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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 494: One Way Conversation Bahasa Indonesia

“Wait, there will be someone else coming in the next 100 years to take over?” Alex asked with surprise.

“Yes,” Lady Ren said. “The one to see if there is a king already, and if the king is fit will come here first, but the actual king will come soon after if they deem one necessary.”

“And why aren’t we letting them take the throne again?” Alex asked. “Wouldn’t that be the easier choice?”

“It would, but it would also mean that a lot of people will suffer. Which will include people that you will care about too,” lady Ren said.

“Just imagine, you come from a very big family, having lived like everything belongs to you, and then you come here to find almost everything has been stolen by the humans on the other continents that do not belong to you. What will you do?” Lady Ren asked.

“Ah,” Alex said. “So, you fear that the next king will try to get back what was stolen.”

“Yes,” Lady Ren said. “And in doing so, wage war that will destroy the whole world. I don’t want that. My husband was empathetic from the beginning and even after that he mellowed out when he came here.”

“He wouldn’t have died if he didn’t care about the people of this world. However, the next king is very much possibly not going to be like that, so we have to take the throne away before he even has a chance,” Lady Ren said.

“I see,” Alex said. “Guess, you will have to grow up fast, buddy.”

“Meow!” Pearl cried out.

“Don’t worry, you have time,” Lady Ren said with a smile. “By the way, how old is this child? Do you know?”

“Um… about 6 months I think. He’s not that old,” Alex said.

“Dear god, 6 months?” lady Ren said in shock. “Oh no, we can’t put someone like this into the fountain. I guess we will have to wait until he is in the True realms at least before we try to put him through the ritual.”

Lady Ren shook her head and sighed.

“Alright, come,” Lady Ren said. “Let’s go see the real reason why I brought you here.”

Alex nodded and followed lady Ren to a very inconspicuous grave at the very outer edge of the graveyard.

Another headstone lied there with another set of words written on it. Only this time, the words weren’t that many.

“What is written on it?” Alex asked.

“It says ‘Descendant of Bai Jingshen and Ren Xiao’,” Lady Ren said. “Come here child, this is your mother.”

“Meow?” Pearl asked with confusion. Alex on the other hand was stunned.

“Right, I forgot you said you found the body,” Alex said. “So this is where you buried her.”

“Yes,” lady Ren said.

Alex walked forward and sat in front of the grave. He was still holding Pearl in his hand, but there he let him down.

“You can talk to your mother here, Pearl,” Alex said.

“Meow?” Pearl still didn’t understand what that meant. He still hadn’t fully grasped the concept of life and death, so he asked where his mother actually was.


‘Where’ he asked. Alex didn’t know what to say.

“Just talk,” Lady Ren said. “She will listen to you. Say ‘hi’ to her.”

“Meow,” Pearl said and turned around to the grave and meowed again.

“She says hello,” Lady Ren said. “She’s asking how you’re doing.”


“She says that is great. You should be having fun,” Lady Ren said. “She asks if you miss her.”

“Meow,” Pearl said as he shook his head.

“Oh, why not? She asks,” Lady Ren said.

“Meeeeow” Pearl replied.

Lady Ren turned to look at Alex and chuckled a little. “You’ve really created quite a bond with the little guy, so much so that he doesn’t even miss his own mother,” Lady Ren said.

Alex didn’t know if he should feel happy or sad because of that. If possible, he would want Pearl to be with his mother, but if that wasn’t possible, then at least he was happy with him.

They stayed there, watching Pearl talk in front of his mother’s grave and Lady Ren ‘translating’ what she said in return. They stayed there for a few minutes before it was time to leave.

“Say goodbye to your mother for now,” Lady Ren said. “We can come back next time if you want to see her again.”


“Alright, let’s leave,” Lady Ren said and took him back to the hall. Once in the hall, she called some servants over.

“It’s been a long day, so you can go and rest. Whatever needs to be done with either you or this child, we will do so tomorrow,” Lady Ren said.

“Okay,” Alex said and left the hall with the servants. He was taken through another corridor that lead the many rooms and was finally made to enter a certain one.

The beast servants opened the door for him and said something to him. Alex couldn’t understand what they were saying, but thankfully Pearl could somewhat translate it.

“Oh, so they have rooms for humans too huh?” Alex thought as he entered the room.

The room was fully white with a bed in the middle and a table by its side, carved entirely of what the wall was made up of as well.

Alex sat down on the bench and took a deep breath. “It’s really been a long day today, hasn’t it?” Alex asked.

He started the day normally, but many things happened that almost made it seem like it was forever ago.

He met the Royal Alchemist again today, and while he didn’t learn much, he was at least assured that he was moving in the right direction.

He then prepared for the beast hoard, and when he realized he couldn’t stop them, he chose to give himself up.

He then met 3 saint realm cultivators, one of which was the emperor. He then met another 2 saint realm beasts, followed by Lady Ren, who seemed to be at the peak of Saint Realm.

He feared that today would be his last day on this game with his current body, but it turned out to be the exact opposite. Then he was taken here, where he came to learn a lot about the world and the hidden workings behind it.

“I wonder which continent the four great families are from. Maybe they all take over one of each? But then why would the head of the family not be the king of the continent? Does he not think that is worth his time?” Alex wondered.

“Bloodline of the White Tiger huh? They said it was blood blessed by the gods. There are gods in this world?” Alex wondered. “Or maybe that has something to do with the grades and not a real god.”

“They realized what Pearl is and what his role is, right? So what am I doing here?” Alex wondered. “They said they wanted to check my bloodline right? But I already told them everything. What else is there to know?”

“Sigh, I will think about it tomorrow. I’m too tired for it today,” he thought. “God, when did I last log out again? I forgot.”

“Let me go see if I’m fine,” he thought and logged out.

He slowly opened the lid of the capsule and walked out. He stretched a bit before going to the bathroom and then went to the kitchen.

He wasn’t feeling very hungry, but he wasn’t sure if he would have time to leave the game tomorrow on account of where he was right now, so he decided to eat something just in case.

Emily had some food made and stored in the fridge already so he just had to heat it up.

As he ate the food, he remembered something. “Oh right, I have to transfer the spirit stones I got today. How much was that again? 5000 True spirit stones?” he thought.

He silently calculated it in his mind and suddenly his eyes went wide. “That’s… that’s 4.5 Million dollars, isn’t it? Holy… I won’t have to ever work or go to university again.”

“Damn, I might as well drop before I take the exam,” Alex started to get excited. He happily returned back to the room and decided to check his phone to see if there was some message for him.

However, what he saw on the screen when he opened it, really confused him.


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