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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 797: Single Attack Bahasa Indonesia

He Liwei had already realized that Alex was much faster than him regardless of if he used his own movement technique or not.

Besides, he was more of a turret-style fighter, one that would sit around throwing out skills until something landed and his opponent was down.

However, no matter what he threw at Alex, he would still stand up with not a single scratch on him. He couldn’t win like this at all.

“I have a proposal brother Yu,” He spoke up.

Alex who was about to attack stopped and looked in front of him. “What proposal?” he asked.

“A single attack to determine victory between us two,” he said.

Alex frowned a little. “A single attack? Against your Saint Qi versus my True Qi?” he asked.

“What? Are you scared? I thought you were winning,” He Liwei asked.

“I was, and I am not planning on throwing away my victory,” Alex said.

“Come on, you can’t be this much of a coward, right?” He Liwei asked.

Alex showed a visible snarl on his face as if his ego had been attacked. “Fine, attack me,” he said.

“Haha, good. Good. We will both attack at the same time,” He Liwei said and started preparing his attack.

He Liwei was very glad when he saw Alex’s cockiness. He knew he couldn’t win like this and needed to use his strongest attack to win. However, the problem with his strongest attack was that it took some time to prepare.

He Liwei saw Alex prepare for his own attack and got excited. He had a chance to win it. ‘You can’t just have brute strength. How could you forget that the brain is always stronger than the brawn,’ he thought to himself while shaking his head.

Then, he let go of his own sword and put it into his storage. Next, he put his two arms out in front of him as waves of Qi left his body at an incredible amount.

The ground shuddered while the wind roared. Heat waves distorted the surrounding for the viewers.

Tiny rocks moved on the ground as they slowly rose to the air while a raging fire appeared in the middle of it all. The fire shrunk and shrunk until it was nothing but a tiny little orb.

The rocks flew up to cover the fire and soon they started condensing too. As they did, the rocks slowly started glowing bright red from the heat of the fire orb.

The wind moved all around the newly formed glowing rock spike that flew in midair.

As He Liwei pumped more and more air onto it, the faster it spun. Soon, it was ready.

A deadly burning rock that would zip across the stage like a bullet. He Liwei didn’t have much control after letting it go. However, until now he had never missed the attack on a stationary target.

Since Alex had decided to the single attack match, it was guaranteed that he wouldn’t move at all.

“Ready, brother Yu?” He Liwei asked as he looked at Alex who seemed ready to use his attack. However, he hadn’t prepared it at all.

‘Arrogance! That will be your downfall,’ He Liwei thought.

Before Alex could even say or do anything, he let the rock bullet fly.

Alex stood there, on the pathway of the bullet, like a doe in headlights. That was exactly what He Liwei wanted.

He wanted to see what defenses Alex would put up to try and block the attack, but he knew that there was no defense a True King could produce that would stop his deadliest attack which was filled with Saint Qi.

Seeing that he had caught Alex unprepared, he smiled and his eyes shifted to the referee to watch her move to protect him. However, she remained unmoving.


The bullet zipped through the stage and struck Alex dead on the chest as it pierced through him before coming out of the other side and hitting the barrier.

The crowd on that side flinched when they heard the sound of the explosion from the fire and rocks that spread throughout the barrier on their side.

However, He Liwei didn’t care for that. He only cared that Alex was hit. However, he wasn’t hit. Alex wasn’t even there.

“An illusion?” He Liwei’s eyes went wide.

“A Qi clone,” Alex explained from behind him.

“Wha—” before He Liwei could exclaim, Alex caught him by his armor.

“My turn now.”

He put all his strength into his next move and threw He Liwei as hard as he could towards the barrier.

At the same time He Liwei left his hands, a small tongue of flame appeared between them which exploded with great intensity.

He Liwei felt like he had been hit in the head by a charging bull as the explosion rang his head hard. For a second, he couldn’t focus at all due to his brain rattling in his own skull.

That second was all it took for him to crash onto the barrier and fall to the ground.

He Liwei shook his head and stood back up to fight, but the referee was in front of him and shook her head.

He Liwei was confused at first. But then something came to him and he looked down.

He had crossed the barrier.

“I… I lost?” he asked in a dazed voice.

The referee nodded without saying a single word.

He Liwei dropped to the ground. “I… I lost? I failed? How can that be? I… I’m supposed to win. I’m… I’m supposed to…” He couldn’t fathom having lost against someone that he perceived as a stepping stone at best.

Now, he had become the stepping stone.

Alex got up from the ground as he tried to stop the ringing in his ears. “I should really stop having so many explosions right next to me. This can’t be good for my ears,” he said to himself.

The referee came up to him and he waited for his victory to be announced.

However, she instead just stood in front of him and said, “Junior Yu Ming, in suspicion of having used forbidden resources that go against the tournament rules, your result will be postponed until the elders come up with an answer. Do you agree to get tested for it?”

“Forbidden resources? You think I used pills for the strength I showed today?” Alex asked.

“That is the suspicion yes. If you do not agree to be tested, you will be considered guilty of going against the rules,” the woman said.

Alex sighed. He hadn’t thought that revealing his strength would end up with this.

“Very well. Let’s go,” Alex said and followed the woman.

The staff walked up to the stage to fix it after the tremendous battle that had left the crowd shocked.

The earth elemental cultivators quickly fixed the stage to how it usually was and walked away as it was time for the next battle to start.

Alex turned around just as he entered a hallway and frowned as he was really curious to see this match. After all, his next opponent would be between the man and woman that stood on the stage right now.

However, he was forced to follow the woman into the dark to prove his innocence on this matter and thus become the victor of this match.


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