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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 781: Bloodlines Bahasa Indonesia

  During the next half a month of training, Alex did come to learn the answer to the question he had been wondering.

Why are the beasts in the Beast realm so much more intelligent as compared to the beasts outside it. Not only were they intelligent, but some of them could also even fluently speak the human language.

When he asked about it the Jaguar, he had answered him the exact reason for it.

Apparently, the reason for a beast’s intelligence had to do with its bloodline. The better the bloodline, the better one’s intelligence would be.

Since the Beast realm had beasts with mostly better bloodline, they were more intelligent in general.

That made sense for Alex, but it had also raised another question in his mind. Why did the beasts outside the secret realm not have a better bloodline? Not all, but at least some of them should be vastly more intelligent, right?

That was when he learned what determined the strength of a bloodline. The bloodline always depended on the strength of its lineage.

A child of a Saint beast would always have a better bloodline than the child of a True beast even if the two of them were of the same bloodline.

Also, the bloodline would keep diluting as it went further down the line unless one could rise up to reach the same height as their ancestors.

Which for most beasts outside the beast realm was pretty much impossible. Because of this reason, Beasts that stayed in Qi-rich areas were always more intelligent than those that didn’t in the long term.

After half a month had passed and Alex had trained every day, it was time for him to leave.

”I should go now. The registration should begin at any time, and I don’t want to miss it,” Alex told Yao Jia and the Jaguar.

”Alright, let’s leave,” the Jaguar said and took Alex to the teleportation platform on the other side of the palace underground.

They stood on top of the formation platform and the jaguar brought out the badge.

”Wait, father,” Yao Jia hurriedly ran up to them. “Here.”

Alex took what she had handed and saw a book in his hand. Even as he flipped through it, he realized what it was.

”You finished it?” he asked excitedly.

”Yes,” Yao Jia said. “It was quite hard, but I did it.”

”Thank you.” Alex was very genuine. “It must have been difficult to translate it all.”

”Eh, don’t mention it. The translation wasn’t that difficult. The most difficult part of it all was just writing the words.”

”Do you know how many times I had to dip my claw in ink to write? Sigh, I’m never doing it again until I reach the immortal realm and can turn to a human form,” She said.

”Thank you for this, seriously. You do not know how easy this will make my life now.” Alex bowed towards her.

”Alright, I accept your thanks. Now leave, you don’t want to be late right?” she asked.

”Yes, I will be back soon.”

The formation activated and a white glow of light covered them as they disappeared from the palace and appeared outside.

The Jaguar quickly took Alex to the Dawnspring City which took them just about half a day with the Jaguar’s speed.

’So slow,’ Alex thought the entire time he was with him. ‘This is nothing like what brother Shen Jing could do.’

Once they reached the DawnSpring city, Alex asked whether the jaguar could speed up even more or not.

”No, that’s the fastest I can go. If I want to go any faster, I would have to break through some more,” he said.

’Hmm, well here is two more realms at least above where the jaguar is, so maybe that’s why,’ he thought.

Alex then left the jaguar and secretly entered the Flowing Brush sect to meet his mother.

There, he also let Qin Shan know he was back.

”Oh, you really are here, good. It’s only 2 weeks away from now,” he told Alex.

”The competition? Good thing I came early then,” Alex said.

”Yes, they have already started spreading information about the upcoming competition. I grabbed on for you, here. Read it.”

Qin Shan handed him a talisman which Alex quickly read.

The talisman mentioned the date and time of the competition as well as the registration event.

Apparently, according to the talisman, they were going to have 1024 different participants in this year’s competition.

For that, they had 16 registration areas from where they would gather exactly 64 participants.

”The closest one is in the Han Family home?” Alex asked after looking at the map.

”Yes, it seems so.” Qin Shan nodded. “That would mean everyone from the nearby area will go to this place for registration, including the Heaven’s Peak school.

”I see,” Alex said. “I will have to prepare until then.”

Alex stayed in cultivation for the next 2 weeks in his own room, without letting anyone know he was there.

The world still believed he was dead, so he didn’t want to go out and create a distraction for himself just yet.

However, when the day of the registration arrived, Alex had to get out and leave for the Han family home.

He was already late as most disciples in the sect had already gone to register, but Qin Shan had come back for him. Qin Shan prepared his boat and Alex got on it. Then, the two of them flew towards the Han Family ground.

Alex watched the mountain turn to the plain as she flew by the side of the Dawnspring city and arrived in front of the Han family grounds.

The area was a massive place filled with a lot of buildings, all belonging to the Han Family.

There was a great open area in the center for people to train in, and today, it was filled with tents and makeshift stages.

Alex jumped off from Qin Shan’s ship and landed outside the giant walls that were painted brown.

The word Han hung in the massive brown metal gate that was now fully open to accept the many people that were arriving.

Alex looked at the staff that was working and realized that it wasn’t just members of the Han family. Rather people from everywhere were here to make sure that there wasn’t any bias when it came to choosing participants that were to be registered.

Alex followed the group of young people that were led along by the staff towards the registration hall.

Alex watched the many people, most of whom were between 30 and 50 make their way along with him. He sensed their cultivation base and realized that majority of them were in the True Lord realm with quite a few True Kings and barely any True Emperor realm cultivators.

Soon, he arrived at a location where they were registering their information, so Alex got in a line.

Qin Shan had already left him to go wait somewhere, so he was alone in a sea of strange faces.

However, seeing everyone come here for the same thing made him feel like everyone was in this together.

The queue moved forward and Alex’s turn came to give his information.

”Name and affiliation,” the woman asked as she prepared a talisman to record his information.

”Yu Ming, no affiliation.”


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