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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 347: Disaster Bahasa Indonesia

Alex swung his sword at the beast in front of him. He hit the beast in the skull and managed to kill it in a single blow. He got a notification about the beast cores, but he ignored those for now.

He immediately entered a house next to it and checked. There was a women who was hiding in a corner with her child. He immediately rushed and picked her up.

He wasted no time explaining and immediately got out of the house and started running towards the northern part of the city.

There were hundreds of beasts around him, but he ignored them and ran past them. There were others that would do the fighting while he rescued the two.

Along the way, he nearly slipped on a pool of blood that had appeared after someone had died. Alex’s heartbeat was rising from what he was seeing around him, but when he saw other people run past him while carrying people, he got over his fears and started running too..

The cultivators had decided to switch into two groups. The ones in the True realms decided to be the main fighting force that would push the beasts back outside the city, and those not at that realm yet would be the search and rescue team.

Once Alex got the two to a safe location, he handed them to others and ran back.

There were hundreds of thousands of beasts that were attacking city right now, and for some reason, the feeling Alex had was still there.

‘Is my intuition telling me that there was going a beast attack today?’ He was thinking of random explanations that would fit the situation.


He cut down a Muscle Tempering realm beast along the way.

The beasts varied from normal Skin Tempering realm beasts all the way up to True Emperor realm beasts. They were really fortunate that the beast attack had happened when the competition was taking place and so there were a lot of strong people here to help.

Alex suddenly stopped running and looked in fear in front of him. There was a fox beasts in front of him looking at him with its blood red eyes. Worst of all, it’s cultivation was somewhere in the early True Realms from the aura it was giving forth.

‘Sh*t,’ Alex thought. Alex could get rid of his Aura and go invisible, but the beasts had really good nose and could immediately tell where he was.

The fox jumped at him with incredible speed. Alex had been fully utilizing Focus mode to the best he could, and still the fox’s jump was incredibly fast to him.

Alex wasted no time and immediately teleported to a house next to him. He checked if the fox was gone with his spiritual sense and walked out.

Then, he went to search for more people to save. The beasts were getting weeded out and in just 15 minutes after the invasion, they had managed to get the beasts from spreading further.

Now it was time to push them back out. By that time, everyone that could be saved was saved as well, so everyone was focusing on defeating the beasts now.

Alex came face to face with a moose like beast that had massive antlers.

“2nd Meridian Tempering realm? This is going to be tough,” he thought. The moose immediately ran up to him to attack. Alex teleported behind the moose and cut it from behind. His Smiting Blade was sharp enough to cut the hide of the moose. However, that was the most his blade his now.

The moose immediately turned and tried to slam at him with hits antlers, however Alex teleported again. Thankfully, it was 5 pm, so he had a lot of shadows to play around with right now, unlike when he fought that gorilla today.

Alex frowned when he remembered that. ‘I’m not at full Qi right now,’ he thought. He couldn’t cultivate inside the Qi gathering formation, so he wasn’t as refreshed as everyone else was.

He cut the beast once more, but this time, the Moose directly slammed at him with its hooves. Alex blocked with his sword and was pushed back quite far away.

‘Sh*t,’ he thought when he realized the moose was already at him. He teleported once more and attacked the moose’s behind. The moose also knew what was happening, so it also hit him with its back legs once more.

The sword and the hooves clashed and the sword managed to crack the hooves a little. Alex pulled back and jumped backwards. He then used Iron Fist punch and Palm of the Sun in quick succession.

The beast got attacked head on and faltered a bit. Just as it got its footing again, a green slash landed on it directly on its forehead.

Blood Spurted out as the beast’s skull was broken through a little. ‘Damn, that was my strongest attack and it survived?’ Ning thought in shock. He wanted to breakthrough but he didn’t have enough Qi.

He still required over millions of Qi to go to 7th Organ Tempering realm.

‘Screw it, it probably can’t survive now,’ Alex thought and teleported next to it. He started cutting it left and right with the Smiting Blade, and finally managed to defeat it.

Alex felt his strength a bit and thought, ‘ That was about 5 realms higher, and I managed to defeat the beast. Is this the power of having Body and Qi cultivation together as well as the mortal cleansing and the dense Qi?’

He put the moose’s body back into his storage bags and ran forward.

After running for a dozen or so seconds, he stopped once more. There was another fox like beast in front of him again with True realm cultivation. Unfortunately, there weren’t places he could teleport to hide this time.

He was worried what would happen to him. However, just then, a large green python appeared out of nowhere and attacked the fox. It had the fox’s body in its wrap within seconds.


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