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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 570: Mountain Bahasa Indonesia

The last time Alex, or rather the other Alex had tried out this cultivation method, the yin forming in his body had been contested by the Yang in his body and quickly pushed out of him.

This was what Alex had assumed would happen this time as well, and he was hoping to use that removed yin Qi to surround him and contain his Yang Qi.

However, something different happened. Something he hadn’t been expecting at all.

The Yin Qi that had barely formed in his meridian were immediately attacked by the excess Yang Qi that was all over his body and meridian.

Within seconds, the Yang destroyed the Yin. However, in the process, the Yang that destroyed the yin got just that bit weaker.

It wasn’t what Alex had expected would happen, but it was working.

Alex closed his eyes and started cultivating. He put all of his focus into his body and started producing as much Yin as he could to fight off the Yang Qi.

’I can’t believe it,’ he thought. ‘I finally manage to get a cultivation method that is incredible and suits me perfectly, and yet I’m stuck here cultivating the wrong type of Qi.’

He couldn’t help but sigh. ‘At least there is a silver lining to all of this,’ he thought. ‘With this, I can finally cultivate the method my master left me with.’

Time passed, neither fast nor slow. When it came to be morning, Alex finally stopped cultivating. He had been cultivating for nearly 5 hours now, and all he did was convert Yang Qi to Yin Qi and then use the Yin Qi to fight off the other Yang Qi.

Somehow, this one technique had turned out to be more effective than just him containing the Yang aura within him.

In just 5 hours, he was back to being around the same level in yang aura as the first day he left the desert.

The better part about this cultivation method was also that when the Yang and the Yin destroyed each other, Alex would get pure Qi, which due to alchemy he knew was just Yang and Yin linked together in harmony.

’Well, there is the problem that I can’t collect any outside Qi, but using a day to clear up 6 days worth of yang in a week might not be a bad idea when I actually start to cultivate,’ he thought.

Finally, he got out of bed and stretched. Today was the day. Today was when he graduated from this sect as well.

Alex felt melancholic and shook his head. He turned his head around and saw the silver stone simply laying there on the bed next to him.

Without realizing, he had cultivate next to it all night. ‘Right, I forgot about this thing,’ he thought and picked it up.

As usual, Alex was a little startled to feel it’s weightlessness. ‘This surely is a very unique rock,’ he thought and checked it again.

Alex put used his spiritual sense again and just as he felt yesterday, it absorbed all of it.

’I wonder if it works the same for Qi as well,’ he thought and poured in his Yang Qi.

To his surprise, it did. No matter how much Yang Qi he poured in it, it continued to get filled.

’Wait, can’t I use it to keep my excess Yang aura?’ Alex thought. As if realizing something incredible, Alex increased the output of his Yang Qi and poured in as much as he could.

A tumultuous amount of Qi was poured into the silver rock and it absorbed every single one of the Qi.

This only made Alex pour in more. ‘Just what is this thing? How is it so incredible?’ he thought.

Just as he was thinking that, something weird happened. The silver rock suddenly glowed a little with bright silver color and disappeared.

”Wh-What?” Alex was surprised. “Where did it go?”

He looked at himself, his surrounding and even his storage bags. Yet, the stone was nowhere to be found.

’What happened? Did I over do it and break it?’ he wondered. That would be bad. If he had known something like this would have happened, he would have never poured in so much of his Qi.

’But it looked to incredible. I didn’t know its durability was so low,’ he thought and brought out his spiritual sense to search for its fragments

However, just as he did that, he found the rock. The rock was floating.

It wasn’t floating in the room, or his storage bag, or anywhere physical either.

It was floating above his spiritual sea in his mind. ‘What the hell?’ Alex thought.

He immediately put himself into his spiritual sea and appeared on the surface of the water. He looked up high in the air and saw the rock that was about the size of a mountain in his mind, a mountain that was 5 kilometers tall and 5 kilometers wide.

Alex didn’t even know his spiritual sea could stretch this far.

’What the hell is this?’ he thought. He slowly flew up and touched the silver mountain with his palm. He could feel the texture of the mountain, yet the weight was still missing.

Suddenly, he noticed something. Right where he had touched it, a single silver hair-like strand separated itself from the mountain.

It flew it the air, hovering just like the mountain next to it. Alex had never been this confused before.

In all of his knowledge he had acquired in the past 8 months, nothing came close to describing what was happening.

He tried to grab the silver strand that floated away from the rock and when he did, the strand vanished.

Alex felt like he absorbed it for some reason, even though he wasn’t sure about it.

’Can I absorb it? What does it do? Surely not increase my mental strength right?’ Alex was excited at the concept of absorbing it.

He placed his palm back on the mountain, and with just a thought, a massive amount of Yellow fog erupted from around him. It quickly enveloped the entire mountain, and Alex started absorbing it.

However, no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t absorb it at all. He soon realized that there was no change to the mountain.

’What the hell?’ he thought and removed his hand. When he did, another strand of silver hair floated away from the mountain.

’No way,’ he thought. ‘Am I going to have to absorb this entire mountain one hair-like strand at a time?’

This was an ordeal that he couldn’t complete in a single day. If he were to go strand by strand, it would take him an eternity to completely absorb the entire mountain.

’I guess I have that long of a time to spare now,’ he thought. He escaped out of his spiritual sense.

That was quite dangerous as in that situation, he usually had no idea what was happening outside.

He made sure everything was in order, and walked out of the room to go see his master, sister, brother, and anyone else he might want to.

After all, today was the day he would graduate from the Tiger sect and leave.


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