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Alex could feel that his body was starting to get a little out of control, even for him, but a long period of cultivation with the Yin art controlled it to an extent where he could be fine.

Not for very long though. After cultivating for more than a month with the Five Yang Divine Path, he knew that sooner or later, he would end up having the same problem his master did, and a mere cultivation technique would not be able to stop it.

However, that wasn’t right now. Right now, Alex needed to go out and train. So, he walked into the newly carved path through the mountain and appeared on the edge of it.

There was still a good 10 meters of distance to carve out of the ground, but Alex had stopped here. This was his way of hiding his entrance. To get out of here, he simply needed to do one thing. And he did it.

Alex teleported.

Once Alex was outside the cave, out in the forest, he marked the entrance to the cave with a few slashes from his sword.

Now, he was going to have to do 2 things. First, go find his cauldron. It was imperative that he found it.

2nd, fight a strong beast. There would be no point in coming to this place if he didn’t find and fight a strong beast.

He wouldn’t overreach and look for True King beasts, but True Lord 5th realm beasts were what he believed to be the perfect ones for him to fight.

Currently, together his strength should have been a little less than True Lord 5th realm, but he still needed that challenge to get stronger.

It turned out, he was right about being below a mountain. When he came out, he appeared in the valley. So, the beasts were plenty for him to fight.

To start off the training, he ducked. A bird about the same size as Pearl, when he was small, went flying past where Alex’s head was.

That little bird was going for the kill. Alex recognized the bird as a Red Silverbeak. It was a more common variance of the exceedingly rare Azure Silverbeak that Pearl had beaten in the Riverweed city.

This one, however, wasn’t as weak as that one. It was a True Master 8th realm beast. To it, Alex must’ve looked like a tasty little prey.

Alex sighed. He didn’t want to kill such cute little beasts, but if it was going to attack him, he wasn’t going to not fight back.

As the Silverbeak flew back towards Alex, his sword shined with white light and he flicked it, making an arch with his sword.

The next moment, the Silverbeak fell onto the ground, its body cut in two. Alex simply shook his head at the beast. So many were going to fight him because he was an easy target, only to come up dead not so long after.

He walked over to the bird and removed his core. This time, He had a place to keep it.

Alex then continued his journey. Since he was planning on only keeping cores in there, he skipped the bird’s body, but he didn’t skip out on the small alchemy ingredients he found growing around him.

He had enough space for now anyway. Alex didn’t want to leave very far away, but it seemed he had to as there weren’t many beasts nearby for him to fight.

So, he left the area. But, every couple of meters, he left a mark on the trees around him the direction he needed to return to the cave.

As he kept on walking, Alex fought 3 more beasts, but none of them were very strong. They were more of a hassle than a challenge.

Alex started to frown. ‘Will I not find a good beast to fight against?’ he thought. But just then, he saw something at the edge of his senses.

There was a beast sitting on top of a tree with its tail dangling beneath it. It seemed to be enjoying its time in the wind as it had its eyes closed and seemed quite relaxed.

Alex stopped. What should he do? Should he fight the beast? Or run away? He couldn’t decide at all.

On one hand, the beast had a True Lord 6th realm cultivation base, with Alex’s standards just a bit too strong for him. He didn’t see any chances of winning on his side at all.

However, on the other hand, it was a Blueflame Monkey, one of the beasts that held the ingredient to his pill to regrow his limb.

Alex fell into a dilemma. Did he value his life more, or his limb?

”Don’t be a coward now,” Alex said to himself. “It’s just a bit strong of a challenge. Nothing to run away from.”

Thinking that, Alex gripped his sword tightly and ran towards the monkey, consciously letting it know he was coming.

The Blueflame Monkey was surprisingly red in color. The name Blueflame came from the little fire that burned at the end of its tail that was fully blue in color.

The monkey looked at the shouting Alex and frowned. It didn’t know why such a weakling was coming toward it, but it didn’t care.

It jumped down from the massive tree it called its home. There were many other stronger beasts nearby, yet the monkey was able to keep it for itself.

Alex noticed the tree it was sitting in as well as the massive fruits that grew in it.

His running slowed down as his breathing got heavier.

”Enlightening Mango!” Alex thought in surprise. The giant mangoes were said to have the capability to help someone gain some understanding in their cultivation path.

Alex didn’t know what that meant or did, but the mangoes were really coveted and thus he wanted them too.

The monkey and the fruit were two things he wanted at the same location. Alex couldn’t help but be extremely happy.

The monkey noticed that Alex wanted the tree and suddenly got angry. With a growl, the monkey jumped at Alex.

Alex was surprised at how quickly the monkey decided to attack, but he had been ready. So, as soon as it arrived, he brought out his gleaming, golden sword with white outlines around it, and tried to slice its hand.

The hand that struck the sword bled a little under the strike, but it was Alex who felt more of the damage.

His legs skid a few steps back before coming to a stop. ‘Damn, this monkey sure is strong. I need to be careful,’ he thought.

The monkey realized that it was the superior figure in this battle, so it started teasing Alex by showing its behinds.

It worked. Alex got mad. His sword moved in an arc in front of him, leaving behind 5 distinct phantom swords of the same sword he held, all of which were golden in color.

The swords slowly tilted until they were targeting the monkey, and flew off. The damage the Penta Sword Skill did was negligible to the monkey, but it was the visual Alex needed.

Once the 5 swords flew toward the monkey, the monkey got a little concerned, but still more or so careless about its situation.

The monkey punched in mid-air, sending a flying blue flame towards the swords, which when hit created a massive explosion that nearly knocked Alex off of his feet.

Alex stood his ground, however, and sent Heaven’s Impact at the monkey. Right now, its blood was more valuable to him than the fight.

The monkey seemed to somehow notice the incoming mental attack and suddenly spun around. As it did, the blue flames in its burning tail lit up brightly, leaving a blue light where it passed through which created a barrier around it.

Heaven’s impact landed on the firewall and destroyed it, not before being mostly destroyed itself.

”Tsk,” Alex said as his only chance at victory was stripped away so easily. “How come the beasts are so good at blocking my mental attacks? Or am I just unconsciously drawn towards those that can block my attack?” he thought.

The Monkey had likely eaten the fruit and gained a lot of mental prowess as well since the remaining mental attack did nothing.

’Dammit, I don’t think this beast is beatable right now,’ he thought. So, Alex changed his target.

Instead of trying to go for the monkey, he decided to steal the fruit behind it.

Alex needed a distraction. Slowly, a yellow light glowed from Alex for a second, confusing the monkey.

Then the light down and nothing had changed. Alex was still there. He then took his sword in his right hand and ran towards the monkey with all of its speed.

The monkey ran faster. Far faster than Alex could’ve realized it was possible. However, he didn’t let that distract him.

He still did what he was supposed to and ran. When he was right next to the monkey, he didn’t stop and still ran. The monkey ran past him too, towards the ‘Alex’ that was running at it with his sword high in the air.

The monkey once again gave a punch, it didn’t feel anything from its fist. It was like hitting a ghost.

The Alex disappeared into a burst of yellow lights, telling the monkey that it had been fooled.

The real Alex was on top of the tree, with his hand on one of the fruit. Just then, the monkey cried out and ran towards Alex.

Alex jumped away from the tree to avoid the monkey, but the monkey twisted in midair, sending a tiny blue ball of fire that struck Alex directly on his chest.



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