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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 320: Intent Bahasa Indonesia

Du Yuhan walked onto the stage, along with his opponent from a random sect. Du Yuhan still held a sheathed blade in his left hand as he walked to his spot at the other side of the stage.

“Begin,” the referee shouted.

Du Yuhan didn’t do anything but stayed there. His opponent on the other hand started using his techniques to send out attacks. The first one was a spiraling ball of metal energy.

The opponent shot it out towards Du Yuhan. However, due to the small size of the energy, he easily dodged it.

Seeing that small attacks didn’t work, his opponent sent out a ball of fire instead that was too big to dodge. In response, Du Yuhan swiped his hand in front of him creating an illusory barrier of multicolored lights.


Once the ball of fire landed on the barrier, it suddenly got incredibly smaller which didn’t pose any threat to Du Yuhan at all.

“What?” Alex was surprised up in the seating area. “That’s… that’s the Heaven’s Five Barrier technique. How does he know that too?”

“Does that mean that he…” Alex looked at Wen Cheng with a questioning look.

“Yes, just like you, Yuhan is also a person with 5 Elemental Spiritual roots,” Wen Cheng said. “So, just like you, he too has learned the Heaven’s Five Barrier technique.”

Heaven’s Five Barrier technique was a technique that allowed users to create a 5 colored barrier that blocked all attacks, reducing their elements by a certain amount depending on the cultivator’s cultivation base.

This was the 2nd defensive technique that Alex had learned in the Tiger sect.

“He has 5 Elemental Spiritual roots and yet he is the 2nd ranking disciple of the sect. That is quite a great feat,” Alex said.

“No, his spiritual root has nothing to do with his success,” Wen Cheng suddenly spoke. “Once he learned that his Spiritual roots weren’t very helpful, he gave up on learning different techniques and started learning the sword. Every achievement he has had until now is due to that sword. His spiritual roots have nothing to do with them.”

“Oh, does that mean… he doesn’t use any techniques?” Alex asked.

“He uses a few here and there, but his techniques aren’t very strong due to his spiritual roots, so he only uses them when the technique compliments him. Otherwise, he sticks to simply swordsmanship,” Wen Cheng said.

Du Yuhan finally unsheathed his sword and his entire aura changed. He went from a dull person that looked uninterested in the fight to a person that would kill at the slightest movement.

His opponent felt fear like never before.

Du Yuhan took a deep breath and suddenly swung forward. A white slash escaped his sword and flew towards his opponent.

His opponent brought out a metal barrier but before the sword attack could even reach the barrier, another sword attack landed on it from the side destroying it completely.

The opponent looked at the side and saw that the referee had taken out his sword to attack.

The referee looked at Du Yuhan and said “You win.”

Du Yuhan bowed and little and sheathed his sword before walking away.

“Wh— What? But the attack never reached me. I could’ve blocked that attack,” the opponent told the referee.

The referee instead just shook his head. “If this were a real battle and I didn’t stop him, You would die right now.” The opponent shook a little when he heard that.

“Tsk. He’s still so strong,” Luo Mei said from the seating area.

“That white slash… is that not an elemental attack?” Alex asked.

“No. That’s just pure Qi he released from his sword,” Wen Cheng said. “However, it also had something else mixed into it that made it so strong.”

“A sword intent,” Luo Mei said from the side.

“What is a sword intent?” Alex asked. He was never taught anything about them or read anything that mentioned it.

“It’s… very high attainment of the sword. After practicing the sword for years, or being attuned to it, you end up slowly becoming one with it. The sword just becomes another part of your body and it follows your intent. In return, your body also becomes just another part of a sword, deadly and sharp.”

“Due to practicing with the sword for so long and not training the other techniques as much, Yuhan has managed to do that same thing,” Wen Cheng said.

“Hmm… what about spears? Or bows? Or any other weapons. Do they have intents too?” Alex asked.

“Of course. Every weapon has an intent. However, since Sword, Sabers, and Spears are the most used weapons, you will usually only find weapon intents of these 3,” Wen Cheng said.

“I wonder if there are other intent users in this competition,” Alex asked.

“There are. There definitely are. However, they are keeping this card close to their chest until the last moment to surprise their opponent. Yuhan just revealed his only card to everyone. I hope he knows what he is doing,” Wen Cheng said.

The next match started and ended just as quickly. The opponent of the man in a light blue robe with cloud robes immediately gave up when he saw the man bring out a Tiger beast companion.

The 11th match was won by a disciple of the Golden Eagle sect. The 12th match was won by a 3 humanoid puppet user from the Thousand Hands sect. The 13th match was won by a disciple of the Honor sect.

The 14 match was between two random sects. The fight was quite intense, but in the end, one of them managed to beat the other without being too injured.

The 15th match was between a random sect and a disciple from the Lesser Immortal sect. The disciple of the Lesser Immortal sect had an easy victory.

Finally, the final battle was between a disciple of the Royal Fu Academy and a random disciple of the other sect. The Royal Fu Academy’s disciple didn’t even have a hard time winning against the other one.

And as such, Group B’s single battles were over as well


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