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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 706: Training Bahasa Indonesia

  ”This is the training hall we use for disciples to train in,” Qin Shan said as he gave Alex a tour of the place where he would be training.

”Does this suit you?” he asked.

Alex looked at the wide and open room with enough space for him to maneuver around as he trained.

”Yes, this will be perfect,” Alex said. “But there’s another problem.”

”What? What’s wrong with this room?” Qin Shan asked.

”Not with the room, sect master,” Alex said. “With the fighters.”

”What’s wrong with my fighters?” Qin Shan asked.

”I feel a little awkward fighting with people that may spread rumors of my ability,” Alex said.

”Do you know a lot of techniques?” Qin Shan asked

”Not techniques… exactly,” Alex said. “You’ll understand when you see me fight.”

”Alright, how about if I make them swear to secrecy?” Qin Shan asked.

”Will that matter? How do we make sure they keep their promise?” Alex asked.

”No, we make them make an oath to the heavens. That way if they do break it, they will suffer Qi deviation at best, and lose their soul at worst,” Qin Shan said.

”What?” Alex looked a little shocked. “You can do that?”

”Did you not know?” Qin Shan asked.

”I don’t think anyone in the Crimson Empire knows about this. If they do, nothing is public,” he said.

”Well, if you make an oath to the heavens, it forms a seal on your spirit. If you break the oath, the seal damages your spirit,” Qin Shan said. “That will be enough to keep your secret right?”

”Yes,” Alex said.

”Alright, I will call someone who’s free to train with you,” Qin Shan said and brought out a talisman, but Alex instantly spoke up.

”Only those in the True King realm,” he said.

”Okay, only those in the True King re— wait what?” Qin Shan turned around to give a confused look. “Did you misspeak? You mean True Lord realm right?”

Alex shook his head. “There’s a reason I’m going so far as to get them to make an oath, sect master,” Alex said.

Qin Shan’s face quickly got serious and he whispered to Alex. “Are you saying you can fight True King realm cultivators?” he asked.

”Yes, or rather, I can beat every other True Lord realm without any problem,” Alex said.

”Oh, now I’m curious how strong you are,” Qin Shan said and quickly called over someone.

Not even 5 minutes later, a young man who seemed to be in his late 20s appeared in front of Alex. From what Alex could see, the young man was likely not young at all, but rather in his late 30s.

His cultivation base was at True King 2nd realm.

”Yes, sect master,” the man arrived next to Qin Shan.

”Yao Bai, meet the guest elder Yu Ming,” Qin Shan said.

”Ah, you must be sister Hei Lin’s son. It’s nice to meet you, elder Yu Ming,” the man said respectfully, even though he was the elder here in terms of age.

”Hello,” Alex gave a sincere greeting.

”What am I doing here, sect master?” Yao Bai asked.

”You’re fighting him, a practice match,” Qin Shan said.

”Uhh…” Yao Bai looked around. “Fight?”

”His idea,” Qin Shan gave a shrug. “But first, you must swear an oath to the heavens that you will not reveal anything that happens in this room to anyone else.”

”What? An oath?” Yao Bai was scared. “Sect master, I…”

”Relax, it’s a one-way oath, and you only need to keep a secret of whatever happens here,” Qin Shan said.

Alex brought out a pill from his storage bag as an incentive and threw it to Yao Bai. “Make the oath and you can get more of those pills for free,” he said.

”This is?” Yao Bai opened the pill bottle.

”It will help improve your speed of cultivation by nearly 60%,” Alex said.

”What?” Yao Bai looked back. “Okay, I will swear.”

Yao Bai immediately stood straight and said, “I swear to the heavens that I will not reveal whatever I witness in this room today and will keep it a secret until I am given the permission by guest elder himself.”

Alex felt a faint movement of Qi and air in the surroundings and felt something else move upon Yao Bai.

Yao Bai shuddered a bit and shook himself free of the feeling. “Done,” he said.

”We can begin,” Qin Shan said.

Alex moved over to one side of the training hall and waited for Yao Bai to do so. Once they were both in position, Qin Shan moved over to the side and waited for them to begin fighting.

The fight started when Alex sent out a simple Iron Fist punch with barely any effort in it.

It flew fast, but slow enough for Yao Bai to dodge. Only then did the fight officially begin.

Yao Bai’s brought out a metal rope from his storage bag and got ready to fight.

’A metal whip?’ Alex wondered when he saw that and noticed something at the end of the whip. There was a sharp dagger on the end of the whip.

’A dagger whip?’ Alex thought. He had never seen a weapon like this before.

A shield appeared from Alex’s storage bag and hovered around him, constantly moving around to protect him from the attacks.

Alex didn’t bring out a weapon of his own. After all, this was the time for him to test his fake arm for the first time.

Yao Bai swung the metal rope and sent the dagger going his way. Magically, the rope extended and hit the side of his shield.

Alex heard a bang and knew it was time to go fight. He dashed forward to attack his opponent, but Yao Bai suddenly stepped on his expended metal rope, and the dagger attached to the end of it came flying back towards Alex.

Alex didn’t give much care. The shield moved behind him in time and stopped it. At the same time, Alex dashed forward and punched the man.

The man stretched his rope and caught Alex’s punch. However, he was pushed back a little as he hadn’t expected him to be so strong.

His eyes went wide immediately and he sent out a long part of the rope around Alex’s right side.

Then, he pulled and Alex was suddenly constricted.

”Give up!” the man said, thinking he caught Alex, but Alex only smiled.

The next instant, Alex disappeared, appearing next to the man. He then punched as hard as he could and the man took it with his body.

Alex felt something hard and knew the man was wearing armor. But still, he was sent flying back as he hadn’t defended the attack at all.

The man stumbled, caught himself, and got back up just in time to see Alex jump towards him.

The man suddenly spun his rope around, creating a sort of spiral around Alex while he was flying towards him.

The next moment, the man pulled the rope to constrict Alex once again, but a barrier appeared around him, stopping the rope from touching him.

Then, Alex’s left hand moved. The moment the barrier went away, his left arm caught the metal rope and pulled.

As a Saint rank artifact, it was stronger than his normal body. Since it was primarily meant to be an arm, it wasn’t as strong as a weapon could be, but it was still a Saint Earth artifact.

At the very least, it had the power of a True King realm fighter.

As he pulled on the rope, suddenly, he felt the rope grow as it extended past where he pulled, but the man stood where he was.

Then, the rope shrunk and the man used the opportunity to pull himself.

Alex tried to let go immediately, but his hand wasn’t as fast as his real one would be. As such, he was pulled with the rope.

Alex heard a bang even as he was pulled and knew that his shield must have protected him.

Along the way, Alex let go of the rope and landed on all fours.

As if some animal instinct suddenly kicked into him, he dashed on all fours and started fighting like an animal with his claws on both of his hands.

As a replica, the fake arm could do everything his real arm could do, and thus it could also form claws with his metal Qi.

Alex slashed at the ropes and the man’s armor. Yao Bai was completely unsure how to fight this fight. After all, he had never seen a man fight like an animal.

Alex was finally using the training he got back in the beast realm where he fought hand to hand against beasts every day.

Qin Shan looked from the side with clear shock in his eyes. He was sure by now that Alex’s strength far surpassed his cultivation base.

However, having the strength and being able to use it were two different things. Even seeing him fight like an animal was very surprising for him.

’How the hell did he learn to do that?’ Qin Shan wondered. ‘How is an Alchemist able to fight this well? That too in just 6 years?’

One could only wonder what Qin Shan’s face would be if he knew 3 of those 6 years were non-existent.

Alex flipped and backed away from Yao Bai and got on his feet. He no longer continued to fight like a beast and instead, a warm, yellow aura flickered around his palm.

With a slam, Alex sent the Palm of the Sun directly at Yao Bai.


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