palm strike flew directly at the incoming attack. They hit the front 3 swords, but that only paused them for a bit.

However, that pause alone was enough for Alex.

Jin Tengfei saw Alex suddenly move forward towards him and appeared halfway in between them.

Then, he disappeared again.

‘Shit!’ he thought. He immediately turned his swords around and pulled them back to attack Alex.

He turned around in time to see Alex swing a punch at him. He managed to back away just in time to miss it by a bit.

However, he felt his defensive mental artifact on his chest go warm. The warmth never faded as Alex’s eye fell on him.

Jin Tengfei wasn’t an idiot. He immediately realized what was happening. ‘Spiritual sense?’ he thought as his eyes went wide. ‘This damn kid is like Fu Tao.’

His final bit of Saint Qi was all he could rely on to win at this point, but those Saint Qi were flying around the sky, unable to strike Alex.

The Sword Array was his last chance at victory, however, Alex kept dodging it. He could only think of a single thing to do.

The direction of the swords suddenly changed as they fell towards Jin Tengfei himself. At the same time, Alex also teleported right next to him.

Alex saw the swords in the sky, but the shadows were clustered in a single area, so he couldn’t teleport to run away.

Jin Tengfei didn’t run as that would allow Alex the opportunity to escape too.

Alex didn’t know what to do so he punched Jin Tengfei as hard as he could, and Jin Tengfei allowed the attack with an open arm.

The punch landed on the chest and sent Jin Tengfei flying, and the sword array landed on Alex at the same time.

With no time to do anything, Alex put up his right arm in reflex as his defensive technique took over him.

His already bad arm was getting worse as they started chewing through his skin and then his muscles. Soon they would reach his bones and completely sever the arm.

The referee tried to move to save him, but Alex didn’t let her. ‘Don’t!’ his voice entered her head.

Suddenly, fire burned on top of Alex’s arm and that was the only thing he could think of to save himself.

“EXPLODE!” he shouted.


A massive explosion sent shockwaves through the stadium as even the barriers shook to let the audience know just how strong the explosion was.

Helen gasped when she saw her son’s body tumble through the stage towards one of the corners.

He hadn’t crossed the boundary at all, but that didn’t matter at all if he was dead. Tears welled up in her eyes as she wished for him to be fine.

As if hearing her pray, Alex slowly stood up. The right side of his face was charred and bloody. His chest was equally bad as half his robe was gone, and his well-defined body was burnt and bleeding.

Worst of all, half of his right arm was missing. His stump bled a bit, but not much.

Alex was in incredible pain and turned to look at Jin Tengfei’s horrified face. When he saw that, he smiled.

The creepy smile only worked to terrify Tengfei even more.

His spiritual sword appeared on his left hand as he dashed forward towards Jin Tengfei.

Tengfei had expected the match to be over, but Alex was clearly still fighting. He looked towards the referee who too was confused as to what she had to do.

Seeing her not move, he understood that the fight hadn’t ended yet, so he brought back his swords and prepared his array again.

Unfortunately, he no longer had Saint Qi to make it as strong as before. Now, it would only be as strong as his Qi and Sword Qi could make them.

Still, he believed that would be enough to beat Alex, given how run down he was at the moment.

The sword array moved down from the sky at Alex while he prepared for Alex to teleport again. However, Alex did no such thing.

After sensing the strength behind the Qi, Alex knew there was no more Saint Qi in the swords. So, without hesitation, he appeared in front of it with a single fist burning bright in golden light.

A single punch landed on the 21 different swords. The audience watched in disbelief as the punch easily overwhelmed the 21 swords.

The 18 different illusory swords vanished, while the 3 real ones were heavily damaged without the protection of Saint Qi.

Alex arrived in front of him and punched Jin Tengfei again. However, Jin Tengfei had been ready for it, so he dodged it.

Still, he felt the artifact around his chest go warm. His mind screamed in terror as he realized he was being mentally attacked.

Alex punched at him again and he dodged, but the artifact went warm again.

Again and again, the attacks kept piling up on Jin Tengfei. He tried to fight back, but even wounded, Alex was stronger than him when he didn’t have any Saint Qi.

So, after a while when his artifact finally failed, Alex’s spiritual sword went across his neck and Jin Tengfei suddenly lost consciousness.

Alex stood up straight, albeit breathing heavily, while Jin Tengfei was on the ground.

Alex raised his only hand in victory while the crowd cheered along with him.

Alex had won, and now he would move on to the Top 8.


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