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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 790: First Fight Bahasa Indonesia

  The fight happening outside was shown inside the room. A big screen hung over each of the groups showing them the matches from their group.

Alex watched two people fight against each other using swords and spears.

The fight went on for a while before one of them won with a close victory.

Alex saw the staff member go and switch his number forward in the bracket and called out the next two participants.

’One loss and we’re gone huh?’ Alex thought as he looked at the new set of fighters arriving on the stage.

One by one, the people fought their way through their opponents until it was He Liwei’s turn to fight.

Alex watched the man on-screen and saw him fight casually and win against his opponent. ‘That was just normal hand-to-hand combat. He didn’t even need to use any techniques,’ he thought.

A few more people went onto the stage to fight, and finally, it was his turn.

”Number 745 and 746,” the staff member called out.

Alex walked forward towards the staff and saw a girl walk out from the same group. The pink and green colored girl belonged to the Falling Lotus sect if he wasn’t mistaken.

However, given that her cultivation base was around True King 7th realm, Alex knew she wasn’t anyone big in that sect.

In fact, she was weak enough that Alex wouldn’t even have to worry about hiding his power yet.

The staff asked for their storage bags and checked them to make sure that everything was according to the rules.

Alex had brought exactly 5 items, so he was let go.

The two of them reached the stage, and Alex felt the referee’s spiritual sense land on him.

He tried feeling the woman’s cultivation base, but it was so high in the Saint rank that he couldn’t properly tell.

He looked at the referee’s blue robe and knew she was from the Shen family.

’Focus on the match,’ Alex told himself and watched the other girl bring out a thin, rapier-like sword from her storage bag.

Alex already knew she had to be wearing armor as everyone else did, and got ready to fight. He didn’t bring out any weapons, however, as he didn’t find the need to.

The sun had already gone way past the afternoon phase and was only a few hours away from setting.

The referee looked at both of them to see if they were ready, and when she realized they were, she started the fight.


The girl slashed a few attacks toward Alex to check on his reflexes.

Alex dodged to the side. Seeing the direction Alex was moving toward, the girl got to work.

She immediately dashed forward while stabbing her sword into the air multiple times in a single second.

Each one of those stabs created a single golden line of attack that flew towards Alex.

Alex saw the Metal attacks coming his way and immediately changed direction.

The girl landed halfway through her dash and switched her direction too, following Alex to attack him.

The rogue attacks landed on the barrier around the stage that was protecting the audience from the fighters and vice versa.

Before even coming to the stage, the girl had realized that there was likely no chance of winning against Alex, given that his cultivation was 2 realms higher than her own.

However, she needed to win this round. At the very least, she couldn’t be the first person to leave her sect.

For that, she needed to not let Alex attack at all. And that was exactly what she was doing.

Alex had to immediately run in the other direction when he saw the barrage of metal attacks come his way.

”AAAARGH!” the girl shouted as she kept stabbing onto the air even as her hand ached.

She turned as she attacked since her target kept moving.

Alex was weaving through her attacks, zig-zagging around the stage while slowly closing in on her.

He could have simply knocked her out already, or teleported behind her and won. Or, he could’ve attacked her, which could’ve hit her.

However, he didn’t. He needed to hide his skills, abilities, and power until the right moment. At the very least, he wanted to give He Liwei a taste of what he could do since he had openly underestimated him.

As he got closer, it became harder and harder to dodge. However, he could see that the girl was struggling, so he had a chance.

Alex suddenly stopped moving and the metal shots all landed on him.

The girl rejoiced when she saw that her attacks landed and started attacking more and more.

She sent out maybe 5 hundred of such attacks before her Qi nearly ran out and she was unable to move her arm at all.

The cloud of dust rose high where she attacked and breathed in relief. However, when she saw the referee stand there, doing nothing, she worried.

Suddenly, the dust moved as Alex flew out. Next to him was a flying shield that hovered around him.

The girl was both surprised and scared. At the same time, she moved her feet and ran backward.

The place they were fighting on was about 250 meters by 250 meters, so there were plenty of areas for them to run around in.

As Alex closed on her, the girl sent out random attacks to deter him, but the shield moved on its own to block the attacks.

The girl stopped running away and placed her palm on the ground. Suddenly, vines sprung out of the ground, trying to catch Alex.

Each one of the green vines was about the size of his arm. If they grabbed him, it would be like getting constricted by a dozen different pythons.

A golden claw appeared on his two hands at the same time as he jumped forward towards the vines and swung at them.

Like a butcher’s knife through meat, the claws cleaved away all the vines until they were completely useless.

The girl was surprised to see that he could fight the vines so easily. She started preparing some other attacks, but Alex wasn’t going to let her do that.

He employed his movement skill and suddenly all resistance was removed from him as his speed nearly tripled and he arrived in front of the girl.

The girl’s armor lit up to protect herself, but Alex was way too strong for her.

He kept away his Qi and simply used his physical force to punch the girl.

Even then, she was sent flying into the air as she landed a few dozen meters away, and skidded along the stage until she was out of bounds.

The referee had to run to grab her before she caused problems on the other side where another match was going on.

She quickly checked the girl and found out that she was okay.

”Can you get up?” she asked the girl who looked around in a daze for a while before nodding slowly.

”Good.” The referee brought her up to her feet and turned toward Alex.

”Congratulations, you win.”

Alex bowed towards the referee and the girl he hit and walked away.


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