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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 304: Devouring Earth Bahasa Indonesia

‘How could it be? He is weaker than Master,’ Alex thought. He was under the assumption that the man was in the Saint realm, but seeing that he was around True lord or maybe even True Master realm, Alex was really surprised.

Still, the difference in cultivation was so high that Alex couldn’t do anything to the suppression.

‘Does that mean that he used a Spirit Cleansing lily? I shouldn’t be surprised. I might not be the only one capable of picking one in the entire game,’ Alex thought. The pressure on him was starting to get bad, but he could only struggle.

However, at that moment, a warm flow of hot energy burst out from deep within him. It relieved a lot of pressure from him, but he still couldn’t move or use his Qi.

“Haha, little brother, don’t struggle. I’m not going to hurt you,” the man said with a smile on his face, but he didn’t bother lifting the pressure at all.

Alex had learned his lesson before and didn’t trust the man at all. He glared at him with eyes that would harm if they could.

“Haha, don’t look at me like that, it’s true. I only want to know a little something from you brother. You see, I am still not sure that it is you who I am looking for,” the man said.

“What do you want?” Alex asked. “My armor? Did you come here for that?” Alex asked.

“Armor? I don’t need that crappy armor. I have many fine armors back at home. I am here for something else,” the man said.

“What do you want then? Do you want my money? My life?” Alex started shouting at the man, but it was all a ruse. He was secretly preparing something.

He needed a split second, that was all he needed. For that, he could use his heaven’s impact and create an opening. That was when he was going to run away from the man.

The Flickering Shadow technique had a maximum range of 10 meters and the man had a much higher range with his spirit stone alone, so he couldn’t just teleport out of here now.

He needed a different strategy. Thankfully, he had one.

“You see kid, a week or two ago, I was in an auction where I managed to buy— ” the man suddenly lost consciousness.

Alex had used the opportunity of the man talking to sneakily launch Heaven’s impact. As soon as one was launched, he launched another one as well.

The man had barely come back to himself when Heaven’s Impact landed on him once more making him unconscious once more.

When he finally opened his eyes in the next moment, Alex was gone.

“Damn, where did he go?” the man frantically searched for Alex with his spiritual sense reaching a distance of nearly 100 meters, he couldn’t find his anywhere.

He tried to remember back to the moment just now when he was attacked.

“That was… Spiritual energy, wasn’t it?” the man asked himself.

“Ha- Haha— hahaha, So it really is him. I was right, I finally found him,” the man started laughing with immense pleasure for some reason.

“I must search him once more and thank him personally. I must thank him for auctioning that Spirit Cleansing Lily and allowing me to acquire this Spiritual Sense,” the man said.

“Now I must find him and know how he acquired them.”

Now that Alex was no longer in there, the man walked out of the alleyway. His clothing caught the attention of many who immediately bowed towards him once and started walking away.

The man seemed to be used to it and didn’t mind any of it. He took simply walked away from that place.


Far away, somewhere unknown, Alex opened his eyes and quickly wiped away the dirt on his face. He used his Qi to quickly get rid of the red of the dirt.

‘Where am I?’ he wondered as he looked around. It seemed to be an old abandoned warehouse or something.

Alex quickly went out and looked around, only to see that he was in the residential area of the city, and sighed in relief. His third Immortal grade technique worked just as it claimed.

Alex had gotten 7 techniques from Wen Cheng aside from the Elusive Heavenly Sword. Of them 3 were attack techniques, 2 were defense, 1 was movement and the final one was an escape technique.

Of them, all of them were at Heaven grade, except for the escape technique, which was called Devouring Earth Escape.

The Devouring Earth Escape technique was an Immortal grade technique.

The technique devoured the user with the land underneath them and pumped them out of a different place. It wasn’t a teleportation ability as the earth delivered him to the destination on its own.

When one used the technique, the earth would open up below them and carry them through the ground to a different location on its own.

Alex had used the technique at the perfect time when the 2nd Heaven’s impact had hit the man and he managed to run away at the same time.

“This really is a cool technique,” Alex said. Still, the technique had its flaws as well.

First of all, the user could never set the destination. He would have to use the technique and hope for a good direction to go at.

Second of all, the distance was based on the user’s Qi density. The higher the density, the further the man would go. The user could choose to go lower than the maximum distance, but never higher. So the low-level cultivators couldn’t use it very well.

However, to Alex whose Qi was very dense, this wasn’t a very big problem.

Alex looked to the surroundings and hoped that the man in red didn’t see him. ‘Just who was that?’ Alex wondered.

Once the vicinity was a little bit quieter, he took out a pill and ate it. Suddenly, A veil of light appeared from his body that was using Qi to create the veil.

After that, his face changed.


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