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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 766: Returning to the Hong Wu sect Bahasa Indonesia

  Qin Shan was here to explore the empire, so he decided to stay behind in the capital and then go visit the various other cities.

Alex and Helen on the other hand went along with the two sects back to Scarlet city.

Liu Xun looked a few years older than he did before as he stood outside where the ship landed.

Alex gave a bright smile from atop when he saw him. As soon as he disembarked, he immediately went up to Liu Xun and opened his arms for a hug.

Liu Xin gave Alex a big hug before slapping him on the back, telling him how proud he was of his little brother.

”You’ve already beat me in cultivation, haven’t you?” Liu Xin asked.

”What are you saying, brother? I could never beat you,” Alex said.

”Don’t try to suck up to me. Master told me how strong you are now,” Liu Xin said.

Alex’s elder brother was now at True Lord 9th realm. 10 years ago when Alex left them, he was in the early realms of True Master. So he hadn’t improved by much when compared normally.

Alex then met up with Du Yuhan who was an elder. Their conversation consisted of just a simple greeting followed by a look of understanding of each other’s strengths.

Du Yuhan was now in the early True Lord realm, so in a few years, he would reach the True King realm too.

After they were done talking, Alex took his mother over to the Hong Wu sect.

Alex stood in front of the sect gate and looked at it with a face full of nostalgia.

Having been informed of his arrival, Lang Shun came flying over to the gate. Even after seeing him, he couldn’t believe that Alex was back.

”Martial Nephew? You really are back,” he said.

”Martial Uncle, I hope you’re doing well,” Alex said.

”So-so,” Lang Shun said. “This is?”

”This is my mother, Hei Lin. Mother, this is my master’s disciple brother, Lang Shun,” Alex introduced them.

”Thank you for taking care of my son,” Helen spoke.

”It was our pleasure, miss,” Lang Shun said. He was internally surprised at how strong his mother was.

Lang Shun had by now entered the True King realm, but he had done it after a long time and had only done so a few months ago.

So, he was surprised that Alex’s mother was stronger than him by a realm. ‘Like son like mother,’ he thought.

”Please come in,” Lang Shun said and took them inside.

Alex walked through the outer disciple mountain and arrived at the sect valley. However, he was surprised at how packed it was.

”The sect really grew a lot in my absence, didn’t it?” he asked.

”This is nothing,” Lang Shun said. “After we started taking in normal non-alchemy disciples, the mountains weren’t enough to keep them.”

”Now, two of the mountains are for the outer sect, and one is for the inner sect,” Lang Shun explained.

”Where are the core disciples?” Alex asked.

”We call it the Core region of the sect, but it’s the Forbidden Fields. Now that Qi has returned, that area has become exceptionally amazing for the main parts of the sect,” Lang Shun said.

Alex came to understand quite a bit about the changes. Similar to the Tiger sect, the sect valley had multiple stages and training grounds for normal disciples to train.

Outside of the main halls, every other location in the valley was stripped away as it was unnecessary.

Alex saw the many disciples fight and couldn’t help but wonder if he would have ever joined the Tiger sect had the Hong Wu sect had this as well.

”So the new disciples aren’t that great yet?” Alex asked.

”No, but they’re improving. In a year or two, they should be able to prove themselves in the competitions,” Lang Shun said.

The disciples greeted Lang Shun as he was one of the more important elders now. “Where’s Grandmaster?” Alex asked. “I was hoping to meet him too.”

”Master won’t be able to see you now,” Lang Shun said. “He’s entered his final closed cultivation.”

”Final… closed cultivation?” Alex asked with shock.

Lang Shun nodded. “After sister died, and then you left, Master forced himself to work very hard. As such, he ended up overworking himself very soon and went through Qi deviation.”

”He tried to recover but there was nothing he could do as his longevity was already ending.”

”As such, exactly 6 years ago, he entered his final closed cultivation to try and break through to the True Emperor realm.”

”If he succeeds, he can live for just that much longer. If he doesn’t… well, let’s just hope he does,” Lang Shun said.

”Can you visit him?” Alex asked.

”Um, we aren’t allowed to unless there is an emergency,” Lang Shun said.

”What if I had a pill that would help him break through to the True Emperor realm? Would you take it to him?” Alex asked.

”I don’t know how much that would help. He’s tried every type of pills he could find,” Lang Shun said.

”Mine is a little special. It has better harmony than most of the pills he most likely ate,” Alex said. “I am sure it will improve his chances by a lot.”

”Well… if you say so,” Lang Shun said.

Alex quickly brought out a few pills and handed them over to Lang Shun. “If grandmaster eats these 4 pills he will have a much higher chance of breaking through,” Alex said.

”What about this 5th pill?” Lang Shun asked as he picked it up.

”That’s for you,” Alex said. “It’s to regrow your leg.”

”Regrow my leg?” Lang Shun looked confused. “That’s not possible.”

”Is it not?” Alex asked while showing his left arm.

Lang Shun didn’t realize what he was doing until he remembered what he was looking at.

”Your arm! It’s back?” he asked in surprise.

”Yes, thanks to that pill,” Alex said. “You should eat it quickly.”

”Do you have more? There are so many more elders that will need it,” Lang Shun said.

”Yes, I have many,” Alex said.

”Good, we should start distributing it to everyone. How much do you take for it? I will speak with the sect leader to open up the treasury,” Lang Shun said.

”Martial uncle, do you really expect me to take compensation for helping you?” Alex asked. “I brought it all just for you. Take it.”

”A-are you sure? Pills that can regrow limbs should be very rare,” Lang Shun said.

”Don’t worry. I have a recipe with me that I will share with you. Then you too will be able to make these pills,” Alex said.

”I can’t wait to eat this then. Come on, let’s hurry,” Lang Shun said and took Alex over to the Elder’s hall.

Helen on the other hand walked around the sect, looking at the various things.

After entering the hall, Lang Shun quickly went to an empty room and took off his fake leg. Then, without waiting, he ate the pill.

5 minutes later, he was full of tears and had 1 more leg than he did before.

”Thank you, martial nephew,” Lang Shun said. “I would have never imagined I would be able to get my leg back at all.”


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