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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 371: Thursday Bahasa Indonesia

After the lunch was over, the 4 of them stayed in the living room couches for half an hour or so before going back to their room to rest and go back into the game.

Alex returned back to the game at around 12. “Alright, back to training.”

He spent the next 3 hours testing the different combinations of motion and temperature for the third ingredient of his pill.

Once that was done, he proceeded with the fourth one. That took him 4 hours to fully remember every single one of the combinations.

0nce night fell and he was mentally exhausted, he mindlessly trained in his techniques. He could feel that he was getting better at using his techniques. They were starting to feel more natural to him, almost as if they were muscle memory to him.

“Ah yeah, my body feels great,” he thought. He shot out some palm attacks and felt his body again. “The cultivation base seems very stable as well. Maybe I can do it once more,” he thought and opened up his status page.

He contemplated for a second on whether he was ready or not. “I am so far behind the others. It’s now or never.”


He broke through once more. He was now in the 8th Organ Tempering realm. Just 2 more realms and he would enter the Meridian Tempering realm.

“Although the book did say I can’t use the Spirit Cleansing Lily after using it 3 times, maybe entering the Meridian Tempering realm will change it a bit,” he thought.

Once he felt he was settled, he called Pearl back and started cultivating. Soon, he was unconscious as every other day.

Early morning, he woke up and logged out. He spent some time mulling over the things he learned yesterday and after an hour or so, logged out.

He went to the kitchen at the designated time of breakfast, and everyone was there. They had their breakfast and Alex and Emily got ready to go to their classes.

“Come, I will drop you guys,” Sarah said and went to get her car from the building’s parking space underground.

Alex and Emily went down the elevator and waited for Sarah outside the building.

“Oh, by the way Emily, is your class going on this upcoming Field trip as well?” Alex asked.

“Mhmm,” Emily nodded. “We had to wait over 9 months for this. You are honestly lucky that you get to go in just after 3 months.”

‘Oh, do you know where we are going?” he asked.

“No, but they should announce it today,” she said.

Sarah came to the front in her car and took the two to the university. Once they reached, they got off, and Sarah returned back home.

Alex went his own way to his classes.

The classes were just as empty once again if not more. ‘It’s almost like they are seeing that the others are absent and are leaving themselves,’ Alex thought.

‘Hmm… should I not come as well?’ he thought. He was honestly contemplating it. Just then, the professor walked in and saw the classroom. He frowned once more.

“Sigh, it’s going to be like this for a while now, isn’t it?” he asked. The students couldn’t really answer.

“Whatever, here is new information for you people that do care. Your upcoming field trip is on Thursday. Get ready for then,” he said.

“Where are we going professor?” a student asked.

“Oh, yes. You guys will be going to Pinewood city. I heard the Archaic National Museum over there has been getting a lot of visitors recently. So, the university will take you there as well.”

‘Pinewood city,’ Alex thought. ‘What was there again?’ he tried to think for a second. He could tell he had heard the name of long ago for some reason.

‘Was it the one where the Connor guy was from? No. Oh yeah, the historical texts they used to make the game,’ Alex thought.

“Hm… this will be a good time to check whether or not they really did gain the ideas for the game from there,” Alex thought. He was now excited to go on this field trip.

Once the classes were over, he went to the driving range with Hannah who had come to the university in the car with Sarah who was here to take back Emily.

After returning from the driving range, Hannah and Alex ate the meal prepared by Emily. When Hannah and Alex told her that she didn’t need to do that, she really insisted on making food for them.

‘She must feel guilty about staying here for free,’ Alex thought and let her do what she wanted. Once they were done, they all went back to their rooms to get back into the game.

Alex logged back into the game and sighed a little when he remembered that he basically had the same routine for the next 3 days.

He did nothing but test the different remaining ingredients for his pill. He had 4 remaining and he barely finished it on Thursday morning.

It had taken him a long while to learn all of these and it would take him more. “I wish there were more hours in the day so I could earn more of this,” he thought.

He was damn near ready to stop going to the university classes altogether. ‘Maybe I should just… drop for a semester or two, while I collect enough money from the game to make my life easy,’ he thought.

However, he didn’t want to make such a decision without the consent of his parents, so he shut off that portion of his brain for a few more days.

The next thing he did in the last 3 days reached the 9th realm of Organ Tempering. Just a step further and he would be in the Meridian tempering realm.

Alex smiled and looked towards the time at the corner of the screen.. It was 6 am in the morning, and since today was the day they went to the museum, he logged out of the game.


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