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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 633: Poison Testing Bahasa Indonesia

”Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!” Alex said, seeing the snake slide, and not slide at the same time towards him.

The Saint realm aura was making Alex very scared. There was no pressure, but it was the incoming poison that scared Alex.

”It’s fine, little Brother. He has an antidote,” Shen Jing said, and the snake nodded.

Alex gulped down and looked at the snake. It was only now that he was properly taking a look at the snake.

The snake had dark blue scales all over its body until its heads split into three two-thirds of the way into its body.

Each head had about a meter-long neck before the head arrived. It looked like despite having 3 heads, the snake was a single thinking organism.

Spiritual senses escaped from the snake, scanning Alex and a voice drifted into his mind.

”Choose one head,” it said.

”What?” Alex asked. He looked at the snake with a bit of confusion.

”My three heads have different poisons. Choose one,” the snake said.

’Is this a game?’ Alex thought with shock. Still, he didn’t dare defy the snake and slowly moved his hand and said, “The middle one.”

The snake hissed. “Bad choice.”

It moved in a blur, enough to catch Alex off guard and the middle head sprayed purple fog directly at his face.

Alex unconsciously took in a breath, and suddenly his body froze up. Then, he fell to the ground with his entire body writhing in pain.

”AAAARRRGHHHH!!!” He shouted so loud that Shen Jing had to create a barrier with his Qi to keep in the sound.

It burned. Not his body, not his mind, but his meridians. All the intricate channels in his body swelled as poison dared to break them.

His body tried to get rid of the poison, but the poison was in his meridians. Aside from having some influence, the body couldn’t really do anything for the poison. Still, it devoured his Qi, trying to heal what was hurt, rather than get rid of the poison.

His body would run out of Qi before all of it could be healed. Even though his reserves were of massive amounts, this was a saint beast’s poison. His body couldn’t heal faster than the poison could damage it.

The snake hissed at Shen Jing, saying something and after a minute of listening to the scream, he finally spoke.

”Yes, go cure him,” he said.

”NO!” Alex shouted. “I can do it.”

Shen Jing was surprised. He didn’t think Alex had enough wits at the moment to see what was happening on the outside.

”You will destroy your meridians if you become stubborn here, you know,” Shen Jing said.

”I know!” Alex shouted. “But I can get rid of it.”

He pushed himself up with a single hand and got into a cultivating position. He took a deep breath, and with a thought, his Qi started moving through his meridians.

The Five Yang Divine Path taught him how to move his Qi through his meridians and he followed it.

As the Yang Qi moved through his meridians, it destroyed the poison on its path, leaving just a slightly swollen meridian along the way.

As it passed through more and more of his meridian, the poison was more and more destroyed.

In the next two minutes, as Alex cultivated, all of the poison in his body was completely destroyed.

Alex opened his eyes and heaved a sigh. For some reason, it felt like his Qi had increased a bit as well.

The snake’s eyes were wide open in shock, but it wasn’t limited to the snake alone. Even Shen Jing was a little shocked.

He went close to Alex and checked. “If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I would have likely never believed it,” he said with awe.

’Just how many secrets does this young man have?’ Shen Jing thought.

”I’m surprised myself,” Alex said. The snake hissed something at him in shock, not even remembering to use spiritual sense to talk.

”That was its strongest poison designed to disrupt the opponent’s meridians, it says,” Shen Jing somehow translated.

”Forgive me senior, but can you use your other poisons on me too?” Alex asked.

Shen Jing raised an eyebrow in surprise and turned around to nod at the snake.

The snake slid up to Alex and bit him on his leg. Intense pain flared in Alex’s body as his blood vessels swelled and became purple in response to the poison.

Alex immediately started using his Five Yang Divine Path and as if it never existed, the poison vanished.

It didn’t even take two seconds. The snake was beyond surprised at this point, and Alex too was fairly surprised.

’So cultivating helps quite a lot while removing poison, huh?’ he thought. He had never cultivated while he was poisoned, but seeing that it could remove Saint rank poison too, he would make sure to do so from now on.

”The last one, senior,” Alex said.

The snake said something to Shen Jing and Shen Jing fell into thought. “The last one is a mental poison. Are you—”

”Please do it,” Alex said, getting ready.

The snake had no choice, so it used the technique it had only learned after growing the third head to its left.

A mental attack.

Spiritual energy that was purple in Alex’s senses gathered in front of the snake and shot at Alex at a speed that he couldn’t even register.

When it entered his mind, he felt another intense pain from his spiritual sea. With a thought, he appeared inside his spiritual sea to see a massive gathering of purple clouds that were starting to corrupt some of the water in the sea.

”Oi, kid! What is happening? You’re not dying, right? If you’re dying, please send me out first. I don’t want to die with you.”

The artifact spirit, Godslayer spoke hurriedly from the side, but Alex ignored him.

Alex then flew to the top of the mountain and put both of his hands to the side. With a thought, a massive fog of yellow light emerged from his hands and started spreading towards the purple fog.

It looked like there would be a fight between the two patches of fog for a moment, but a moment later the yellow fog started devouring the entire purple fog.

When all the poison disappeared, Alex brought back his fog into him, leaving a pristine but stormy sky with threads of silver light flying through the air.

He never really could consume those silver threads with anything but his hands themselves.

Once all the poison was gone, Alex ignored the thankful cries of the Godslayer and teleported out.

When he came outside, Shen Jing looked in awe and so did the snake.

Alex got up from his position and bowed toward the snake. “Thank you for letting me test the limits of my body with your poison,” He said.

The snake hissed to say something and only later realized that the human couldn’t understand it. Then, it repeated the same words again in his mind.

”It’s fine.”

The snake was too shaken by what had happened to say anything else.

”I am surprised that you managed to survive the Three-headed Hydra’s poison too. I never thought it would be possible, but you really did it,” Shen Jing said.

’Three-headed Hydra?’ Alex thought with surprise and he spoke up.

”Senior, I have a request.”


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