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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 67: Auction House Bahasa Indonesia

After Ma Rong left, Alex still stayed behind and made quite a few more pills. He made 3 different types of pills after the Qi Improving pills.

They were,

Swift Feet pill: this pill decreased a person’s weight for a limited time and made them move around faster.

Qi Enhancing pill: this pill helped people in the self-tempering realm overcome their bottleneck when trying to break through from one realm to another. This was the same pill that Kong Yuhan made when he first met him. He had also learned the recipe for this pill thanks to Kong Yuhan himself.

The final pill that Alex made was probably one that Alex was surprised the most with himself. He didn’t think such a pill even existed. Now that he did, he started wondering what other wondrous things you can do with pills.

The pill was called Face Changing pill. If you ate the pill, depending on the harmony levels of the pill, the pill would randomly change your face to a completely new one.

Alex had made 2 of these pills and had managed to make one with 26% harmony that changed a face for 26 hours, and another 35% harmony that changed a face for 35 hours. Both of the pills were above the threshold of an Earth Grade pill.

In fact, none of the pills he had made after obtaining the spiritual sense had been lower than 20%.

In total he had about 12 Qi Improving pills, 5 Swift Feet pills, 4 Qi Enhancing pills, and 2 Face Changing pills. If he kept on going like this, it wouldn’t take him more than a few days to earn the title of a Common Earth Alchemist.

Finally, it was time to do the one thing he had been looking forward to since the first day since he started playing the game. It was time to go earn some money.

He logged out to get some food and returned after a while. He walked down the mountain and reached the sect valley. He went past the valley and walked up the outer sect mountain.

He reached his previous cottage and realized someone was already staying there now.

‘That was fast,’ he thought.

He walked out of the sect gate. Thanks to his new status and authority, he no longer required permission from the disciple hall to leave the sect.

He walked toward the center of the city, looking for an auction house. From his understanding, you could sell your pills in an auction house and get some silver, or gold, or even spirit stones.

He finally found a small auction house that looked not too fancy, yet not too simple either. He walked up the stairs and a girl in a mask came out from inside.

“The auction takes place tomorrow at noon dear customer. If you are here for it, please return.” The girl simply said.

“Uh… no, I am here to sell some stuff,” he said.

“Please follow me then,” she said as she took Alex through a long hallway to an open room with multiple doors leading to multiple rooms. She walked up to someone and whispered something in their air.

The person turned around to look at Alex. Alex saw a beautiful middle-aged woman with long black hair in dark red cloth with white ribbons on it.

She was almost a head taller than him when she came and stood right in front of him. The women quickly scanned his outfit to guess what sort of customer he was.

‘Light green robe… Hong Wu outer sect, huh. They usually don’t sell outside. I wonder how this one came to be here,’ she wondered.

“I heard you are here to sell something, the customer. Can you tell me what they are?” she asked respectfully despite his standing. She respected money, and if a dog could bring her money, she would respect it too.

“Oh, I am here to sell some pills. Uhh… do you also take monster corpses?” he asked.

“We only auction monster corpses that costs over 10 golds. Anything else, we don’t accept. Same with pills.” She said.

‘How much are 10 golds again? That’s like 1000 silver coins right?’ he wasn’t accustomed to the currency of this world as he didn’t have much interaction in the marketplace aside from the occasional taverns and food stores he visited.

“Um, what realm of monsters sell for over 10 golds?” he asked.

The women thought for a bit, and said, ” It’s a little hard to tell exactly what cultivation. It depends more on how good or bad the corpse is. But, usually, if the monster’s body isn’t destroyed a lot, anything at organ tempering and above will do.” She said.

Alex took out a bag full of monster corpses and handed it over to her. “Can you tell me how many of these are useful?” he asked.

The woman opened the bag, and immediately got shocked. ‘So many. And one of them is even at Meridian tempering.’

She tried to reel in her shock and looked through the different monsters. There were quite a few monsters in there, and almost all of them were either cleanly cut off, or still had their bodies intact with zero injuries.

‘They were definitely killed by some very high-level cultivator with incredible techniques. Definitely not by this kid.’ She thought. And she was right. They were killed by Luo Mei who was nearly halfway through the Mind Tempering realm.

She took out an empty storage bag and transferred most of the corpses to that bag. She handed the original bag back to Alex.

Alex looked into the bag and realized there were only a few monsters, all of which were lower than Bone Tempering 6th realm.

‘She accepted Bone Tempering 7th realm? Didn’t she say she didn’t accept anything lower than Organ Tempering realm?’ he thought. Still, this was good for him, so he didn’t complain.

He then took out 6 different pill bottles, each containing 5 or fewer pills in them.


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